Episode 7 · 1 year ago

Laying the Foundation | Episode 7


This week's episode features a program in their second season, that has laid a solid foundation for years to come. Team Maryland turned heads instantly at the start of the season, and now as we head towards the EHL Playoffs, they are a definite sleeper to keep an eye on in the Mid-Atlantic Conference.

Josh Fusco is in his 3rd season in the EHL, and his 1st with Team Maryland. Coming over from the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Knights, Fusco has helped Team Maryland make tremendous strides in just their second season in the league.

Evan Green has been with Fusco the past few years, and came over with his coach to serve as the team captain this season. Green and Tristan Mock are the first two commits for Maryland, as the '99 leaders of their team will be joining Becker College together this fall.

Green and Mock are each helping to echo the message that Fusco is delivering to his team, with their sights set on Providence, RI, and the 2020 EHL Frozen Finals.

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