Episode · 2 months ago

Making Some Noise | Episode 97


On this week's episode of the #EShow we start off with Billy Girard, the 2019-20 EHL Goalie of the Year (1:18). Girard is now the starting netminder at the University of New England, and was just recently named the Goalie and Rookie of the Week in the CCC. Moving along to the Weekly Rundown (12:07), and this week's updates to the EHL and EHLP Power Rankings feature a handful of shake-ups following the Haverhill Showcase. As for the #ECrew Fantasy Challenge (37:30), Lauren has taken over the top spot thanks to a shutout versus a top-five team, and then last but not least, we wrap things up with our what to watch for segment (50:44) that includes a little post draft discussion for the upcoming 2021 EHL All-Star Classic.

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