The Task at Hand | Episode 4


This week's episode features a program that has made a step forward with each and every year since entering the league. For the Vermont Lumberjacks, there is just one goal in mind, and that's the 2020 Frozen Finals.

Jim Mosso is the Head Coach of the EHL team, and serves as the General Manager for the entire organization, overseeing the Eastern Hockey League Premier (EHLP) team as well.

In his second full season with these responsibilities, Mosso has learned more and more with every game and every practice. On this week's episode, the two-time EHLP Coach of the Year talks about adapting from the playoff losses, and working towards earning more time together as a team.

Joining Mosso on the podcast this week, are two of the biggest contributors to this year's success, Logan DiScanio and David Reduzzi. Each player has followed their own path to this point, with this being DiScanio's third year with the Lumberjacks and Reduzzi in the middle of his rookie campaign.

While no other organization is located further north than the Lumberjacks, the team embraces the challenge and feels the extra time spent on the road only helps the group grow closer to one another.

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Episode 15 · 5 months ago

Team of the Week (Seahawks) | Episode 15

Our first team of the week feature highlights the Seahawks Hockey Club, as Bill Zaniboni gets set to turn the page over to season #4 for his program.

In each of the first three seasons, the Seahawks have made a step forward from the previous year. In their inaugural season, the Seahawks won 14 games. That number climbed up to 26 wins and the franchise's first-ever playoff appearance in the 2018-19 season. Then, this past year (2019-20), the Seahawks won 31 games in the regular season and picked up their first-ever postseason victory.

All in all, while the success on the ice has steadily improved, Zaniboni is more concerned with his team's advancement numbers, which currently sit at 29 NCAA Commitments through three years.

Episode 14 · 5 months ago

Off-Season Training | Episode 14

The latest edition of the #Eshow talks about training and conditioning during the unprecedented times that we're in. While the majority of players don't have access to ice time right now, the work should not stop. There is plenty that can be done off the ice, to make sure you're ready when the skates come back on.

The guests on episode #14 are Ryan Garrow and David Rosales. Garrow is the current Strength & Conditioning Coach at Saint Michael's College, a role that he recently accepted after spending time in a similar position with the Vermont Lumberjacks. While with the Lumberjacks, one of the players he connected with was Rosales. The 2017-18 EHL Student-Athlete of the Year grew up and developed with the program, spending two years apiece in the EHL and the Eastern Hockey League Premier (EHLP).

Rosales is now a sophomore at New York University and the Head Content Architect for The former Lumberjack helped run all of his team's workouts throughout his junior hockey career. Now, Rosales is trying help athletes focus on the proper aspects they need to while away from the rink; it's all in order to better prepare themselves for when the puck drops again.

Episode 13 · 5 months ago

Off-Season Roundtable | Episode 13

The Offseason Roundtable features Rich DeCaprio (Boston Jr. Rangers), Eric Lind (Connecticut RoughRiders), Andrew Trimble (New England Wolves), Chris Cerrella (New Hampshire Avalanche), and Adam Houli (New Jersey 87s).

As we embark on what will be the most interesting summer in the history of the junior hockey, our coaches try to answer some of the recruiting questions that will be consistently asked over the next few months.

Tough decisions lie ahead, and our coaches tell you why the EHL is the way to go.

Episode 12 · 6 months ago

Season Review | Episode 12

The final podcast of the 2019-20 season puts the final bow on the year, which was unfortunately cut short of crowning a pair of league champions.

The #Ecrew takes a look back on a memorable campaign that included a handful of records broken throughout the EHL and the EHLP. While everyone is disappointed with how the season ended, it's still very clear that this was the best year to date for the league.

From crossing the 1000-mark for NCAA Commitments, to going 1-1-1 against a trio of NCAA Division III opponents during All-Star Week, there are still tons of highlights to look back on and be proud of from the "unfinished season".

Check out the latest edition of the #Eshow, which includes a discussion over the league's decision to cancel the season, as well as conversation on the unsettling times the world is going through right now.