Episode 6 · 1 year ago

Starting a Program | Episode 6


This week's episode features a program in their inaugural season in the league. After a few years as an independent junior hockey organization, the Seacoast Spartans chose to join the EHL based off of its strong history of placing players into NCAA programs.

Brett Tryder is the Head Coach and General Manager of the Spartans, and a huge fan of the league.

Tryder formerly spent time behind the bench of the New England Wolves, and after a few years away, he jumped at the opportunity when the Spartans job became available. Over the years, Tryder believes that recruiting for the league has gotten easier, surely based off of how strong the EHL has become.

Kurt Mallett serves as the Director of Hockey Operations for the entire Spartans organization, as well as an Assistant Coach for Tryder. In working with the Spartans' ownership, they knew immediately based off of his past experience that Tryder was their guy.

Part of the reason for the confidence had to do with players like Shea Flanagan, who came to the Spartans with Tryder, looking to help lay the foundation for the new program.

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