The Task at Hand | Episode 4


This week's episode features a program that has made a step forward with each and every year since entering the league. For the Vermont Lumberjacks, there is just one goal in mind, and that's the 2020 Frozen Finals.

Jim Mosso is the Head Coach of the EHL team, and serves as the General Manager for the entire organization, overseeing the Eastern Hockey League Premier (EHLP) team as well.

In his second full season with these responsibilities, Mosso has learned more and more with every game and every practice. On this week's episode, the two-time EHLP Coach of the Year talks about adapting from the playoff losses, and working towards earning more time together as a team.

Joining Mosso on the podcast this week, are two of the biggest contributors to this year's success, Logan DiScanio and David Reduzzi. Each player has followed their own path to this point, with this being DiScanio's third year with the Lumberjacks and Reduzzi in the middle of his rookie campaign.

While no other organization is located further north than the Lumberjacks, the team embraces the challenge and feels the extra time spent on the road only helps the group grow closer to one another.

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Episode 23 · 3 months ago

Team of the Week (Rangers) | Episode 23

Finding a positive out of the way things ended was hard at first for Rich DeCaprio, the Head Coach and General Manager of the Rangers, but he eventually found the silver lining. The EHL wasn't the only league that had to pull the plug, and simply put, the Rangers organization won the only two trophies that were up for grabs last year. Each team won as much as they possibly could.

Now, turning the page, DeCaprio is hitting the reset button with a handful of returners as well as a group of players climbing the ladder from the EHLP to the EHL. While the Rangers success speaks for itself, DeCaprio also gives a lot of credit to the league his teams play in.

Episode 22 · 3 months ago

Joe Bertagna | Episode 22

Earlier this week, the Eastern Hockey League (EHL) announced the addition of Joe Bertagna as the new Executive Advisor of the #Eshow. After serving as a commissioner in the NCAA ranks for 38 years, Bertagna is ready for the next chapter in his career, and the challenges that it will bring.

Bertagna jumped on the podcast this week and told stories of the past that included glimpses into his playing, coaching, and administrative days. While it will forever be disappointing the way his final season ended with the Hockey East Association, Bertagna is still beyond proud of how that conference has grown over the last two decades.

Episode 21 · 4 months ago

Team of the Week (Wizards) | Episode 21

Year in and year out, the Wizards are known for being a team that consistently improves as the season progresses. This is ever-apparent when you look at the slow starts the team has had during the months of September and October, compared to the tremendous finishing months of February and March. Every season the team also takes a step further in the playoffs from the year before.

The season prior to the year Falite came on board (2015-16), the Wizards only won eight total games. Since then however, the team has not won fewer than 21, with a pair of 29-win seasons sandwiched in the middle. Tack on a trip to the Frozen Finals, and the Wizards have turned into a team you simply don't want to face in the postseason.

Episode 20 · 4 months ago

Team of the Week (Avalanche) | Episode 20

At the EHL level, the New Hampshire Avalanche have claimed the previous two playoff championships at the Frozen Finals in Providence. As for the EHLP, this past year was the first season for the Avalanche at that level, and all indications are that the team will be just as much of a contender as the top-level program.

Chris Cerrella is the Head Coach of the EHL team, and serves as the General Manager for the entire organization. He's very proud of what he's built with Mario Martiniello, the Avalanche owner, but also gives a lot of credit to what the EHL has become over the years.

"I have been in the EHL for my entire coaching career. The best thing about the league is that we don't try to be someone else. We appreciate who we are and we work hard at perfecting it. We work even harder for our players and you can see that by our league's NCAA commitment numbers," said Cerrella.