The Task at Hand | Episode 4


This week's episode features a program that has made a step forward with each and every year since entering the league. For the Vermont Lumberjacks, there is just one goal in mind, and that's the 2020 Frozen Finals.

Jim Mosso is the Head Coach of the EHL team, and serves as the General Manager for the entire organization, overseeing the Eastern Hockey League Premier (EHLP) team as well.

In his second full season with these responsibilities, Mosso has learned more and more with every game and every practice. On this week's episode, the two-time EHLP Coach of the Year talks about adapting from the playoff losses, and working towards earning more time together as a team.

Joining Mosso on the podcast this week, are two of the biggest contributors to this year's success, Logan DiScanio and David Reduzzi. Each player has followed their own path to this point, with this being DiScanio's third year with the Lumberjacks and Reduzzi in the middle of his rookie campaign.

While no other organization is located further north than the Lumberjacks, the team embraces the challenge and feels the extra time spent on the road only helps the group grow closer to one another.

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Episode 35 · 3 weeks ago

Team of the Week (Ducks) | Episode 35

Terry Watt and the Protec Jr. Ducks will be kicking off their inaugural season on Monday, September 21st against the New York Apple Core. A former junior hockey player, Watt was the captain of the Walpole Express back when they had Chris Cerrella, the current Head Coach of the New Hampshire Avalanche, behind the bench. After juniors, Watt followed through with his NCAA Commitment to Buffalo State and then enjoyed a nine-year pro career. Shortly after calling it a career as a player, Watt jumped right into coaching, and it has now all come full circle for him to end up back in the spot that he benefited from the most during his playing days.

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Michael Grace and the Maine Eclipse will be kicking off their inaugural season in less than a month. Coming over after spending three years as an Assistant Coach with King's College, Grace knows the challenges that lie ahead for his program. Regardless of the wins and losses that await his team, Grace and the rest of the Eclipse staff are set and focused on making their players better each day that they walk into the facility. One step at a time, and the program will grow quickly in the EHL.

Episode 33 · 1 month ago

Team of the Week (RoughRiders) | Episode 33

Eric Lind and Steven Brown have been coaching together longer than any other duo in the league. When the EHL begins its 8th season this fall, Lind and Brown will be the only coaches to have been at the helm of a single organization for all eight years. As time has passed their bond has grown stronger, and their chemistry is similar to that of a pair of forwards who always know where the other one will go next with the puck. Along with the growth in chemistry has been a consistent effort of success, averaging over 25 wins and 10 NCAA Commitments per season, since the league was formed back in 2013.

Episode 32 · 1 month ago

Team of the Week (Spartans) | Episode 32

Brett Tryder is leading the way again this year, as the Seacoast Spartans embark on their 2nd season in the EHL. After putting up 17 wins and 10 NCAA Commitments during their inaugural campaign, Tryder is ready to see his team take another strong step forward this upcoming year. Overall, this will be Tryder's 3rd season serving as a Head Coach in the league, and in his mind, recruiting has only gotten easier over the years.