Episode 9 · 1 year ago

One Last Run | Episode 9


This week's episode features a program in their final year, hoping to make one last run towards an EHL Championship.

The Philadelphia Jr. Flyers have been a staple in the EHL since 2013, and they've helped 38 players advance on to college hockey. The Jr. Flyers also won the 2016-17 EHL Championship, in a truly dream season in Pennsylvania.

Jerry Domish has been the Head Coach and General Manager since the Jr. Flyers came into the league, and he feels ready for the postseason. In order to make a run, Domish knows that he'll have to lean on his leaders like Billy McDevitt, to survive and advance.

McDevitt and the Jr. Flyers' broadcaster Joe Sindoni, each know that they can play with the Connecticut RoughRiders, it's just a matter of taking things one shift at a time.

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