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First Round Preview | Episode 11


After a phenomenal set of Play-In Games on Wednesday, only 22 teams remain combined between the Eastern Hockey League (EHL) and the Eastern Hockey League Premier (EHLP).

Check out our predictions for the First Round of the playoffs, including the newest set of picks for the #Ecrew Fantasy Challenge.

Welcome to the show with Neil Raven. With over onezero NCAA commitments, the ehl is the proven path to college. Turn it up and learn more about the college placement leader at the division two and three levels. Welcome into the east show once again. My name is Neo Raven. This is season one, episode number eleven, brought to you by GEL sticks, the official training aid of the e show. Let's bring in the e crew. Second podcasts of the week. Guys, we are one day into the playoffs. Not sure about you, but I'm already tired. Listen, this is the earliest we recorded to like we're really rallying folks at home. It is eight hundred and thirty two am Risensheine mins podcast time. We've all been Texans since around seven seven thirty, bird of the man oil, because we love EHL, and we're here bringing all the fans of homes of entertainment and, like I was saying to you guys the other day, unless is one of you about to get arrested, I hear in the background, Oh, that's a fire truck. Okay, yet start to the PODCASTS. All right, so one of the three of us. Well, man, guys, see you later. Im gonna go for a little bit. But when we began the playoffs, thirty two teams went down the twenty five. In just one day we lost three more and it's kind of the bitter suite time of year for me, this time of year because we're down at twenty two teams are already and you get to know the coaches so well throughout the year that you see a game happen and you're happy for one team but obviously you know sad for the other and it's this funny how quickly the number of teams will just go down and down and down throughout the league and hey, in a week from now that twenty two will be basically cut in half we get to the second round. That's like crazy. I feel like at this time of year it's like boom, boom, boom. Before you know it's like, oh, it's Hi and welcome the Providence. Here we are. Wait, how did we get here? Yesterday we were up okay, and I don't know, it's like pretty you texted me yesterday how you felt bad for cody. I'm sure. God. I was like EMOs heck, like the express were one of the best teams down the stretch one of the hottest teams. You should have seen them at the end. They were like like Pat McDonald just broke his stick and everyone was wicked sad and I was like, Oh my God, this is like a mean some of those guys that's going to be their last hockey game that they ever play in their career. You know, some of these guys that's it. This is the end of the junior career. They're not going to go play in college, they're just going to hang it up. And Cody in his first season taking over for Walpole, you just said you and we profiled them on our preview play in episode ten and five. After the holiday break, they were one of the hottest teams. Everybody had them. We go back to the standings and then it's some sure cody, I hope he's not doing this today, but I'm sure he is as a coach. One point away from finishing in fourth instead of fifth. You don't playing the playing game. So you think, where was that overtime lost during the season or all? Where was that lead? We blue, and I'm sure that's things of players were thinking yesterday too, is we were so close to not even having to play this game that we playing it. We didn't play our best, but the credits are coach trieder and the inaugural season for the seacoast Spartans, the eight seed, knocking off the big dog Wallpole. Express good for them and that's a great way for us to start making our way. I'm going to stay around the east show, but truly around the play and round. It's time for this week segment of around the east show and yesterday was was wild. That was the first game. That was one o'clock. That's how you set the tone for the entire postseason. We were did like it was crazy and pretty. You were there. Yes, I was in. I was there. I was with because if you in Rodman you can go upstairs and that's where I like the gym is. We're like the kids on Wallpole that are not playing and Oh man, are gone crazy up there. It was a it was a scene and it was crazy. You like the Environ Kurt. It was like intense it because it was like back and forth for a little bit and then it was like legit it like the last, I think it was the last, like two minutes and Walpole was down and I was like all right, you know, any second now cody was gonna, you know, pull Falcon and then there was a penalty and then wall poles on the PK and it's like, Oh, you can't, there is no, you can't. And then he did. But they scored an empty not. It was intense. I felt so bad, like, oh my goodness, but in the tweet that I spent out, I'm sure you probably saw the tweet, the empty now went in with two seconds left. So to me the JEA, it was like it's kind of a relevant right. It was definitely relevant. So I three games. The three games are all this out about one goal? You can't. That's how it should be, though. Can't ask for much more than that. And Noah,...

Chemo scored first, and it look it looked for a little bit like, all right, this is what we expected. We expected a Wallpole to go in. It was a bomb goal, like it was sick, take care of business and win this game, and Seco's kind of just hung around, hung around, hung around, and then well, I know Jeff and I we've talked on broadcast before. Every game is different with hockey. There's so many things that you know, when Seco scores a minute into the third period, you're like, Oh, here we go, and then and then wall pole hits the post. You're like, you know what that's that's how this is going to be. You just kind of know, like from past experience, like there, that's how it's going to play out. That's going to be the post. And at that they had. And then you mentioned like you know, for most of Cody's players that are are advancing on, there are more games coming up, but that's their last junior and look at the way Brittany, I'm sure you were watching, look at the way Dj swanky reacted when when his season and he gent. He just sat there on the ice. Right now. It's a few kids did that for all poll to and some of the wall pole kids have been playing, just like the wolves kids have been playing together for like years and years and years, like Mike, Meredith, Nate Altman, like, who was played wall pole cow. Now there's like a whole handful of them who have been in the wall Pole Express Organization for like a few years now. Then it's like it comes down and like that's it. That's how you end it, like Dang. And that's why all these coaches know and we talked about that in the play an episode two. Richard Caprio was always making posts on social media and what he said is true. The what you did in the regular season doesn't matter anymore. Your zero, zero and zero. When you headed to the playoffs, you saw, I Guess Day with Wallpole and sea coast. There's nothing from the regular season matters anymore. Well, get and they were literally two different teams. We profiled in that episode. Sea Coast went on a really bad losing streak. They were for I think it was four and seventeen after the holiday break. They were they were playing their better hockey before the holiday break, not after, and Wallpole was the opposite. They were playing their better hockey after the holiday break. And you know, Wallpole beat them three games to one of the season and I would scored them sixteen, two four, and it was just it was all like when do you want to heed the rights? Heal said to it's kind of like puck luck in the hockey gods, like you can only beat someone so many times before they're eventually going to figure out. Specially, you know, with some gritty players, the flanning ins the world and Jackson penners and give it to those guys. They are grinding team and they grind it out and they're move it on. It was it was fun to watch. I get without a Dowel, and I think what was just crazy about it is as soon as that game finalized, as you know that you're the last, he's moving on. So they automatically get Vermont by the right and the end. We were like Nope, for months. Gonna get the wizards. Are the walls? No, no, they're not. That is not the case. For Jim was thinking at home like Oh yeah, let's take a little spin around here, going to be good, take a step back, it's reevaluate. HMM. Yeah, so wild. And by the time the pocket dropped for the Wolves Wizards game, right, which was maybe an hour later, right, not even I already have the schedule posted for the lumberjack Spartan series, like we were just gone. I'm like, Oh, okay, like just Jimmy had the three days in a row set and I called Brett and I said, Brett, this is what he's Gott. He goes, that's what he's got. We're ready. I was like okay, yeah, okay, it's not like it's see you like when when you have teams that are going back and forth, you kind of have some more time to figure it out, like the seahawks and now wizards, not to you know, I'm sure people saw the wizards beat the wolves. Like they're they're going back and forth still because they're trying to figure out. You know, if if bill starts this, stay down there, Freddy will go this day at home, and advice versa, going to Vermont. Not to say that Brett has no say, but it's kind of like you're going there for all three. So it's it's a little bit dictated by whatever Jimmy's got right, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and talk you though. Oh Man, I can't believe it is. And like you see in the NHL all the time. Right, not all the time, but most years, there's that seventh or eight seed that knocks off. I know we don't want to bring him up on the podcast because we have a certain league staff membery didn't I bring this sounds like yesterday. There she goes, I was brettying, not me. Here we go, we color, they were they that's here, that's right. And then they beat them. I don't know, I was fired up now Timpa Bay lightning. I'm obsessed with our tiny panarin and he has on Columbus offic first a red man rendness rangers duties.

He's pushing those rangers will stop profile the NHL Playoffs. I just upset everyone in the state of New York. I don't think I've ever this is a random fact. Have you ever realized that like half the kids of Plans League or from New York? If you like, everyone and their mother is from New York. It's a big state. I don't realize. No, like a legit, so many kids are from New York. I many players do we have for me? And you think it's many, like a small handful. I can probably gone. I'll tell you what not enough. I know this is Andrew Keith, Rickett and drew D I don't know who else. That's all I have. Are for Mein or New York, Maine, New York Christ that list would be well, I always when it comes to New York, I always kind of feel like upstate New York, well, what's technically upstate and what's titled? There's like the Rochester Buffalo like group, and then there's like the Staten Island Group and then there's like long islands. Yeah, there's like the almany group that said everyone in their mother's from New York. I'm convinced. anyways, back to the walls vision. We're not a Gr just thinking that made me think because Rob Hag, my pick is, was from New York. Are you? I don't even want to talk about fantasy. I'm just going to skip that section of the slam my laptop shut. But so we covered seacos versus the express. It really was a good game, like I know it. It's disappointing for Walpole. You had the emptinetter and it makes it a five three score, but really it's a for three hockey game. Disappointing for my fantasy team to new yes, yea, and thats you go all Walpole and then pick aroun. Guys. Brittany had it touched on the wizards wolves during her researcher for the last podcast and of course you know with all the different regular season games that they had capped off by a six to five over time. Of course, when it comes to hockey, through forty minutes yesterday we're scoreless, like of course. I was like a true playoff. I was waiting and I was waiting and let's go. I watched the first couple of periods and it was a lot of neutral zone activity. It was a lot of you take the Puck, we take the PUCK. You take the Puck, we take the PUCK, recoiled after the zone, turn it back out. It was a lot of like all right, chests. It's was like an old fashioned playoff game. It was a chess match. Each team not wanted to make the first mistake. A couple of chances, then all sudden things really got heat it up. Just wink. He hits a crossbar there at the end of the night. You should have serious in this exact one in my kitchen yelling. It was like come on, but I knew. You know, I mentioned before how with that Sea Coast Wallpole game, once wall pole hit the post and a stretch, he kind of knew, based off past hockey experience, what that meant. I knew that when we were scroll us up to forty minutes and the officials called me, the on ice officials, in between the second and third period, and said what are the rules for the overtime? Just to make sure we're ready to go, I wanted to then say good run. No, game is not going to overtime now and long the whole chance. Gorman scores early on the frame. Of course, got a few MINICI. lator gets what wound up being the game winner. Tommy Condon, think it was, got the lone goal for the wolves. It was pretty frantic at the end. The funniest Jes see, did you seem like at the end when they were doing the hand so igne? No, little, I got a little ratchet. That's but that's fine. And he belave Luchit style hitch the I'm gonna Fu up next season. Good game, good game. I'M gonna have Fu up next yes, there was one of those. I don't know, but that's not the point. I turned it off right after. Like the the wolves broadcast or had a good call yesterday, but when the game ended was quite depressed. So I kind of yes, he was. It was sad boy ours like, like I have to turn this off, like. I don't nothing against the wolves or him. I was just say I can't, like he is like about to break down on the bottom a broadcast right now. So I didn't catch the handshake climb. I had begun getting things lined up with billy and Freddy and Freddy goes. I don't. I'm kind of cut off guard because I didn't look at the spartans express score because he was more focused on his game first. And he goes. I really wasn't expecting to be hosting a playoff game. So like like, it's it's nothing against sea coast, like that's just that shows you how big of an upset that really was. Yesterday, like everybody had the I mean, look at us. All three of us O for three in our picks.

We all picked waltersly. Well, she was only one. I would yeah, you pick the way turns and nail. We get it. You're not your real people, Wizards Fan. We had six, six total piss come out of from the three of us. Only was one one point four. One person got one. Right. You know what, though, even though I jeff might to take a shot, Brits shots, here we go. Well, even though my team was all Walpole, I may I mean what that was you all wolves. I managed to get seven something points. Is that shot at me, because I got one point? Six, Oliver Quinn, great game by him. He made great saves. You know he he really stood stronger than that. For the way you guys all wanted the Falcon and I was excited to take me south and right Falcon. Then the boys. Yeah, it's why they play the Games. Kids. Yeah, exactly. It's why they played the Games and it's we're ready now for the first round and here we are in the I know we'll get into a deal, but the one game format seems to be something that that is been brought up as a controversial type thing. I know we won't touch at too much, but it's this simple Jeff. If you win it, you like it. If you lose it, it okay. Like it to me? To me, okay, you want to do six of the eleven make the playoffs in the north, like six of the eight. Now five teams don't make the playoffs, like you're having to have a lot. You'RE gonna have a lot more meaningless games down the stretch. Right quite to avoid a play in game, you got to be in the top four. At Eleven, you gotta be in the top third. Okay, that's really not bad odds. You know, if we went top five and then did six seven playing game, maybe like. Maybe. So the pulsar of the League is that it is is well liked between all the coaches, like you're saying. Obviously you know wapple's not going to be happy after losing yesterday and any teams in the past aren't. But it is something that's strongly yeah, no, no shot at Walpole. But say they're three points back in the seahawks instead of one point. Is it any different than? No, it's because they were one point now and they knew they held the tiebreaker and if they had, if they had just got that one point, it would have been different. If you like. It's it's tough, like I in Cody said it to me. Cody goes. I'm nervous about this because the second you fall behind in a one gamer it's you start gripping the stick too tight. And you know, we had not to get tell too much about what happened last year's owners meeting, but we had a lot of conversation about the playoffs. Like we used to do three sets of best of three than the best of five. That was the year before providence and the best of five lasted forever with the junior fires, little flyers that year. Oh, that was thear you went and then yeah, blah, yeah, but the thing is, like, what are you gonna do? Do you want more regular season games? You want less regular season games, you want more value in the regular season. You know, at the end of the day, if you're a team that even gets a first round by this year, right, say the Rangers, and you go to the distance and everything that you possibly can. So your second on series goes three games and you oder the finals. That's still seven games in March. That's it. That's as much as you may play in February, but it's all packed into a tight schedule. So to me I like the format that we have. You have to earn what you want to be in the playoffs and and I really think that, well, cody is disappointed. I think that when a month goes by, Jose do himself, it just means that you have to focus that much harder on the forty six regular season games that you have. You know, we talked in this podcast all the time about this one game here, this one game they are, oh, they didn't show up. The play the points matter, the points really matter. We you know, in a way we all counted the seahawks out at one point, didn't we? Like we thought I'd counted the seahawks out. We counted abs out, we counted some people. So like this, you in here, they are the sea coastpartans. We count them out. Look, here they are. Yes, it is a sting our microphones. I can write let someone said wanted to do one versus eight, two, seven, three, hundred, six, four five. So now you're going to add him in three more games, like I want our teams playing their best hockey when we get to Sunday, championship, Sunday right. Imagine, just hypothetically, Rangers right today. They have to win a first round series and then a second round series right to get just a providence, and then you got to play four games there. Now we're talking upwards of, you know, eleven games or so in a three weeks. Fan. How are those teams going to feel when they get to Sunday? So entered, and then always the counter towards what we do with playoffs. Has You know,... college it's one game, all right, guys, there's your one game. Yesterday there's your right and and for Walpole, that put that puck doesn't hit the post. Off, I think it was McDonald, in the third period, and they go to all yeah, you got all over time. What happens then. So I get it. I there's always two sides to everything. But you got to give credit words due to sea coast. You got to get credit words due to the wizards. It's a matter of, like Britney said, you got a peek perfectly at the right time. The seven s last year, Clints, the Dude, act three like last year. Bret like CD eighty sevens in Providence. Yeah, and then it was like wait, hold on, we're getting out out of those elves. Look at the little flyers last year. They were a wagon. They were gross, like they were actually gross. Yeah, but they only had to play two games leading up to Providence, right, because they had a first round by they swept the revolution and then they were in providence and even still by the sun by the Sunday. Not to I'm not this is nothing against a little fires like they were runs catch US said, we're guess that's that's six. I think it's good that this year we have Friday off. Yes, I mean I think, I think that. I think that will definitely help. I mean, you know all my dream scenario is, of course, the dream, the dream said the other day. The dream scenario is we show up Wednesday and one conference wins both games. Right the l the north, if you know, you know what. One Conference Wins Les Thursday and the Other Conference wins both games. So now at the bank, what I could say going into Saturday? We have a two semi finals in a row for the premiere winners go on. And then, obviously, we always say have our conference matchups for the ehl to Saturday. So say everyone's one, one and one. Now the winners from those games go on. Dream scenario. Yeah, that will not happen. Just because you want it to happen. It will not. Boy, can happens all the time me and you'll be like, okay, we want this to happen, and then it's like the complete opposite happens, like Oh, okay, it's gonna it's gonna be like that, all right, especially, especially in sports, you know that exactly how you want it to happen, it's going to go usually the opposite way or somewhere in the middle or right. So so, just so we could put ourselves out there, everyone can come at our throats. So that means that this year's for the finals teams will be the Spartans, the wizards, the junior flyers and bill hill in the fourth one, Brittany and he Marilyn, Team Mal wet, little fun, no, little fire slats, LF guys, imagine I'd scream. Could all look at each other just like, Huh, that's interesting. So I was gonna happened the best part of today so far. Thursday of playoff week. We're at March fifth. I had not received a phone call yet. I know that seems drastic because it's not even nine am, but I have now I know they're coming. I had now my first miss call the day. Britty, you already called me. Chris Sorella, close, rich decaprio. I Love Hella. You do it. When I say close, you're like, oh, yeah, Dah, done the other half. But anyway, so now you know. You Know Mat shots. We got here. We go, got lumberjacks, spartans, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Who You got? Jimmy and the Jacks. Jimmy and the Jacks as well, and I think it's a clean sweep. Two Games. I do as well. Starry Sea coast. I think we get the Monday. I think we get a really don't feels Mr game three, everybody, we did our predictions say, and when you play in Vermont you're in for it. The Frozen Tundra, that this lot. The arena. One says it. Everyone says playing in Vermont. I don't know if I can say this. Word stinks my good thing. The other word. Everyone says it. No, the arena to colder. No, I could get travel, but I guess it. Don't need to get into that. It's travel. It's three hours north, right, as Britty goes, is least up there. Yeah, I mean it's there. Are there. You're going from some some decent foliage here in New Hampshire to some beautiful foliage in Vermonts as we keeping. That's exactly. But I'm going to say three games. I think that. I think that Sea Coast Wins Game One also, and I think the kids guess like, Oh my God, like because that that's where it game going on a run this these best the three series gets so interesting because, like, say, you lose game one, you go to bed at night think, I'm like, this could end tomorrow. I'm sure the same way. You know Walpole or the wizards of the wolves went to bed on Tuesday night, like we have a play in game.

This could end tomorrow. Like think about how hard you work all year, you know, seven months, and then the season this comes to an end just like that. Staff of your fingers. But the three of us are all taking the lumberjacks to advance. So why don't we just stay right we're at and I'm we didn't Fay minish the bracket last night. We're going to finish your right now. Lumberjacks, avalanche, but you got roll as rolls. See you guys at the ice. Done. Let's go, not Fay. Bring it to the ice done. Oh, I can't wait. Oh my God, I can't wait. Check it around, Christrella. I'm sorry, I'm getting really fired up right now. I'M gonna stop. Yeah, well, your face is like red. Yeah, Oh my God, no, bring this, bring this party to the den. Bring it on, folks. Oh Man, I'm ready, not laying. Here we go. I had said bridge you guys. I said do you guys are going to finish the bracket? Then I fell asleep last night. So, yeah, for Real, here are, bit episode, like Hello, is anyone outside? I was still up to then. I was just like up. I guess we're all faded out. All right, I think I would oh I can't wait for Vermont. All right. Well, Jeff, while you still ponder and think Brittany, how many? Who Know? I don't want to choose that. So how many games? Lumberjacks Avalanche? Now it will go three. Okay, that has to be think either way. No, they're not gonna no, I don't think it's going to be clean sweep. It will go three, but for year three we will have your new hampsh avalanche in the finals, and that's the thesis. I said that yesterday and then I got quoted that. I said, though. So kill in one of the puzzle pieces for Brittany. Avalanche in three over the lumberjacks. Yeah, for sure, Jeff, chewing on my tongue. I really don't know. This is a man tous pressure that with the additions of the avalanche since the Trade Duneline and how they've been playing, I just and they're not for see right. I just don't foresee them not making it. They have that group of returners from last year. They know what they have to do to get there. They've the kids on that team, like I just said, have already won. They know what it takes to get there. So Vermont doesn't. Oh, listen, they got knocked out two years in a row by the wizards. Or is that what it was? You? Yes, yes, I don't know proof. I just have a strong inkling or pretty of you want to put if you want to play devil's advocate, because they've got knocked out. Maybe that taste is still fresh in their mouths. You got a lot of veteran guys, the Logan to Scannyos buffleing, you got a lot of Devi do zy and Jimmy wanted the wizards, you told me last night, he said. He said because of history of past two years. I said, because you're also for, oh, no, against them this season, rightular season, and you weren't for them. I cowing. I get the wolves. He was. Yeah, that, that's that. That means something too, but I wanted to face them to try and get some revenge. Like I go, okay, yeah, well, that's a kind of flip side of it. You can see. I could see from what getting real angry and the hey, we know ever, and you want to take down the avalanche patriots. So be at the den. HMM, that's true, Jeff. So, just so we could help you out, I'm going to take the avalanche and three also. So now it's really your turn. Come on, Jeff. So let's see. I love Cerella, Love Mario. Love that team. Great Team Jeack, picking me in the Jacks. Love them too. I think I might pick for Morton free maybe able to go against the green and be the one different person and pick for Morton. Three, and we're not going to see the avalanche for the first time in the frozen finals. Sorry, Chris. Will see in the bank lay already here. You heard it here, ladies and dents. So the other side. All right, so it's just swid I. I want to mow that more. Can we please more time? But I'm just so fired up for that series. I can't wait. There's just too much parody in this league this year. It's stressful here for us. We're not even coaching, we don't own any teams. Work for the League and stress them you out. Here's what I'll say. Is We did. If you got the playing game right, you got two points. If you got both right, you got obviously two and two and then the next one five. For getting that. Both right, right. Yes, I also US qualified for the first round series for every win our our picks get. So we ally picked the lumberjacks. We each get two points. Right, so you picked the avalanche. I pick. Now I'm talking about I'm talking about just the first round series. Oh, Gotcho so. So if the lumberjacks the game, we all get two points. They went a second game, we all get two points. If they do it in the two games that you each think that they're going to do it, you guys get the additional bonus point, the fifth point. If they do it in the third three games that I think it's going to be, I get the fifth point. Well then, if...

...something crazy happens, we'll just lease full rest. That are second round picks next week. Okay, that being said, enough. Seahawks. Wizards. Who are wizard span one, two, three, Brittany, I'm going with the wizards. I am not does. We'll have wizards kids shorts off. I'm gonna say wizards in three. I thought about too for a while, but I am going to say three. All Right, I'm going bills and a beauty, as I like to call him, in three. Okay, and yeah, I've made a new one last night, for he was a two week of the fan. But the ZANNA hawks so easy as it sounds like a drunk you pick up a dorchester. All right, Zanna hawks. I'm going off. Oh Bill, big bill, and Zanabodie and the SEAHAWKS and three. So now let's keep going on. Rangers versus either in this in this situation, with either be wizards or Seahawks, HR catch and prof yeah, I think I think we'll clean save the plast the board rangers. And I'm gonna say, though, it takes them three games. Whoever they have to face me to yeah, remember last year? Was it playoffs last year? BJR SEAHAWKS? Right, yeah, it was. Yeah, but it was a sweep last year, was it? Yeah, I think they might be a little rusty. Well, a lot of time off, they might drop right, they could drop in once the game you start to try to feel your feel your momentum again get yeah, I think it will take them free but they'll they will prevail. Think. Well, we agree they're. What we'll say, though, is we have our picks locked in for the first round. If we need to reset after the first round ends, will repick for the second round. But in our opinions, pretty and I both agree avalanche Rangers, as the North teams go into Providence and Jeff says umberjack's Rangers to the south. We go to this the south, we the saw south. We go and and will start with the three six matchup, and I do have to pass along our condolences to the domes family. Some tragic news came out this week about Jerry's son Jeremy, who passed away. So they'll be playing with heavy hearts this weekend and for Jerry it's going to be tough, I'm sure. But I think they will play inspired hockey and that's why I think it will at least go to game three with the rough riders. I do think the rough riders have a little bit more talent and the junior flyers and ultimately that puts them over the over the edge in third game. But I think that the junior flyers will be I think that all three games will be one goal. I think it'll be that close. Yeah, I do. I it will go three games. I think one game might beat maybe a two goal not counting if any empty nuts get scored. But I do think through junior flyers, like you said, we'll win a game and absolutely we all love Jerry here. Jerry's Class Act and definitely he's great. Well, well said. You know, it's our condolences all go out. I was shocked when I saw that news yesterday on the the League instagram page. And Yeah, you just you got to hope that they can just turn around use it as a little bit of a silver lining and motivator to to really just go out with massive you know, go out on a really good streak and when when some games and try to go on a run and use this as a motivator. You know, that's all you have to do in tough times like that. And and Jerry's a really good coach and that's a team that's got quite a few veterans on it and you hope that they can make some noise and I think that they will against Connecticut. Like you said, I think ultimately connectic it has a little too much top end town more top end talent than Philadelphia does, and I think they'll end up winning and probably a tight three game series as well. Okay, so watch the start. Then rough riders versus revolution, trip to the front and finals on the line. Rev I'm saying the revolutions stealing around. I know you hype me often. You might not have to do that, but I don't know. I mean it's hard because you matter, because you have Andrew Bella, which is like in Gray Owens, which are like the to driving forces, in my opinion, behind that team. Well, I'll let you guys think about this for a second. I'm going to say rough riders and three games. Who Neo? I still think rev in the revolution real teams the times in the spring. You know how many games, I don't know, and they're in their last run to they got to think about that. Right.

For the PHILLY REVUHL team, I think there's plus sides to both each team. I think that the REV has stronger goaltending. I'm signing off. I don't want to pick any of these games. I'm out. See you guys. Stressful it is. I do you agree with my statement? I think the REV, I think. Yeah, if I had to put Dell too full up against I think it's till too, for they're going to again stayed on in the in the play I'll took against Stewart or or Turner or the deck, I would probably picked all two far I agree. I think they I think the rough riders have a higher end talent at their top stars. I think their top stars are better than revolution top stars. They really feel like red hasn't a little more depth? Yep, it's I think is Shazuoka is one of the more underrated guys in this league right now to I like him a lot. I've called a lot of their games the showcases that they can fly Millar. Keep in mind every every game would be ka and little Bella are on their rated. No one. I feel like Little Bella flies under the radar. Just keep in mind every game would be at the revolution ot who that? That makes things interesting. HMM HMM. I'm just I'm just picturing Chris can ally calling the games. Oh my God, that's Chris all the games, because sometimes but under under an alter ego, next under an alias. It's so funny. Jeff, I'm gonna have to like send you the the mix that the kids made, and it's just a compilation of I'm down canal, he's alter ego. It's the funniest thing. I'M gonna send it to you after this, but it sounds good. I'M gonna say rough riders free too, by the way, Neal. Okay, okay, so I'm gonna be the one REV GAL here. All right, revn three, you haven't said a number yet. A three, okay, free. I just had three, Chris Canale. I want a text that said you're welcome things. So we all agree rough riders beat the junior flyers and three. We all think the next series is going to go three, but I say rough riders and so does Jeff. I'm pretty such revolution. I think we all agree the Maryland little flyers first round series will go through. Yes, that should be a good one. And Yeah, that's definitely going to be a good one. And we're all picking Maryland. We're all picking Mary I like Maryland's I like Marilyn this year. They have obviously the good Josh Fasco, the wooks. They have that like Wolkesbury script nights feel to their roster. Oh for sure. I mean they as very kids. Holy Heck, I kid. Yeah, fire some Adams. A little silly for trading him away, like whatever, here comes when you stop takes of the week. No, I'm just sorry. I'm what they said, that he just didn't fit in there. I think it's one of those things that and I think it was anthony, that Anthony to Paulo. That was talking to us about this at the Exeter showcase. The Adam and Matt said that they knew he was a great hockey player. His style just didn't fit what they wanted to do offensively. And then obviously Josh, having him and Wilkesbury the last couple of years, said Hey, I know how to use you, I don't how to put you into this team. He did and it just kind of works. I don't think their team clicks. For sure. Yeah, they do it, and that sets the table for hooly, Kernan may sevens versus John. Let's go. I Gat again on the road to man. Speaking of revenge. Yeah, let hit though the age seven and that series got hemous at the end. It was. It was a little bit heated at the end, that's for sure, as every good hockey feel like. I think that the seven's and they know that. That's most that that could happen. So I don't I don't see them not being in Providence. Like if they go down to fuss go two years in a row, middlestown ice world, whatever it is called, is going to explode. And the best thing that Adam said to me yesterday is he actually went put on the seacos versus express scheme during their video session and so that the whole team could watch it. And he just showed his team and said, are you guys? You want to wake up now, just so you can see? It could happen to anybody. Happen to you last year, like happened to them right now, like it could happen to anybody. The one big right now. Their team is just like, YEP, we're in first, like we're reeling around this joint. Yeah, the big difference for Josh Fussco's team last year will experirey this year. Maryland is Jeff's favorite player in the history of the EHL, Thomas Walker. So this walk up there's right. They doesn't have he's at college. Uh, I think that's firdus Magnus, and that's...

...why I would say seven s into me too, a sweep, and grife is just killing in. I kind of want to lean towards that too, but it's I feel like it's crazy when we all pick the same way as we saw yesterday. All right, I'll go wait, sevens into. I'll go say too, they're just a loaded to deep. They are deep and they are and Ian Greife is unbelievable and use two really good veteran coaching steps. I just not the Adam and matter better than Josh. I just think that what we were saying and like having the conversations with Adam and Matt during the season. I think that they're like laser focused on the gold hands and their team is also pretty loaded as well. So I think that that combination is as a deadly combination that will result in hopefully, a deep playoff run for the Jersey eighty seven boys. Yeah, so here and they had help. Go on, I'm going to say if the first round goes the way that we all think it will go, basically with the exception of one pick, which is the wizard seahawks, but if the other three series go this way we imagine and the matchups all kind of stick as it is for the second round, I'll just submit the notes I just took to Justin it's Amitum over to him. But knowing our luck, it's gonna just well have to kind of reset a few picks before the second round. Well, like I said, absolutely forever you win. That are picks get in the first round it's two points and if they win the series in an amount of games that we're saying they will. It's the additional one point. So well, I too pat myself on the back. Got The only two points for picking a win from the playing round. I would imagine that I don't get the only two points here that in the second round. So we'll see. We'll see how the how these series play out. I mean it's going to be interesting for for everyone involved. For, you know, for the lumberjacks having not played since the twenty three, but now knowing there in the first round they're at home again, sea coast just all the way down. You know, wizards shocked they have a home game. I'm shocked they have a home game that I get to call. So, like I wasn't expecting that. I had told Vicky, had asked because she was he got any games to call this week, and I go, I don't think so. Well, now I do. So cancel those plays. Neil, our buddy larvic the understands so that the next there were a little bit nutty. But, like I said, I don't know where we're going to record next week's podcast on standby. Yeah, it's kind of a matter when the series end. It's also tough with the premiere also. So in the Premiere North, the first round series that our coming up this weekend are the wolves lumberjacks, which is Saturday, Sunday, Monday, just like the lumberjacks, spartans. Only differences. The EHL team for the lumber jacks is all at home and the EHLP team for the lumberjacks is all on the road. But whatever. The railers and express still trying to schedule their series right now as we work on this podcast. That one probably will stretch out a little bit into the week, I would imagine. And then it's kind of awkward because we started we already have the dates now for the seven's renegades and revolution little fires, those second round series technically, and those series may start while the north first round series are still ending. So it's gonna get a look confusing here. I would imagine that we're going to probably try and record the next podcasts around this time, a week from today. I want, if you want to kind of Pencil in Thursday on your calendars, but we're not finished yet on the podcast. Thursday thirty am. So you guys cry literally come on this podcast crying. We're not finished it, though. It's time. No, our favorite segment. It's what to want to see, it's what to watch for. Before we wrap things up, here's what to watch board this week in the east show and what to watch for. Brittany includes fantasy and Jeff will touch on it in about three seconds total time. Are we still talking? I don't know. It wasn't. It wasn't the playing around that you wanted it to be. Falconstant, point six. That's it, your picnics buddy. Thanks, Toby. Thanks to choose. Shoot you do rail, shoot you down De Rail. That's to go through story. I was see realed. I believed in the boys from Walpole on route one, and it wasn't their day. So now, yeah, back on track with your first round picks.

Who are think? So we're, like I said to you guys last night, we're going back to the well, because I believe these were my first, our first ever fantasy picks, if I remember correctly, starting from the back on out. So we'll go in between the pipes with Mr David Rud dude see the big things for big day. I'm pretty sure the first time I picked him he got me two wins and about seventy seven saves. So that's are hoping this time, where maybe two wins and ninety saves will be good. Thank you. Depreciate it. Yet pepper and I kicked him and he didn't do that. But anyways, but now he's back on team jeff rid so he'll be he'll be fine. He's going to accept maybe even knows. Then we got, I believe you picked him actually before Neil. On defense, Gray Owens from the Connecticut rough riders. Big Power Play Guy, big offensive defenceman. Hoping for some big things from gray. And last but certainly not least, Mr Logan to scanny. Oh, just gotta go. Gotta go with the top points man in the the e Hill and looking to us how to put pucks in the back of the net and hope and then maybe he gets like six, seventy eight, maybe ten goals of the series. WHOA who record for you, Jeff, with your picks. You, if they don't put up point, you kind of can say, like, what else could I do? Yeah, like all candidates for MVP for the year into scandy Oh, Canada for defense from the year, Canada for goal either. I can't pick anything else, like right, right, that's worry. Trying to make it exactly new. I tried to not get sexy and creative this week. It is went go with the chalk, go with the paper, go with simple. I need points. I think you three have the best probability and chances of giving me those points. Let's go. Let's go now. Bretty, you're tire right. Well, I was going to pick gray owens and David Reduzy, but chef stole them, so I had to go back. Yeah, yeah, okay, you go back to the drawing board. So, yeah, for Real, a chip that won't be married lose, but that's fine. So in goal, I'm going with Zack Richards from team Maryland. Again, when you look at the goalies that were left after that, like I said, I don't know the goaltending for the rough riders. I don't know Ryan Stewart. Well, it's funny because we all wanted if we all wanted the Falcon and the playing round. All right, that's true. Go with your gut and we said playoffs new season. Don't look at this season. That's just I don't know. I don't know that that just wasn't for me. The seahawks, I have no idea who bill is playing. So I was like, well, I have no idea, so we're gonna go with JEM Maryland here, because I we all picked them to win. So I don't know. That's so. That's good, we're going to run with it. And then I was like, okay, no, who am I gonna pick? Gun Defense, because I want to grail with us. And then I had another option, but I was told not to go with said option by undisclosed source. Moving on. So then I'll say, all right, Corey Downey, Ahl all star, possible to friendsman up the year. He is in fact a candidate. So we're picking Corey Downey or donny, Neal Rabin's nephew, Neil Rabin's husband. So I don't know, nail uncle, Uncle Neil, oh my God, it's I love. That's really funny. But he got neil zero points before. So I don't know. We're kind of risking it here. And then I'm going right, they're definitely in fight. Then I'm going again from team Maryland. Alow hates these picks. Sorry, Tristan mock, another ehl All star. I picked him before. He got me some points. I don't know. Let's light it up, kid, and I will wrap things up because I had the best playing round, which that can first place, commissioner, with those fun. Thanks for giving it to me for a week. You knows those fun. Yeah, it came really just from the Gorman goal that he had and then a win for Weimer. That's really all the difference was. was was those two guys. And did you make sure you went back to the tape, though, and there wasn't Harley we well, yeah, yeah, okay, hundred percent, hundred percent even, no speculation that team. No, hardly won the line when they went mother. No, you didn't. Yeah, he did it separate, separate bet, off air bet. anyways, sorry for the third week in a row. Where's my chance SCOREMAN JERSEY? It's somewhere over your you. was He shorts off? You should buy that off a Freddie who's seasons over for crazy. What do you bucks?...

He'd like higher fifty, but I'm going to stick with the kid. That's and it's only been three games, right. If I go back to how many total games he's he's actually played when I've picked him, it's been three games. He's got fifteen fantasy points for me, so to the well we go jeff with chance Corman was move. I was pretty rattled when I got to the Defenseman pick because I had right all wins, and then don't you all are so like I was pretty rattled the other of someone stole from every week. We're going to go with Evan Beers this week. He gets just as much power play time, I would imagine, as Corey don't he does against sea coast. And by the time I got two goalies, I it's like we always say, on paper, these guys are probably the favorites. Right there we're duzis in the Richards and from there. As there anyone that you could feel as confident in? Probably not, but I'M gonna go with Ryan Stewart. I think he'll get the call in net. That means that they'll play Turner all three games or somebody. Oh, I hope's good, but I'm gonna go with Ryan Stewart. I think as the ninety nine veteran on the team. He is the only ninety nine goldener. I think that they'll at least give him game. The one that kind of set try and say like Hey, you want this to be your postseason, go get it right now and don't know. He plays for the hosses a Hass always. I'M gonna go with him. And what's really, really interesting and fun about this week is I begin with one hundred and sixty three point eight. Jeff one hundred and fifty. Zero. Don even one hundred and fifty. Britt one hundred and thirty three point six. Keep in mind wherever we wherever we finished this week. Next week is the last week. Right, we're doing second round nug providence. No province, so the pics are included. Of course. I got the two points extra for the wizards win. Oh yeahs so break kids, you guys on. You guys know it, knowing, knowing our fantasy. Britty, good one, pretty will go off for like thirty points this week. Right, I know, Tristan mock. Let's turn it off. Yeah, Britty will get like thirty seven, right, Jeff will get like twenty and I'll get seven and it will be like, oh great, we're all at one hundred and seventy going into the last week. Oh, let's do it. I'm ready. I'm ready for another avalanche type week. Okay, well, they differing points that you guys could have over me. Come first and foremost in that wizard seahawks pick. Really, if it's that, that's two points right. They have to Seahawks win that series. And then, of course, I think that we did a decent job not coordinating it, but our pics are kind of spread out amongst the teams involved, so let's see what happens. Yeah, I'm stressed. Stay Ture stress by stress because it's just like it's I don't know, it's, like we said, like this year maybe it's like the podcast is just adding like an extra element into it, but we, all three of us, have been around the UHL for years and I think it's just more the season, like the way this league has just so much parody and each showcase we've been at regular season Games is just, yes, there's a lot of the junior rangers, seven's, the avalanche, all those top and teams that finished at the top. We're great, but everybody was and we just saw that that that was that's why it was perfect that sea coast up knocking off Wall Pole, because that just shows you the parody that's in this league and it's just kind of a little extra stress this year because there aren't that you know, just those two teams that you think we're just going to run away with it. Everybody has a chance and I was stressed. We didn't even talk about this. I thought it was going to be pressing and goal the entire time. By forty your place, thirty six saves. lets go on in the next round. Like what then? He he played, what was it? The second or third game of that series? He got I'm pretty sure he got lit up the game that he played. Oh my God, jet shots of the week. He got lit up. Oh No, he thirty nine CS on forty four shots, but that was let up. They lost five three at Rodman Sea coast did. That was the third game of the season. Litt I'll be made a lot of seat but he still gave up five goals. So the key number that I always look at, and I think that some of our coaches will back me on this, is when the safe percentage from a game is nine hundred or lower, you're not going to win that game. Most often when it when it's above nine hundred, you're gonna win that game nine times out of ten. And that was the difference of the difference yesterday in the in the two games. I mean nothing of thing against the way all of our Quinn played. But that imagine if he had won that game for Brittany, brinny would have been the top, top...

...fantasy player of the week. He had thirty six stapes. So that's that's why I say nine times out of ten he had forty seven. Say Persons yesterday like yeah, he played great yesterday. He couldn't do excellent and and we thought going into it, like who was it going to be? Lj Newell or all over Quinn? You had to do your your behind the scenes source texting to find out who would be right. They got a right. They great. So obviously, come on now, my sources don't lie. Oh my God, listen, they didn't lie. All I know is that Oliver Quinn put on a hell of show yesterday, for you are good source person. So we figure out where TV twelve is going to be play next year. Do you want to get out the Hornster work in that and go for you patriots that? Oh Gross, ouch. Oh well, we will, we won't take into that. Well, just let that go. Yeah. Well, we have a few more games that I have to add to the website here, but for all the fans at home, I would call it ninety percent done first round games on the website, so you can check it out. You can start to plan out your weekends pretty you can start the plan out which penalty's penalty box he wants to sit in and watch the action from. No, that you sat up top US out a top yesterday. I'm sorry. Yeah, yester night. Started the gym. Hey, all that time you spend the penalty boxes. You never had a pluck issue, though. That's that's a good thing. No, that it come close, del don't to. Not Really. I almost got hit at the avalanche a few weeks ago. Jeff, you know how high up we stand there. Oh yeah, get the glass behind me. I was like when, I don't remember. That is what I look over to you during games. You're looking down the entire time at the clock. So, yeah, either that or me and Matt Gang are just like having a dance party. This isn't this what they do, Jeff, like this. What next song should we play? Oh my God, Dude, we get those on fire, play this one. You should have seen. You should have seen me scoring the avalanche P game. If you know what Tick Tock is, for all you not old people, we were playing tick tock sides. We were doing the tick tock dances in the penalty box. It was quite a time. Now that we've called out, old people will end the podcast. This loss a huge demographic thanks for they all signed up download tick tock right now. Everybody it won't regret it. It's it's gonna last as long as vine did, Jeff. So we'll move on from that. Fine, all right, I think soast, but we already we're ready for the first round. I think every series has the potential to go three games. I know that you guys didn't pick that, but I think every series has the potential to go three games. They're all going be fun to watch. If you can't make them in person, they're all on hockey TV. And about a week from now that number of total teams is going to take a big hit, Swan dive. So we're going to go down from, let's see, twenty two. I'm trying to do quick math here. Pretty you want to do this for me to now? NOPE, math is not from it. Did you say the other day it was a twenty two, twenty eight? No, that's in two weeks. Oh, that's the two wee we're going to lose four teams in the ehl this week and four teams in the EH LP. So that will mean this time next week will be down to forteen teams. Whack. It's not half the league. It's not be gone less than half the legal be gone, and I mean it's going to be that much closer to providence. So enjoy all the games this week's weekends, last week, whenever the first round ends, it could be a week. Who knows, all the Games will take a brief hiatus from our next podcast for about a week or so. Get Ready. providences right around the corner. Who here we go. Turn it on. Talk to you guys later. All right. See by. Thanks for listening to the show. Learn more at Eastern Hockey League Dot Org and follow us on Facebook, twitter, instagram and Youtube. Also, be sure to subscribe and get notified when next week's PODCAST is released.

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