Episode · 4 months ago

All-Time EHL and EHLP Lineups | Episode 88


On this week's episode of the #EShow we put the final bow on the 2021 off-season, and set the table for the start of a new year. After assembling a strong set of all-time lineups throughout the summer, the #ECrew gets challenged with identifying the 'best of the best' this week. The first lineup of the episode features the best 23 players in the eight-year history of the EHL. As for the second lineup, this group of 23 players highlights individuals who have climbed the ladder up from the EHLP to the EHL. The majority of these players have since advanced further onto NCAA hockey, but there is a small core hitting the ice in the EHL this fall, with hopes that their NCAA Commitments are right around the corner.

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