Building Something Special | Episode 3


This week's episode features a program on the rise in the New England Wolves, the defending champions in the Eastern Hockey League Premier (EHLP).

Just like last week's guests, the New Jersey 87s, the Wolves are run by a pair of co-owners/co-coaches in Andrew Trimble and Tim Kunes. Since taking over the program in 2017, the Wolves have made steady progress in both the EHL and the EHLP, each and every season. This year, their goals are big at the EHL level, and even bigger in the EHLP, as they look to repeat as champions.

As for the player on the podcast this week, Rob Haak chose the Wolves and the EHL for his final year of junior hockey and it paid off immediately. The '99 native of Spencerport, NY made his commitment to Morrisville State back in October, and just like the coaches, he wants to see both programs advance all the way to the 2020 EHL Frozen Finals in Providence, RI.

Whether both teams advance all the way or not, the Wolves have become one of the top programs in the #Eshow through a steady progression. One step at a time through one season at a time, and Laconia, NH is a community that has fully embraced their team.

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Episode 31 · 6 days ago

Team of the Week (Lumberjacks) | Episode 31

Jim Mosso is heading into his 3rd full season as the Head Coach and General Manager of the EHL team for the Vermont Lumberjacks, however, this will be his 6th year overall with the organization. After being named the EHLP Coach of the Year following the 2015-16 and 2016-17 seasons, Mosso took over the EHL reins halfway through the 2017-18 campaign. With every season the Lumberjacks have raised the bar from the previous year, and Mosso gives a lot of credit to the players that have trusted the process, as well as the league that has developed a strong identity.

Episode 30 · 1 week ago

Andy Sutton (Verbero Hockey) | Episode 30

Andy Sutton, the Owner and CEO of Verbero Hockey, joins the podcast this week to discuss the new partnership with the EHL and EHLP. Included in the topics of discussion are Sutton's thoughts towards the current status of the hockey world. As a former NHL player, Sutton believes this year's Stanley Cup Playoffs may be the toughest of all-time.

Episode 29 · 2 weeks ago

Mid-Summer Review | Episode 29

The #Ecrew is back for episode #29 of the podcast. Neil Ravin is joined by Jefferson Mills and Brittany Hart to review the offseason to date. While one of the major topics of conversation is the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the #Ecrew also discusses the upcoming season in the EHL and EHLP. While we continue to work through these uncertain times, the puck will eventually drop again, and when it does, the #Eshow will return in emphatic fashion.

Episode 28 · 3 weeks ago

Team of the Week (Maryland) | Episode 28

Josh Fusco is heading into his 2nd season as the Head Coach and General Manager of Team Maryland, and 5th year in the EHL. Prior to joining Maryland, Fusco served in the same exact role with the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Knights. Overall, there are plenty of similarities between the Knights and Maryland, but also many differences. After helping lead the Knights to the 2018 EHL Frozen Finals, the program went away, and thus created a new challenge for Fusco. For the veteran coach, his main focus was staying in the EHL, and he took over a program that needed a fresh restart.