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Back From Break | Episode 95


On this week's episode of the #EShow we return from the All-Star Break with an absolutely jam-packed podcast. To kick things off in the Weekly Rundown, the #ECrew recaps the exhibition matchups with Curry and UMass Boston, and then makes some slight changes to the EHL and EHLP Power Rankings (6:11). Continuing on with the Fantasy Challenge, we provide an update on the points earned so far, along with a reminder of the picks that are rolling over into this upcoming week (38:21). Also inside episode #95, Lauren Smith sits down for an exclusive interview with Colin Larson from the New England Wolves (30:18), and we put a bow on things at the end by highlighting a number of games to check out on HockeyTV (45:30).

Welcome to the e show with NeilRavan. Founded in two thousand and thirteen, the EHL has become the college placementleader on the East Coast. Sit Back and learn more about the nextstep in your junior hockey career. Welcome to the e show because it bythe polly box foundation. The foundation's mission centers around their daily motto we takecare of our own as they help out all of those within the hockey communitywho've experienced a catastrophic event. Learn more at polly box foundation dot Org.What's up? My name is Neil Raven and this episode number ninety five ofthe east show. On this week's episode, we returned from the All star breakwith an absolutely jampack podcast. To kick things off and the weekly rundown, the e crew recaps the exhibition match up with curry and you maskBoston and then makes some slight changes to the EHL and EH L P powerankings. Continuing on with the fantasy challenge, we provide an update on the pointsearned so far, along with a reminder of the picks that are rolling overinto this upcoming week. Also inside Episode Ninety Five, Lauren Smith sits downfor an exclusive interview with Colin Larson from the New England wolves, and weput a bull on things at the end by highlighting a number of games tocheck out on hockey TV. What's up, guys? Can you believe we alreadyhave two showcases done and one allstar event and November is just days away? Damn Right, today the twenty seven. Wow, how fast is this going? By a little two very that we're almost like, does it feellike we're almost taking it for granted based off what took place or didn't takeplace last year? You know what I mean. So I mean I thinkwe're still, as I'm still doing the whole every time one team plays ateam from out of state, I'm still saying because it's true, for themost part, first time these two teams have seen each other in two years. So we still have all those first going on. Yes, but itis going very fast now, I would agree. We're going to be inMarch before we know it, and holy help see there's left in March.So I brought back at Jersey this week. I haven't worn this one the podcastyet, but it is the Lumberjacks Jersey. For multiple reasons that Iwore it because obviously they're playing well. Their captor was just our captain forthe ehl. He just had a hundred points. Egan Spitz number and autographis not on this even though I've made that plug for in the past.But the funniest moment that I don't know if enough people have picked up onthis yet, but I'm sure you all saw the team picture that we took, which everyone was in there away jersey, and then when you kept swiping onInstagram it turned into the All Star Jersey. Came out awesome. Forthose that are on this podcast, I'm going to show you, and forthose are at home, you got to go to instagram. Egan Schmidt makesthe same exact face and both pictures it's almost like his head is on atea. It's beyond impressive. So I'm going to hold it up so youguys can see. First look at the way his head is tilted and theeyebrows and everything. Watch and then I'm going to swipe over. It's literallythe same exact face. Oh my God, it's two different picture Jersey and likewe I pointed that with the Hitlis because they saw it too and we'relike, how did they do that? What's so sit next Ho sit nextto you to write. Well, please. We go to sit down for thepicture and I'm sitting in a chair and he's the first captain that's showsup and Margaret hike. He's like you could pick any of these chairs andhe goes right next to meal. I was like, okay, so makeme lumber Jack's love you or done. Was a big God right. Sowell, you know what, because both of both of my parents worked inphotography, and I know this from experience that some people just sort of havethis natural pose. So I'm not too surprised that that you can had thethe same pose en face. Yeah, but also just I just want tosay a couple more things about the lumberjacks, since we're talking about Neil's Jersey.The lumberjacks were at Jersey shore arena this past weekend the EHLP team.Yeah, and I had to defend the honor of the lumberjacks uniforms because oneof our fans weren't crazy about the plaid and I and I told him Italking about that's that's probably one of the most creative designs in the league.But the other thing I want to bring up to. The other thing Iwant to bring up is that I spoke with the head coach of the Pteam, Seth Gusting, and he is honestly one of the nicest coaches Ihave ever met in this league. He is such a terrific human being.He says he's a fan of this podcast, so I'm sure he's listening. Shoutoutto say and he yes, he beat the eighty sevens. What isgood to see that his teams off to a good start in his first yearas head coach. I love your mustache stuff is awesome. I told himthat. I told him mark. And the other funny thing too, whenwhen he and CONAL mcneilis went to shake...

...hands after the game. I wantedto bring this up on the pot or on the the broadcast, that they'retwo redheads with great facial hair, two Irishman just talking to each other atCentaur ice. I personally thought it was really funny. But I mean theseare two coaches in the rookie years and they're both great people. But shadowssaid the premier league like connals. What was that? Jos Watching Premier League, got his phone and during between gay he's a big Guy Premier League guys. So I don't know that was. That was the one thing I didn'task. But also just another fact about seth just. I just want togive like an idea for all the the fans listening about his character. Heplayed for Niagara's Club hockey team in the ACAJ. He was the captain fromhis sophomore year until he graduated. Wow, that's so. That's a long timeto hold the hotally in ship role. Yeah, seriously, he told mewhen the coach pulled him aside, he thought he was getting in troubleat first, but the coach told him know, we identify. He isone of the leaders in the locker room and even the upper classroom respect you. So we're giving you the sea. Wow, as a sower, wegot a lot of the Niagara lums in the ehl Oh, the Capri.I knew that where that was going. So with that, let's get intothe weekly run down. It's time for the e cruis weekly run down.These show weekly run down is brought to you by the junior hockey podcast,your ot for junior hockey news, knowledge and nonsense. Check them out.A TJJ PODCASTCOM I cut you off at Dicaprio, because I knew we're goingto talk about him right now because he was a head coached for the Allstar team that was able to play Curry College and Ums Boston this past weekend. We did touch on the last podcast how the matchup with Fitchburg state unfortunatelyhad to get canceled because of covid reasoning. We did play Curry, we didplay U Mass Boston and we did score first and both games excellent starts. It looked like it was like tyler and Anthony did an awesome job.Credit to you both for a job will done on both those college broadcasts.Let's job. Tyler and Anthony were on together with Justin turning the camera onFriday nights. So all the whole the whole hockey TV crew that we puttogether was excellent for that one. When I turned the camera for a coupleperiods on Saturday, it didn't go well. I almost missed it. Know itdid not. So, Oh, yes, I know, wow,ware the juggular. Oh yeah, yeah, I really when you have to putthe top place together and one of them for one of the goals andyou're washing it back and you're like, are you gonna get the goal.It's like somebody just like fell asleep midway and I'm like they're gonna turn thecamera, because the police are going left and the camera was still facing towardsthe right and I'm like, are you gonna get this goal? We barelysqueaked it in there. The motion activated camera. That took over for alittle bit. They're hey, the most important thing is that Neil got thegoal. That's that's the most sport. Barely. Well, this is whyI don't duties. This is why duties. This is why. This is whyI don't turn the camera ever. But let's go back to the currygame first. I think what stood out to me, you know, inthat game, and then you can actually carry it over to the other othergame, all three goalies for us God chance to play. Nathan Miller playedthe full curry game, Jackson Bernard and Stefan Kohanick split the MS Boston gameand, as has been the tradition in this event for four years, everygoalie has played well, starting with Miller on Friday night and then for Bernardand Kohanik on Saturday. One thing that I think we've touched on. NathanMiller so much in this podcast. But the one thing I didn't know enoughabout him and still getting a chance to see him that close in person.He has very vocal and you can hear him the finals deal like like,but you it's even more like in the game. Like I went just satnext to him in the hallway in between periods and he was just going overall these things that curry was doing and I was like, it's great thatyou have the pads on in your and goal because I don't, and youhave a good idea what it's going on. I don't right now, so I'mjust going to watch you do your thing and and you're on the rightspot. He's but then, as you were saying, Jeff, like duringthe actual game, like you can hear him throughout the building in the crowdbecause he's just communicating. You know whether he's going to wrap the POC orjust leave it there. It's pretty impressive, honestly, it is. He's aquarterback, I mean the goalies are your quarterback of hockey and he isone of the best at being able to leave guys direct guys. And it'snot even just hockey either, because when I worked for the your nagement soccerteam. Shout up to those boys. They they always seem to have verytalkative goalies and I think that's a huge factor for them. Their goals havealways just been like super lights out, like if you look at their goalsagainst average, like they are not letting in like more than ten goals atbest, like they're let like it's always less than ten goals the past coupleseasons especially, and it's because of that goalie and the goalie is just alwaysyelling to them, the kind of directing them what to do. Like goaliecommunication is huge no matter what sport. You know, I don't think it'sany coincidence either that goalies tend to be the best interviews, or at leastat the NHL level, they're the best...

...color commentators. Yeah, because it'sJeff said and Lauren as well, that they see everything. So they haveto communicate, especially when the pockets sent in deep and they have the defensename racing in to get the park and everyone's behind them, so the defensemancan't see. So the goalies have to kind of be their eyes for them. Right. Yeah, now they do. They can see the whole lice.They can see, you know, where's the F three? Where's theF to? They can see the four. Check simulating in the new trial zone. Guys moved from a D zone. They and that's the thing, likeyou said, to aren't the that's what separates the good teams from thenoxo great teams, right, or those middling teams from the great teams,is having that extra talent like Miller has, and it's why the Rangers are elevenand two now, whatever they are. He's six. To know. Healso, I forgot, he's got six assists throughout his career in theleague. Right, keep an eye and all the last year in the finals, didn't yeah, those long stretch pad he loves that stretch. He lovesthis dress passes and and then you know, Lauren put together that graphic for Schmittwhen he hit his a hundred points. Miller, it's October. Twenty seven. Were dropping this on the twenty eight. Miller's two wins away fromcracking the top ten all time for wins. Like we're not even at and youknow, we had to mention someone else too, because calm Bella hitthat hundred point mark too. Yes, someone off as well. Yes,helping those connectica rough riders climb out. He's only he's also only a fewgoals away from time to Connecticut Rough Riders Goals Record, which is held byhis older brother, Andrew Bellow. Yes, I think Andrew is close Andrew's andhave the most goals ever in a season. He was close. Yeah, Andrew had forty in one year. OCTR BECK and Panzeek at each hadforty three a couple of years before that. But clearly goal scoring runs in thebell of family. It's a great cyclanthony, because who scored the firsast goal in the All Star Game Against Curry? It was Colin Bell.I'll be like like the best sound in hockey. It wasn't a huge orbecause we're the road team, but when the when you get the pain andthen the goal, that's the best. That's the best sound in hockey.and well, there wasn't good or it wasn't. It wasn't the huge roar, but the roar came from our bends when we struck first on road.I was I was just about to say that on the Road Games when theyscore, you hear the players yell and that's always a cool sampty here,especially if you're, you know, with the road team. And the otherthing I liked about that column Bella goals. That literally maybe fifteen seconds before hescored, I said watch out everyone. Kyle Pett and leads the League inshorthanded goals. He can make plays while shorthanded. And who's the onethat gave Bella the puck on the for check? It was Kyle Patten forceto turn over, got it right to Bella and he just rang one offthe post top cheddern in the back of the net. It's funny how he'sanother one. He's another fun one to watch. If you haven't been keepingan eye on the little flyers, we just watch Kyle Patton. That manis so much fun to watch. He's like just absolutely lights it up everytime he's on the ice. We're gonna get to that too, because they'regood. They have a chance to meet crack in the top five kicking outAnthony's eighty seven. Will get to that after the all star stuff because,yeah, that gave us the one of the one nothing lead. Curry obviouslystruck back. It was cool to see a long stretch pass from Ryan Bronot brow were in that this weekend there's a w in there, but it'sthat you just don't pronounce it. thinking the season we're learning all the playerpronunciations, sirs. So that's Ryan Bro yes, it is like and hisstretch past the ferrelld din who did like a fake slap shot, but likehalf slap shot, snapshot past the Curry Goaltenders. That was awesome. Imean just in that game, seeing every time curry got a plot and beinglike he played the League, he played the League, he played the Leaguelike it was just a special night. And maybe it's just me, butwhenever you give up an empty letter I never really count it. So yes, we lost five, that's you, but I really say it was fortytoo. And then we took a great team picture afterwards with Dan Hicklings FisheyeCamera. He's holding it down like at his chest and somehow gets that coolangle and it was. It was a really awesome start to the all starweekend for sure. You know, one thing I just want to bring upwhere you talked about a lot of guys on the curry team playing for theEHL. Yep, we we talked about in the past podcast how this showcaseis great because the current ehl players get to showcase their talent to the collegecoach. He's but the other great thing is that the ehl players get tosee ehl alumni, so they kind of get to see where they can bein a year too. So I think it's not just looking at the currentplayers, it's also for the current players looking at the alumni. I saying, wow, I can be a player like Chris Peters or octor back Yep, and that transiitions us in that U...

Mass Boston, and this is goingto come off as an excuse, but it's on an excuse right. Iwas they want transfers. Look, I think that we I think that we'vebeen dealt a bad card two times in a row against you, Mass Boston. Two Times ago was the first time they had played since losing the MCAtournament at home against Manhattanville, which was the day after we had beaten Salemstate. So they were a little angry really. They were pissed off andthey were and they didn't want they didn't want they didn't want the junior kidsto to stay as high as they were. Right this time it was their firsttime playing a game in two years. Has A covid. So I thinkthat we've done dealt a bad, bad hand twice in a row.Now it's on an excuse that they had a lot of chances. You're verygood, dathany. You call the game. They had a lot of chances.They had all my goodness. But they can said that top play sequencewas that the game. Did KOLONIC play that game? Did He? Ah, my God, that's one second. He looked beautiful. I that's topliterally like beade, like six also, you know, there's looking good,but like Kohnicki was just the player to watching. There was you. There'sone save. There was one save that I kind of wish made the topten. So all of the saves, know, all the sames in thetop ten plays were on the the left side on the the camera in theother period. So I guess I would make what the second period where therewas a sequence you mask Boston was on the power play and he was downon the ice and he lifted up his head to make a save. Itwas just so ridiculous, like I don't know how the PUCK's stay it out. But KUHANIK was, I mean Bernard to, they were both terrific andfor you mask Boston. They had that one line. It was Bailey conger, used the DNE transfer from Colorado and profitings. They all said this player, Jeffrey skinner, no, not the one playing for the sabers and whento make a nine a half million dollars, wasting a little MARPLO. And ChrisPeters, who is from the wall pole expressed the second all time leadingscorer behind Logan to scanty. Oh and they were the one every time theyset down the ice. Justus. Internally, I'm thinking, Oh boy, thisis going to be this is going to be saying in the the EHLteams end for the next minute and a half, because they're just going tobe wheeling the fuck around like it's no tomorrow. And the most recent test. Yeah, that. The beacons are no joke. They're arguably one ofthe best teams in division three hockey and have them for a while. Soand then you know if it's funny. The the one. The most recentcommitment for you, Mass Boston Tomorrow League was Coollyer. Ben coscis played forthe railers last year and like, I have to get myself credit because Isaid that exact words. I go yes, Joe, we're said next to JoeBrittani at one point and I said all, yeah, that kept playingthe league. He's joy fast and he literally grabbed the plot and just skatedby everyone for a shorthanded chance. It hit the post. He's like,Oh, you just called that. I was like yes, I told you, he's literally the fastest stater I probably have ever seen. But JEZZE,know you don't. Well, you brought up that point about you mass Bostonbeing one of the top teams in division three. Curry Played Norwich the dayafter we play them, and Norwich is like they norris is like the topteam and they beat or which in overtime. So, like I said again,maybe we just need to tell you, Mass Boston transitive property. Let's go. We want to play you, but we need you to play somebodyelse first, first and not be angry at us. Well, we shownto be your ice breaker, but it's it's funny how it all works out, that the days go by and then Sunday Monday pass and then Tuesday weget to the my selfish moment from last week's podcast when we made number onerangers, which is number two railers, Nathan Miller versus Stefan Kohottik and thenunreal shootout. They didn't get up a goal until I think the seventh roundor so and it was just one goal scored by the Rangers in that shootout. The Rangers won that game and now, quote unquote, this series is oneto one. But that game lived up to the number one versus numbertwo hype that I wanted it to. HMM, certainly did. Those railersare still hot, maybe. I mean we've only had seven games, Ithink, total, since we've came back from the break, but we're goingto die set some of those scores and well, it's been a very we'rebuilding back up right. It's been a very gradual progression. It cranks upthis weekend. But that was the one versus to match up. We alsohad a three versus for matchup where team Marilyn beat the New Jersey seventh.So now that season series is one, two one. We talked about whenwe were off air about to get on this podcast. Don't let the roughriders get hot because they've won three of four now and they be the esevens as well. And I think that brings us to our power rankings because, unfortunately, Anthony, I think by putting the eighty sevens at three.We motivated everybody else and they probably have... get the boot at this point. Would you guys agree? Yeah, I think. I mean Steven Brownsaid that to us, Neil, right at the end of the wall poleshowcase. He said what's we're finally that was after I just called their winagainst was that valley, the last game that they yes, yes, yeah, and that they looked amat. They wanted a overtime for shootout. Allthe Games are mashing in my head once but Brownie came in and told usyou go listen, we're finally getting guys back. You know, we've hadback say was out for a little bit and biggles has been dealing with somestuff and they haven't been able to have their full line up yet. Theirplayers quarantine Egypt, right. So I mean they have guys that are dealwith injuries, deal with other personal wishes that we can't get into. Likethey've just been dealt a hard hand and now they're starting to get guys backin a full lineup and they're winning games. So we'll see what the hosses looklike in the second half too. So wins in a room rangers washunken with terrific for the Fridays from seed. He said he's making some seeing.Sees he's taking the job there from the war. It's our old powerfor week one that we had a difficulty to say in his name, butDunkins looked good. He's looked so one obviously stays the rangers, as theyonly played one game and proved to eleven too. and Oh for the railers, played one game and lost in a shootout. Do they stay it too? Or can you move Marylyn above them because Marilyn beat the eighty sevens?I think we know that one, two and three has to be Rangers,railers Maryland. But the question is, who's too and WHO's three? Doyou put more stock in the shootout loss to the Rangers or the win againstthe eighty sevens? Man, I don't like. Can we go back tothese being meals, rankings and the south divisions the Thunderdome meal? It's thebest, his hands down, his hands down the best division in the League. I will stand by that and he honestly. I honestly, though,I'm gonna have to kind of agree with any a little bit because when Iwas doing the Wallpole showcase interviews a lot of teams that I was pulling fromseuth division. So so it was fun to ask them too, because Iwas like, and I guess I kept getting more of them. I askeda few. I'm like, why is the South Division like the division tolook at right now, like what's going on here? Like what's in thewater down there? Like everyone's just like flying off down there. And it'sthe same reason. But interesting. You say, is the best, BestPizza, best baby water? US? Yeah, the water witter. OhYeah, you guys say Wooder, we say why? You say no,we say waters. What are? What are? It's like Philadelphia accent.So that's that's what mark catch on the little flyers will say. I thoughtthat was like the Self Jersey thing. But so still, I still thinkthe piece of the East. I'm still found in my chest for these boys. But all right, so deal. You had three team Marilyn's. Theskaters can bark for three points. Bobby Gre Raziano Ferrell Din. Yeah,they they're the ones who showed up against the college competition. Now they're theones that are bringing it to the rest of the League. So feneral didn'tscored the game onener against the eighty sevens. I need nick to give me alittle bit more this week, though. Well, Geta we will, butcome on, need your buddy. Okay, again, Rangers one,yea, I say. It's railers to Maryland. Three. I was gonnasay I think Worcester's proven themselves to move up in the power rankings. Anthonysounds like he wants to go. Wooster was too before, though. I'msaying that they can't move out of there just because it shoot out. Allthat's right. Yeah, so, Anthony's are you? Are you in favorof moving bare Maryland back up to two? Yeah, the win against the anysevens. Okay, so it's to one. Mourn, I don't knowthis is you're putting around Fi. I really don't know. This is.This is what makes do this to me? No, I think with Marilyn beatingthe eighty seven's, it shows that they can play against tough competition.They can beat anybody and it's not their records not just a product of theirschedule. It's that they're just a really good hockey team top to bottom.But when they played the beast of the ease, the Rangers, they lostthree nothing team Maryland. Oh, he's it's really hard to beat the Rangers, so I don't discount them too much for that. Hmm Then, howcan you discount the railers too much for losing them in the shootout, havingalready beat the Rangers once? I I don't know. The South is thesouth is popping off that controversy. So so it's two to two. Justin, Justin your call. You calling you in here, wizard of Bos.We need your deciding with vote, please. You want railers. That to ourMaryland at to trailers. Okay, anyway, we move on. Rangers, try and railers to Maryland. Three avalanche played the play their one game, beat the wolves. They go to for what do we do at five? Because if you look at the teams that were receiving votes going into thisweek, one of them was seacoast,...

...and sea coasts like we're either goingto show up and when everything or lose everything, and they got something byVermont up in Vermont this past weekend. are either going to go down threenothing in the second score six and the third one sixty three, or yeah, they are still those. So I mean, how about the woods?He's so can we can we all agree that the seacoast spartans for the mostchaotic team in the League? I would agree. Yeah, better, butupped out over and around. That's the great question. Jeff. How aboutany team that didn't play this week? Right, the wizards sending eight andthree it. How do we put it? Move a team in that didn't play? You know, I don't think you do. So then who else? That means the sevens fall from three to five and stay in the topfive at eight four and two, eight four and to yes, I thinkI could be fined. I don't know, I don't I card. No,I can't. They go out take somebody's my rough riders, you're outof the no, I just think after getting after losing both games, andI think you have to find somebody else to take that spot. I thinkwe have to stay to ourselves. Someone that didn't play needs to be recognized, regardless of that. And know, how about the Philadelphia a little flyers? And he's reading my mind because we were talking about kyle pattern. I'mlike that tea. I'm telling you, the little fires are being slept onand they shouldn't put them in the top five. Meal come up the wizardsare seven and three in their last ten. I know we haven't played a TonyGames, but little flyers five and five, seven three in the lastten they played eleven. I you know what? What's motivate a little bitbecause the little flyers play the eighty seventh on Friday. There you go,little flyers at five, boom. And if the sevens bounce back and win, because that's what the eight sevens do, right when they're in the top five, they don't win when they're out of the top five, they wentsince. How is this how it works? Right? So Ranger Max, he'sa Dan with Rangers, railers, Maryland, avalanche, little flyers,no receiving votes or Nashale. Nash just growled. So so he's got atthat and that gets us over now to the ehl p. not as busya week either at this level. I found it kind of funny how thescheduling works with the All Star we obviously ehl we black out the dates sothat teams don't schedule then, but also in the EHLP that they just wantedto kind of keep all eyes on the All Star Games and I noticed itbecause the number of players that came to watch the All Star game. Wehad so many different they all have their I don't know, keep warm upjacket like or sweatch it, they all they all walk in the logos rightthere, like there were a ton of wallpole players there. A ton ofrailers players there. The railers were six and one. Last week they're sevenand one now, so much has happened I forget who they beat. Ownactually knew real quick. Speaking of the railers, not to go to offthe rails, we're talking about the head of letters. Hey, that junks. You just jokes, Ya, Duke. But what's we got? To congratulatecoiner. Keep the coins getting inducted into the age. Yes, same, that's a big deal. Yes, grats you, Mr Keep the coinfor those honors. Play for Hershey, baby, was he was a dynamiteplayer. Yes, he is currently the assistant coach with the railers. Spenttwo seasons as the head. As an assistant coach, I guess. EHLPhead coach for the Rangers. Of course, rich on shader, butted. It'ssuch a rich thing. Did you go in the comments? So Iplay with him at Chelms for at chelves for high for three years, likeit was kind of like Warner. I beat you, it was like Hey, I fin pumped retires. Back up my bandom. It's like congrats,we played together. You were better than I was, but we beat today, but you were better than I was. congrats again. Score looks like goals. What do they? It's like when Sandwich. Oh my God,there it is like this like extra icing on each side of the freaking sandwich. It's like, Dude, just say congrats, but you don't really alsosandwich to complete like you throw a little bit of a like digg in betweentwo complets. That's that's compliment. Sandwich. You just said a little something extrain there. It's rich. We've all the rich for many years.That's been him back long, many moons ago. I was talking before aboutseth being one of the nicest guys in the EHL. Riches got to beone of the funniest coaches. He's Oh way do you see him with ChrisRusseau with the movie quotes to those two going back? That will be entertaining. But Jeff, you did you mentioned this. Back to the railers.They obviously had one game. They shut out. The Rangers shut out witha with it with the railers P team. Shocking right. That's all I dois shut teams out. Improved a seven and one. They have tostay at number one. I don't believe...

...the seahawks played. They though theydid play. They lost the rangers themselves on Sunday by the score of fiveto four. The the seven S, as Anthony mentioned, got swept bythe lumberjacks and the warriors lost in a game to the wolves. That wasa big Win for Colin Larson, who I just named the EHLP goalie ofthe week, his first one of the season, first win since returning frombrain surgery, which is awesome for him. Yeah, I actually interviewed him recentlyand it was really interesting to hear his story and kind of how he'scome back from that, because that's how that's a lot to come back from, because a lot of people have been struggling with coming back from covid andall that madness. But he had his own separate thing that he had togo through and that just kind of, I think, motivated him to goa little harder and get back to where he needs to be to be successfulagain. Let's take a listen to that interview. Now. What's U Vshow. Fam I am here with Colin Larson of the New England Wolves andI'm here to share a little bit about of his story. So, Colin, tell me about how you got started with the organization last season and justkind of walk me through the excitement of starting that season and hearing that definitatingnews. So two years ago I played for the New England wolves and weplayed the whole season. So then I end up coming back, returning andduring preseason we had just workouts and bunch of workouts every single day and Iwas getting headaches, flashtalls, dehydrated and I can end up passing now andfound out that I had to go home and have brain surgery and couldn't playthe whole season or anything. So yeah, and what's it been like trying towork your way back to that and get back to playing shape and gettingin the right mindset to want to put the pads back on? Well,I mean I wasn't able to even get out of bed for first two months. I mean it was hard. By the work out every day, trainingwas hard. I mean first time on the ice is a little scary,but you got over it. Mean it's good now and back to playing soand what are your long term goals when it comes to playing now after goingthrough something like that? Well, I just want to play hard this seasonhopefully make our team do well, play college hockey afterwards and yeah, awesome. Thank you. Great Interview with Colin Larson. Obviously a pretty amazing story, so congrats again to him for getting his first win and hopefully many moreto come this season. So that's awesome. contract. Contrary to the e showand the EHLP, our number one stays the same and then everybody elseloses. So what do we do us, though? Yes, like you said, railers one, and then two, three, four, question mark.I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do here. Gotta put the lumberjacks in there. Three game winning Shriek and they sweepthe defending champions. Yeah, I think they have to go in. Idon't know what position yet. I do have to point out a vote thattook place amongst the board of Governors. Obviously, when we lost the maneclipse, the number of teams per division became unbalanced. So the valley juniorwarriors have moved to the north. So I say just look at the standingsand notice that the more east for Vaili in the P but they stay theeast of the so yes, but it makes it cleaner, because now we'regoing. I'm gonna go off the rails again, Jeff. Now I'm thinkingabout the playoffs right and I know we are only in October, only October, but playoffs are going to be here before we know it. In theEHLP it's just so much easier to have four teams. Needs to vision rightbe so one place for two place, three, three winners go and thenthere's also one at large. Will get into all that at a later date. Well, what do you mean? You don't like a three team division, Neal, it worked out for the eighty sevens last season. There's nosymmetry to it. That's why Anthony can't be an odd number has to bethen. Neil is a man of balance. Yes, so the warriors, whenwe move them over, went from being in third place to being infirst place. I know, so toes it's it's kind of just how itworked out, but I think it's going to make things more exciting. Imean honestly, like we're really early for this, but you can make acase for almost any team in the north and in the east and maybe evenin this in the south, to win those divisions right. So three teamsmake it to the finals each division. When I plus that at Larch thereare so many contenders in the EHLP. I know the railers are playing thebest of anybody else right now, but could you not see the railers,the Seahawks, the Rangers are always a powerhouse, and the Pe, thewarriors, were having a great year, even wall Poles having a great year. How can you not see any of those four teams winning that divission?They've all been in the power akings.

They've all all four of those teamshave been the power kingsponts. We'll have to see if the rails and keepthis up. There's still the only team with single digitals against the you know, seven goals seven. It's out of this world, out of this book. Seven goals in seven games. So for US math majors, that's oneper game. Unbelievable. I wanted more laughs with that. That's I don'tlike. I don't like math. Math was to make me laughing, butlike that was funny. That was another. It was like a half dad jokeand none of you doing anyways, let's figure out. We figured outone. One team that's going in is Vermont. Who else is going in? Seahawks stay there? Should it? Let's seehawks had that one loss.It was to the Rangers. Five hundred twenty four. I guess you gotto give them a credit for a one goal game. So maybe the seahawksfall behind the lumberjacks. That's what I'm thinking. So five, three intwo lumberjacks move ahead of the seahawks. But then who's the fourth team?It's tough. I mean we I just mentioned, how we move a cellteasa fight like we did in the AH would we could? You know theI mentioned the the Rangers before and how much of a power house they havebeen in the EHLP. They're seven and six. They're literally when one loseone win, one lose one. You know, Valley's loss to the wolveswas in a shootout. Do we put stock in that? I think yougotta put some stuck in it. And the chiefs are, guess, ofthe hottest team in the sell. They want three in a row, butthere for for and one. Know what do you guys think? We canwe can APP we can add some fuel here. I I'm all for it. Warriors have lost too. Strape still in first place in the north,though. Right now we gotta figure out this fourth team, though I wasgoing to say the same thing as Jefferson. Get the Connecticut chiefs in there.Okay, like their team that we don't plash it up about that often. So we're wiping out two through four and bringing in well, actually,the SEAHAWKS stas. Should say that. It's almost a complete white belt.That's a beautiful thing. Why not? So, railers one, lumberjacks toseahawks three and Anthony, we're saying chiefs for okay, you have said thechefs are an aggestion. And and just like in the ehl, for thisweek, no votes because there's enough games that are going to happen at thiswhole days and to get flipped back over again. That's the toughest thing withthis week's episode. The rankings is not enough. Teams have started playing againsince we took the the college break about the All star series for leak,which it sounds like some people have gotten confused across the League, but thatwas the college break. The also series will be later on in a bit. Yes, so let with that. Let's get to fantasy. are picksaren't changing. Knock it's but well, some, some point, some pointshave been accrued so far. Yeah, they have some heavens, yeah,they have. Yeah, they haven't. I'm excited. It's time for thee grew fantasy challenge and the ecre fantasy challenge is presented by bio steel.The score strink of the HL. Use the Promo Code e show. That'ses how for twenty five percent off when you check out at bio steelcom.What order do you want me to recap in what's taken place so far?I mean, I feel like you gotta start with you can Schmidt. Thatmay like I'm a little biased because he's on my team, but like heis just popping off after they all star break, like that man is justhalfing a week and it's great. So they want to start with the pictures. You want to start with the team that got the most points. Let'sgo for reverse. We have to start with Jeff. Jeff to assist.I'm sorry, and was a really tough start to this kind of sty sois the season bad? I'll keep playing my tiny little violin that keeps gettingsmaller and smaller freaking we oh, Nash, come on, Buddy, I knowNash is upset. Thank you, Buddy. This is like he's made. He's made in appearance, he's made in the pair, as you couldsee, welcome this episode to assists for James Mettler. Nothing else anyways.It's like they're still play yet round Graziano are surprisingly quiet. The day wassurprisingly quiet, which I was saying. I actually said this this week tomy girlfriend. Said listen, because one of her friends they're actually doing somethingnew, quick off the rails and they really like the fantasy page that wascreated by one justine sque Terry the rest of our team. So they werechecking stuff out to create their creating some new business on the side themselves.And then her friend married the on and I looked I was like, justnot doing so well the s standings. Huh, explain myself. Every weekI've had guys that have gotten suspeed injured.

Phantom. I'm out of the lineup. I don't know why. I think it's because yet pick me.So I'm like the rough riders, like Steve Brownson. I haven't been workingwith the full lineup yet. So, yes, well, Hey, likeI said, our fantasy picks are carrying over and this upcoming week. Sowhile you have to assists so far from James Metler, there's plenty of timestill for Nick Graziano James Meller to get you more, Jack Bossher and MatthewSudana, which. Moving on to Anthony, he's collected fourteen point eight points sofar, pending stat changes. pendings that changes there are. There aresome emails coming into my inbox now. Well, well, will rosen,and well, I guess the warriors haven't played yet. Daniel Dem truck Havn'tgot many points yet. He did get a win for Tristan Fata. DadPROTEC returned from the All star break with a win over the apple core andthen a La Valley had three assists so far, two of which were shorthandedfor Anthony, to give him fourteen point eight points so far. My team, which honestly, has got me twenty one point four points so far.A goal for Colin Bella, a power play assist for William White. Iwill have to give myself credit again. I did say it was almost timefor the lumberjacks to even the tables with the spartans and Josh Cot I wenttwo games, so that was another good that was fun to see. That'slike that's best surprising matchup to watch the season. It's been fun to seethem going to go at it because, like, you wouldn't think they would. But it's been wild because it's spartans ran away with that series so farthe season. And then what we're jects. I think it's just I don't knowwhat it is. Something about that Alstar break I think, woke upthe LUMBERJACKSON each bit and they're just like, all right, we're getting back inthis. So ties runaway with that job too. That was another teamwithout really monster. They Bella Quay and saying fat from UHLP's championship run lastyear. But COA ties taken that bit. So they combined to get me twentyone point. Four points so far. And then we get to Egan SchmitzTout. Sorry, Lawrence, team do you can spa? It's basicallyEgan's team this week. We start with the bad news, though, foryou. Just like Zadana, which hadn't got jeff anything yet, that Herrickhasn't got you anything yet. Eighty seven. Let's go. We're grab of thetop five I start moving. I almost said the same thing about LoganDairy Verry, but he got Lauren and assists there as well. Nafe giveme a hard time for picking him, but I just interests. He's alot. He's a little quiet, but he'll he'll get me some good points. Already has some. So good job, Nathan Miller in that win against therailers. At first I added up all the points and then forgot thatit's a bonus win, so she gets an extra point for that. Andthen, yes, man, this is by like you like. This isliterally what Egan did for me last year. Like and like. He should havebeen tired right. He played in both all Star Games, which wereFriday and Saturday, and then played in both spartans games, which for Sundayand Monday, but he just rolled out and put up four goals and assists, three power play points, two short handed points in a game winner,which is twenty two points, which is more than any of the three ofus had with our entire team. Yeah, it's College Games. Jacked him anotherdrug. Yeah, so I know it's on. Is She weights?Oh yeah, it's been fun to watch him and like chatting with him hereand there he's just he's absolutely fired up. He's like, Oh yeah, he'slike I'm definitely like I'm gonna get you all kinds of points, andI was like all right, I'm like, we'll see what happens. And he'sjust been flying off the shelf and I'm like I am enjoying every secondof this. And it's funny too, because he didn't know, like untilI mentioned it to when I interviewed him, he had no idea he was closeto the hundred point mark and I think that kind of like lit afire under him to to just be like, all right, I'm almost there,let's well surpass that. That's crazy. If they play, what do theyplay this weekend? I'm blanking right now. Regardless. He could goon and get to know points in those games and is still a productively forhim. The old the overall standings. Not to get ahead of myself,I am at one fifty two point four. Lauren saying one two meter. Folks, look at this. Yes, I have to stay girl. Boththat. I have to stay humble. Thank you, Jeff. Lauren's thatone hundred and fifty point eight on Anthony's at one hundred and forty one,point four. And Jeff, I know you feel just I know you feeldiscouraged being at one thirteen point four. But you you were right there aminute ago. So just let just know that. Now that we have twoshowcases in the all star break behind us, now it's your time, by time. It's your touch, right, car, it's my time right.Yes, they're to start this comeback and and for you know what, you'regoing to be right there once again.

Well, and, like I said, our fantasy picks are rolling over into this week all up until November three. There's a ton of games. There is like a ton of games.We have quick count here. There are nineteen games from podcast, the PODCAST. So plenty of chances for the four of us to a cruise some morepoints. So with that, let's get to what to watch for. Beforewe wrap things up. Here's what to watch for this week in the eastshow but to watch forth presented by hockey TV, the official streaming platform foryour EHL and EHLP action through the two thousand and twenty one, two thousandand twenty two seasons. So with so many games, we can almost givea game to watch each day. MMM, we really could, you know,like there's so many to jump out to me, like five wizards,the wizards and express or probably listening to us with our powers and say hello, we had one bad week. K Why do you have to get soangry at us? Right, it's Mike still out. Hello, you willlistening like like we're still at the towards the top of the east. Theyplay on Thursday. You can kind of do an out of town scoreboard withthat one gem. While you call the you're calling the warriors and cheeps theother tones. Right, those are big fills, beautiful. I did gettherwas these audible mentioned? Just to let Corey Fleet in the gang, though, but you know, for a top five, I've station at yes,if we go back and if we go back and listen, you did plugthat in there. Yes, everything is recorded, so we can always goback and see that. Anthony, what games do you have to call it? Remember seven, three, the last ten of Bok. See, Ihave no games to call this week for the EHL. The eighty sevens playingon the road. They have a matchup on Friday against the little flyers.That ice works, so that should be a good game. I'm concentrating moreon the EH L P side this weekend because just like how the lumberjacks playedtwo games at Jersey shore arena, now the New Hampshire avalanche are coming overand they're going to have the same deal. Those are going to be two awesomegames for you and and maybe there's a little I know there's not alot of carry over, whether it's ehl or EHLP, with rosters from yearto year, but there are going to be some avalanche players that played plast year that are probably looking at this weekend as a chance to, Ican't say get revenge because they didn't get to the finals, but maybe feela little closure, if you will, for winning that regular season championship lastyear, getting knocked out right before the finals, but then going to getchance at the defending champions this weekend. Hopefully for you, Anthony, Iguess you could say it's not the same repeats as last weekend when Vermont cameto town, but I think I think kind of like the Rangers are,and I think I'm sure you can agree with this, the Rangers of theehlp level are kind of a back and forth team. Maybe that same thingwith the eight sevens. Yeah, with well, you have to remember theleast maybe two or three seasons. I've noticed that Adam Jolie Matt Kiernan haverecruited a lot of very young players. Now the HLP, naturally, isyounger than the EHL, where the age Elford Juniors right now this year istwo thousand and one and most players are o two's, maybe o threes.This eighty seven seam is stacked with Oh four's and we have a handful ofo five if one player who's in o five that or whose game is reallycoming together, Alex Hare. He's a short player, he's an o five. So he came in as a sixteen year old and he is you're sopoised at the park. He doesn't panic. It's great as games and makes itplays and he's a workhorse to like. So and the goaltender to I thinkhe's a sixteen year old, I believe, to right like think aboutthat chef. That makes us feel so old fit. But I think byhaving a young team, by having a very young team and one head,it sets up an advantage because you can get these players ready for the ehlmaybe beyond that, where they have a lot of room to grow. Butthe other thing is because they're young team. Some things are harder for them.May Be playing defense, playing structures where you can't just rely on skill. New Hockey. And again, even though the ehlps naturally skews younger,the eighty sevens are so one of the younger teams in the PEA. Wewould have figured US hands out. Is Through Games. Like you're saying,ympt you can't simulate that in practice. So they're just going through the trialsand tribulations of the beginning of the year. So I'm sure I'll change going forward. And then sticking with the P to get some disparity this year anddesigning the Matrix, as I know everyone wants to talk about how I makethe schedule around here. It's a very hot topic. We we wanted toget teams some more no disparity, obviously to play different teams. Bear tolast year. There's a few occasions where south teams are coming up to theEast division for three game swings. I...

...mean this is an absolute gauntlet forthe little flyers P team to play the warriors and the Rangers on Saturday andthen play the railers in the way home Sunday. So come on up andlet's see how it goes like that is an absolute gauntlet. I mean,when you make the Matrix you don't know how good the divisions going to be, right, right, so you have to just say here's so some differentopponents. When he what do you look now at the way things have playedout? That's kind of like who? Well, you know what, thelittle fly ares. They've won most of their games in shoecases. So Ithink if there's any team that's up to the task for a gauntless schedule likethat, it's a little flyers. I think mark catchro on squawk can makesome noise on this road trip. It should be a fun one for them, I would agree. Kicking back over to the EHL, the avalanche playthe railers. So railers play, came back from the All star break,play the rangers and they come out and play the avalanche next. I'm actuallyon the call for that one, so it's like my it's like my thirdgame of the year. I'm really another relay frozen finals week. Well,it's okay, here we go. Drop that. I had all this money, Jeff as. I actually put them on a t for you. They'rethe rock riders. Play a two games set with the apple core rough ridersright now have won three of four after the yellen seven start that they had. You know, I gotta keep it one on that's forget about Colin Bellon. That'll be interesting that. I talked about how junk and they canup. Junkin's been playing really well and the corps, we know Colin countedand everyone else on that team, Kobe Walters. They put a lot ofpucks in the back of the net. So that's a good test for junkand how about Rangers Express? That's another good matchup to yes, I tyleris actually got two games that day. Awesome. He's got that one andhe's got the SPARTANS and avalanche. I was like, I hope you realizethat those ranks are not next to each other, but it's one apples closertaught for him. So it's yes, coming back to there's plenty of timein between. I think this is the most, the highest number of apairs has nash has ever made in the podcast. I'm currently holding his crayontoy and he just keeps putting it back in my hand. He really isin an episode ninety five I'm not sure what of this about ninety five.He wants to be a part of it for some reason. He's a logo. We Love You, NAS welcome a God. He keeps putting it backin my head. I can't get rid of this thing team Maryland playing theducks. When those two teams get together it feels like it's an automatic onegoal contest almost every single time. So really just plenty of great games thisweek. I mentioned there's nineteen games in the EHL. In between podcasts herein the each taking a peek at the south, south, south coming back. Don't forget about the base connecticuts, those Connecticut Team, those connected teams, have couple games coming up, so I've definitely keep an eye on thosebecause I'm here and they're supposed to be pretty good. Yes, there's there'sanother twelve games or so in the EHH LP as well. So the Allstar break is over the guys. We're jump in right back into things andenjoy all the games this weekend. So it's good see you all the rigs, wherever you maybe. Thanks for listening to the e show. Learn moreat Eastern Hockey League Dot Org and follow us on Facebook, twitter instagram andYoutube. Also, be sure to subscribe and get notified when next week's PODCASTis released.

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