Episode · 8 months ago

Team of the Week (Seahawks) | Episode 70


On this week's episode of the #EShow we feature the youngest team of the offseason to date (1:25), as Bill Zaniboni and the Seahawks Hockey Club continue to prepare for their 5th season in the EHL and their 1st in the EHLP. Over the first four years, the Seahawks have established a reputation of being a hard team to play against, built off the physicality that they bring on every shift of every game. The program has also set itself apart as being one of the commitment leaders in the league, with 46 total NCAA Commitments in four years, and that impressive number includes 15 from this past season. Following the interview with Zaniboni (22:59), the former NCAA Division I netminder, the #ECrew discusses and selects the all-time lineup for the Seahawks.

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