Team of the Week (87s) | Episode 16


Similar to last week's Team of the Week, the Seahawks Hockey Club, the New Jersey 87s began play as a junior hockey franchise back in the 2017-18 season. However, the difference between the Seahawks and 87's is that New Jersey only had a team at the EHLP level their first year. The previous two years they've fielded teams out of both divisions (EHL and EHL), and in total, the organization has won 161 regular season games.

Adam Houli and Matthew Kiernan are both Co-Owners and Co-Coaches of the franchise, and they strongly believe that the first year in the EHLP helped develop their program the same way the division helps develop players for the EHL. Since they decided they wanted to get involved in junior hockey back in 2015, the 87's have experienced an upward progression with each and every year, and Houli credits that to the EHL being a step above the rest.

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Episode 11 · 6 months ago

First Round Preview | Episode 11

After a phenomenal set of Play-In Games on Wednesday, only 22 teams remain combined between the Eastern Hockey League (EHL) and the Eastern Hockey League Premier (EHLP).

Check out our predictions for the First Round of the playoffs, including the newest set of picks for the #Ecrew Fantasy Challenge.

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Play-In Round Preview | Episode 10

It's postseason time in Eastern Hockey League (EHL) and the Eastern Hockey League Premier (EHLP).

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Episode 9 · 7 months ago

One Last Run | Episode 9

This week's episode features a program in their final year, hoping to make one last run towards an EHL Championship.

The Philadelphia Jr. Flyers have been a staple in the EHL since 2013, and they've helped 38 players advance on to college hockey. The Jr. Flyers also won the 2016-17 EHL Championship, in a truly dream season in Pennsylvania.

Jerry Domish has been the Head Coach and General Manager since the Jr. Flyers came into the league, and he feels ready for the postseason. In order to make a run, Domish knows that he'll have to lean on his leaders like Billy McDevitt, to survive and advance.

McDevitt and the Jr. Flyers' broadcaster Joe Sindoni, each know that they can play with the Connecticut RoughRiders, it's just a matter of taking things one shift at a time.

Episode 8 · 7 months ago

Junior Hockey on the Cape | Episode 8

This week's episode features a program in their third season, that has progressed with each and every year. The Seahawks Hockey Club believes in developing relationships with each other, both on and off the ice. While they have already set a franchise record for wins in a season, their focus still remains on advancing players to the next level.

Bill Zaniboni was named the 2018-19 EHL Coach of the Year, and has been a part of the All-Star Coaching Staff in each of the last two seasons. Zaniboni believes strongly in what both the EHL and the Seahawks have to offer.

Jack Macdonald is one of the players that has bought into what the league and the Seahawks have to offer, coming all the way from Wisconsin to play junior hockey on the Cape. In his second season, he's seen his play develop, along with all of the teammates he's had throughout his time in the EHL.

Looking forward, the Seahawks will not be disappointed if their 2019-20 campaign ends short of a championship, but they still have high hopes of advancing to the 2020 EHL Frozen Finals.