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Third Round Preview | Episode 63


On this week's episode of the #EShow we preview the Third Round of the 2021 Playoffs in the EHL and the EHLP. The Second Round was filled with great back-and-forth action at both levels, and a BIG upset in the North Division of the EHL. The #ECrew breaks down each Second Round series, and previews all of the upcoming Third Round matchups. As always, we wrap up this week's episode with the latest update on the Fantasy Challenge. The Fantasy Challenge comes down to its final week, and it will be either Neil or Brittany taking home this year's crown.

... the ehl is the proven path to college. Turn it up and learn more about the college placement leader at the division two and three levels. Welcome to the e show presented by the Pelly box foundation. The foundation's mission centers around their daily motto we take care of our own as they help out all of those within the hockey community who've experienced a catastrophic event. Learn more at penalty box foundation dot Org. What's up? My name is Neo Raven. This episode number sixty three of the e show and let's bring in the e crew now. And guys, I think this is the first time ever we are recording in the daylight. The last I feel like last year we would recorded a morning. Sometimes. Yeah, we did. Actually last year used to do in the mornings. That's right, number, because I didn't work. Now Sleeps Pretty says she has her big girl jobs to work. Nine hundred and twenty five. So first time this season. Yeah, first time the season. That is a fact. Yeah, and I think this is the first thing ever. It's like on a Sunday, gonna drop on a Sunday. Also Hey, yes, Hashtag committed. Right here, e crew, Hashtag committed. We all have busy lives, busy schedules, but we know that we gotta get the e crew episode sixty three. Yes, crazy, right, sixty three. This is our third round playoff preview. The EHL is ready for the third round. The EHLP NOT. We ready fight? Not Quite yet. We'll touch on that, but before we start making our way around the east show, I'm going to give you, guys the storyline for each of the three Eh shell sets of division finals. Right, we have the south finals, the central finals, in the North Finals. There's a storyline for each one. Do you want me to have you guys predict them, or do you want me just to say them? I don't get what you mean. So so so, probably better off. In the South Division we have the sevens versus the little flyers. Yep, what is the meaning behind that? Like, what is the meaning behind that series? Is One I'm getting at, Brittany left. Been Billion Times since finals. Yeah, kind of the it's the mold dog versus the new dog. Right. The little flyers won all those really season titles, but now the eighty sevens are kind of the new kid. On the block down there and they've won the last two down there and then, obviously, this year's regular season championship. So there's your storyline down south. Can we store Nash Pup for that? When you just throw a little nast proper look at them, see what yes, yes, we need a little room. Old Dog, big dog buddy. Come on, Central Division, it's an easy storyline. This is the matchup that we all expected. Yes, you're thinking all season long, express versus Rangers. North Division. It's the matchup that we weren't expecting. Yeah, right, but but was funny about that? Lumberjacks spartans. It's one of the only playoff series we actually had last year. That's right. So how do we? How do I forget about that? Well, yeah, easy, because this year's been a crazy one. You were having a man with the word uddha. I thought about that four hours and hours and hours, skytts. But with that, let's start making your way around the east show. It's time for this week segment of around the e show and around the shows brought to you by the junior hockey podcast rover. Junior hockey news. Knowledge in nonsense. Trick them out. A TJJ podcastcom. So let's start with that matchup that we weren't expecting, because we actually spend a lot of time on this last week and the varying schedules right, we touched on when we launched or drop this second round playoff preview. The wolves and...

...lumberjacks were playing that day and we said, I think I'll every one of this podcasts like Oh yeah, I go with three games, easy going three games. Don't have to worry about the fact that it was Monday, Tuesday, Friday. It was going to go to Friday, but then the series placed itself out and it's over in two days. And and that series ends before the spartans an avalanche even and starts. I was kind of funny when Bam, thank you, ma'am, Jimmy Mosso and the game come in and they just like we're just gonna blow doors and just get this done. Well, they score for thirteen goals in two games. Thirteen goals in two games, and like I scoring affairs. Well, this second game was like you score, I score, I score, you scored. I was like, Oh my God, my head is about to explode. Like it was good back and forth the first period. You guys already saw. I mean I've put the top play of the week out there before you put the top plays out there. I don't know how. I have called two Michigan Goals in one year and that's Kinda crazy. And now I know when you're in the building they're like, O, you'll see your Michigan Boo. Now they drew that thing up. I got two inside Info. I know what happened. Clark, let's job. That one was the best goal I've ever seen in person. Like it was quiet in the building and then I was like he's gonna do this, he's about to do this, he's really about to do this. And it was. It terses was good earlier in the year. Ryan Turst in the wizards. This was better, like that was out of this world. The first period they scored four goals. They were all on special teams. It's Terson a joke. Yes, it's going to Nazareth. I was gonna say, Ryan, can you come back next year at the edge and and one up it and yes, well, darks, no, I can that. I was thinking, there we go. Okay, Clark can do it, but from the EHLP to the ehl to scoring Michigan Goals to college. There you go. There's your path for Clark, but like that's what you drawn up right there. When you return gets the each are like, Hey, this is what's gonna Happen. You're gonna Play The pee League for year, you're going to come up, we're going to force you to make the mission move. When a playoff game for us a big deal. Then we're going to send you to college a big deal. Got It good? It was that first period. They combined for four goals in game two. They're all on special teams. There's three power play goals in the short hand goal in there. Like I haven't called many games like that and my specialty teams unit goals. Yes, and so you wouldn't playoff games, man. It's always the specialty team units, whoever gets more power plays usually, and if you can squeak one shorthanded goal in, those are hard to come by, that usually can be the difference. Yep, and I actually I forget who texted me during this, but they said like it was someone that wasn't really a big hockey family. They were watching for some reason and they said, could you kid you break down for me what a shorthanded goal is the equivalent to, and I want to see if you guys agree with this. I set at a short handed goals the equivalent to an interception. And Yeah, spat on spot. Okay, they correct you like like. I was like it's so, it's so rare. Yep, but it's it's shit. Huge momentum shifts and they were down to nothing in that game and I was like here we go, we're going at game three. But then the short handed goal was the first one that Clark scored and he scored the power play. Yes, there was back and forth in the wolves had another lead in there. But the lumberjacks right now, if you don't know where egans met as on the ice, and you got to find them because, like every game, he's got two or three points and he scored the feels fantasy team. He scores the big goals, though, right. He's always there for the big goal, and that team, like what was so funny about it is so they win the series and then you wake up Wednesday and you go to game one of the avalanche and Spartans, and I'm going to hit you guys with this crazy fact. I'm going to phrase it as a trivia question first, because we all know that the spartans effects. The SPARTANS won that playoff series, obviously in two games. We all know that. How many playoff losses did the avalanche have as a franchise going into that playoff series? I'm gonna vote to so actually I'm gonna vo say one. No,...

I'm actually going to stick with two one. They were eleven and one in the playoffs. So that means that the SPARTANS, which the SPARTI party, is not over. Okay, that's Party, party. What the ECREW Chamis like my new I haven't dropped that in my express broadcast either. Day. I was like, sparty parties are they're up to? Not The early Oh boy. They doubled the number of avalanche playoff losses they've had in one week. However many losses the avalanche had in three and a half or four years? The spartans did that. They doubled that in one week. It's a change of the guard. I mean it's kind of obviously. Yes, we know the avalanche still this year. If you're going to do it this year, if you're going to crumble a little bit, this is the year with the at large. Yep, but I mean it's it's just it's so hard you're after year, especially junior hockey, the way you get a jouts and you have to recruit new guys in send you guys out. Like it's it's hard to stay at the top that long if you're in any of these junior programs, tier one, tier two, tier three, doesn't matter what tier you're in, you still have all the you know, kids that end up coming in and coming out. You got to replace them and Chris some Mario done a great job with that and you know this year was a tough years topier for everybody. And Yeah, I can't believe he won't with they want with Mobili the other day to that was really surprising. Georgie is hurt. I think Ja's not. He's not a hundred percent and has two different games right. I mean the first game the spartans go up three, nothing, avalanche start to call back wet men for the spartans kind of plays. Like Tim Thomas. He was in the corner. He wasn't. He was in the corner during the game at one point and I was like what's he doing over there? Like get it back into the goal, like, but he like he's a he's aggressive and he meet to the top of the crease, he cuts down the angles and he was like absolutely stellar and game I think he had forty nine saints. Game Two was a little bit different and there was back and forth in the avalanche for up late also. And Yeah, I mean there's there's pretty overtime goals and then there's just, Oh, they don't have the pluck covered and the fucket is right the crease. We're just gonna poke it in. And they all had a good back and forth about that too, because I think it was bringing was like that was ugly and I was like I love those. Yeah, it's like that was not cute, specially when you get the tree who's yes, nickname clad steward stewart. When I say what did I text? Where was my tax I've remember that. Your wrangled. Oh was fire. That was like, I just kidding, guide know. I said just goin like a skyscraper in the ice. was like, Oh my God, he's six seven off skates. So he's like six nine, like char as size on skates. He just like you just camped out from the net. He was like thank you, have a good day. FREAKING Luey Fod night. I don't think he had any points in game one, but he had some points in game too. Yeah, like for or what? I've liked a lot of points in the second half to finish with thirty points and twenty eight games. Yes, I know the exact number because I look at his box for every day and regretting not picking him for ehl fantasy. Is he back next year this clantonne? No, no, no, I would take him with my first overall pick if he was a fail so he could put it wrong. You again. Just just ne Remember, Jeff, if you get a hat trick, there's still no bonus points. It still says that on our graphic thing and if you're forgetting, you know I was gonna say, just go to the rules graphic and just the will remind you. Still Know Hat tri points. So last year the Seacos Spartans beat the Walpole Express, will call it an upset, also in the playing game, to advance to face the lumberjacks in the first round. That we're able to play lumberjacks one back at that series in two games up in Vermont and it's a rematch now and when those two teams have faced off in the regular season. I don't have the official numbers in front of me, but it was damn close. I want to say that the season series was probably even. I know that coming out of the holiday break the Spartans beat the lumberjacks three times in a row, if you guys remember...

...that, early January. But then the lumberjacks, you know. I think they won the last two or three to end the year, including one game that was a six nothing shut out, which just goes to show you, and I'm going to pat myself on the back and you guys can argue against me, I still believe that division is the toughest. It's three verses for in the finals. Yeah, that's criticy. Honestly, what we've talked about. To know, the big thing with it being so tough is, like you think Massachusetts, you think those teams hate each other, seeing we have what seven teams now, then because we had met Western mass move laid on. Yes, try having four teams, so you really have three that you play against every single day for months. Just three teams. That's it. Yeah, it's that's yeah, you see those people way too many times for your right wellbeing. Ly, Oh, you're come the outlet Wolves Spartans, and you know that they have those kids that they like don't like, like obviously, yeah, absolutely, there's like insert I hate Blah Blah, and they're like, I'm gonna go against Blah Blah again for the ninety five time this year. Get up and actually, yeah, the other I remember when you said that too, because I remember one the you was right after the break that they played and I think it was the spartans were on the WHO are they segment that week. They won like sally seventh straight outn't know, right break, rembery about and they were just like Baym hello, and they and then they won the Granit Cup and then they went to kind of erupt. But that just shows you that if we were to replay that whole round again this week, you could even bet that the wolves when their series in the avalanche when they're series, because the teams are just simply that even. But, as Jeff met so, we're going to get to the at large because while the wolves have left and they've gone home, the avalanche haven't yet because they have some of the watch and each of the other series we mentioned in the central this is the matchup that we've kind of been pushing for and asking for for a while. The express rest of the Rangers. Yes, rubbing my head, it's probably here we go. This is me vers. Everybody is me vers. Everybody on this podcast going. Also, it's the Brittany junior rangers versus the wall poll express, I mean the Boston junior rangers. Sorry, Brittany's Boston junior rangers. That's one minute and the extradient slip my bed. Yes, the express swept the chiefs to get to this round. The Rangers swept the railers to get to this round. I believe the season series was three to two. I think the Rangers won the first to the express one the next two and then the rangers when the last contest in over time. And Yeah, one of those wall pole wins I was actually in the call for. That was the at the bick. That was that was that day out there. That's right. Pretty, it's right. We did a little intermission interview together. Oh yeah, and then it's right, you did. That was so that was a big change Toni. Let's tell you off, because that was the Rangers had won that game the earlier that week. Like sevendred and twenty three. They killed Walpole and wall pole got real hurt and upset about it. They took that into the bio and think that was a two one win. For remember correctly gets back as those for two hundred forty two and for two empty or it was. It was weird because the first couple games were like nine hundred and twenty three and seven to two or seven to one, right, and then it was four two, four, nothing and I want to say three two and overtime for the Rangers. Interesting Stat in the five games, in the five games that they've played each other, only twice has it been Mason Palmer versus Nathan Miller. But the starting the Coles and Palmer was switching off and then and and then good dogs was Chris Jackson got a game and there as well for the Rangers, the wreck broke. Was a broken was out it was. It was the overtime game play in the year. Okay. So so all those five games I mentioned, the two matchups. What was the series? What was the what was the record in the okay, Mason Palmer, one ball, blah, blah, blah. Moving to and I just pointing it out it's a...

...fat, it's a staff you have to throw out there because that's who's showing up. But I know, and and here's where it gets really interesting, with the at large, because I think what makes it unique is that if the avalanche for still in, Walpole wouldn't know what they had to do yet. And what I mean by that is if the avalanche had but still been in and they were winning that series, maybe Walpole looks over their shoulder and says, you know, sevens are maybe taken care of business. It doesn't matter what happens here. We're still going the amount of times I have had to send a text this over the past forty eight hours to explain the scenarios of large. Bit Brady wants it, so just keep Y. I'm like, Oh my God, if I've just played more time in a bloss percaus the avalanche have the one point tye breaker, will walk to two point lead and they hold the tiebre because so it's it's clear who who wins between the two of them, because the at large one of four teams. It could be eighty sevens rangers, avalanche or express. It can't be anybody else. No, no, so I said to the wall pole kids. I, like you people, better get praying that the avalanche win. Like you better hope it goes three then. Come on, you better be the biggest avalanche fans out there right now. Well, and and the lumberjacks turned into Parsley spartans fans right after, after game one happened. You want that series to end as soon as you can, because imagine if game three wasn't until yesterday. What are you gonna play Game One of your series then? Because because those teams won't be ready for a few days, right. And that's what we spent about. That's what we talked about on last week's podcast. So, but what I'm saying now for Walpole, Walpole now knows that, with what happened, unless there is a major upset between the little flyers eighty seven down south, it's right in front of Walpole. What they have to do? They have to worry it that the series period. Yeah, win, and I mean that's we all know. Cody feel. He's your best friend. Best friend cody, no matter what, like he's one of those coaches. We're like talking about those scenarios, like you were just saying, like if your Walpole like, Oh, you know, do you bag the series if you have the chance? He at large. He's the one that you know. He's like no, every game, I go out there and I try to win. There's no. He's very professional, very j squared away, very to the point, and he's and and no matter what the odds were, he was just going to go in and say, what's with let's win. When the a's everyone like the seven schedule, like no, you want to win the right way, and I'm like right, Juli and CIRDEN's yeah, exactly, Britfullly AC cured in the same way. They're all right, like the CH and you know to that, like when we're in Westchester and say it's like the at large team Versu, who ever got it? You guys only got here because at like the chirps are going to be sick. It's gonna be wicked. For me, it did, Bob Kill, all right, you're the you're the charity team Nice. You got the right. Yeah, like those those church are got to be flying. And what it's gonna be math funny. Yeah, if the AVOS get the at large and one again, oh my God, then everyone's gonna be like you guys. Are they one? Did you got the APT though? Didn't even get me. Could you want? You might have to show be a game of thrones episode, Neil. Good luck with us. Well, what it's a very good comparison. Jeff would probably know this. What did ROB Gronkowski say the year that he got injured by the one the Super Bowl? Then he called a half ring. I think on an interview once he called it a half ring because because I think he he's been on the team on the Super Bowl Champs four times but he only played three times. So I think he's said once he's got three and a half. Yeah, I mean it's strap right. Yeah, but you know, like I said for Walpole, you see it, you know it. It's right in front of you. When that avalanche series ended, the text that went out from from rich DiCaprio to Adam Jolie and Chris Sorella. We got you. Nope, so really so, I mean, but go to go to the sevens little fires series.

You know. Well, we're making it sound like that's the biggest rite off. Sevens are going to win that. Little fires won the last matchup of the regular season. Yeah, I was a good catch roto ever, like, okay, where hasn't written, do you think? And there's and there's a there's one extra, little extra fuel for the little flyers and that's the fact that if they can pull off this upset, they get the sleep on their own bed the entire time. Yeah, they do, because we're in Pennsylvania. Yep. Now I could like down the road from the line. Are The stars aligned for the little flyers? Where we going? Should and then imagine. So, you know, you have to play this thing out like there's there's so many different scenarios, Kyle. What if the little flyers win and the express win and then the entire season goes and we have no rangers or avalanche in the finals? Oh my God, good ridden's okay. Eighty said get you dog old dogs right. Yes, the eighty seven would get there. Yes, the answer will be the frozel four. If we did that, if the little flyers won that series, right, they both go. Little flyers eighty seven automatically both go, and then it would be the winner of the central, winner of the north. That would be the weirdest still, like you know, there's always different scenarios that play out. When you say that couldn't be the matchup, but there's a chance we get to the finals and you're all going to laugh and say this can't be the matchup, but there's a possibility that it's little flyers, Eighty Sevens Express spartans. Oh my God, what's likes like? I mean Mark Mark Man, if there's a charge that much shock like if I had an odds like chart, that's probably the lowest wall aside, the smallest odd on the chart. But it's still a possibility. It is right. Yeah, it's crazy and and you know, to Brett try honors credit, but what I like about Brett is Brett is a very honest, upfront person. Right from Secos and Brett said, you know what, I know we could get to the finals and it may be like we just didn't belong. You never know who gets down the look at Wilkes Bury a few years you gonna say that, but I didn't want to be rude. Looks very you know, to their credit, they fought hard, but they went all right. I mean, for the way that the spartans were playing and then being the four seed, maybe the North Division finals are kind of like their Stanley Cup. But on the flip side, the lumberjacks feel like this is a year of destiny. Look what they love, but Jacks think they can win the ship. They do, they do, do, and like they only play on in this player, rocky baby, an his players have texted that right. Anonymous players, anonymous. We leave them anonymous. Yeah, well, I know, cause on this phone, can you sell that we're boring, Nash can you say we're born? I think I heard a yawn. No, he, he's out cold right now. This episode. It's put me to sleep, Dad, but it's I think. You know. What's interesting is I said this in our group text. There was a coach that reached out to me and said you made a really big deal out of the wizards and railers game three, because it's the only game three that we had. Nobody, everybody's allergic to game three s here. So and Games and out. Yes, and they're called they're called sweeps, right. I know that that's the term that we use, but they're not like these series have been close and mean the number of over time games in their one goal games in there an extra empty net are late. That makes it look like it's not a one goal game. These series have been close and if we get on on this podcast in a week for our frozen finals preview and we're recapping three game threes. I don't think any of US would be surprised at this. WHO's got to be at least one. The next thing, three series, there has to be. Yeah, Dumb Fund it was. And then they're in. If they're isn't, then every game in the finals, jeff is going to overtime. Oh Yeah, they're gonna make us work, but either gonna make us all work, like Huh, we're gonna do like, we're just gonna Watch this... this for the next week too. We're going to keep playing. It's like you want that? Do you want that? Next Trivia about the about overtime in the finals? I think really like it this. How many? How many frozen finals games in the history that we've only had the event twice. How many games have gone to overtime too? I don't remember. I'm trying to think. I'm pretty sure that when the avalanche when the most recent time, it did not go to overtime and they scored like wicked late in the game. Only one game in the history of the finals, all the Round Robbing Games, all the championship games, only one game has ever gone to overtime and I think what's made overtime so fun like this year and every year is that overtime the very first year the frozen finals ended like a minute and a half in. And you look at the overtimes we've had this year. Sometimes it takes five minutes, sometimes it takes fifteen minutes. We've dipped into second overtime in in the EHLP a couple times. So it takes a while sometimes and sometimes it takes no time at all. And, like you said, Neil, but I think you said that last week, sudden death overtime is the most like, it's the most like heart stopping thing to be a part of, calling it, being a coach, player, whatever it is because, like you said, so death like, you can just be moving up the ice. One Little Slip, oh kid just blew a tire to on none breakaway goal. Game over. I'll have to send you guys the full sequence of the spartans overtime goal because when they first carry the bucket the offensive zone, gee, while gets a shot off that hit about this much of the stick. On Mobile. I get hit like the smallest piece and wet. Why? That was like, Oh my God, they're gonna win out because of that. And then allously the hockey gods, the ablage hockey gods, they have them stairs somewhere, the zone time mountain. And then I just a loose buck in front and he puts it home and like listen, I think that we're surprised by a little bit of what we have Right now, but I think it. While I said that we expected it to be express versus strangers, we also, sorry Kyle, expected to be little flyers. VERST is eighty sevens. We did. Yeah, yeah, did. I did. Protect battles, that protech battle. Good for that. You you want to playoff series in your first year in existence the HL? That's YEP, like look at Bills Anna bowing, the seahawks. It took them what one year, two years, to get their first playoff one. If you look at other past expansion teams, yeah, obviously don't. Look at the avalanche is like there's, there's still looking for their first series win. Yeah, that's true. They won the only one, their first playoff game. That's what was yes, yeah, that's it was. Not The playoff the eighty seven when they beat Marin was their first series win. Yep, in the EHL. Yeah, how does that even make sense? Does it doesn't. But because of the way things have played out and obviously last year getting canceled, that was their first series win. Right. It's kind of crazy. Did you see all the spartans players that commented on the bracket post? No, Oh my God, wait, I want to go look. Yeah, did you just? Is it recently? Yeah, after this reason that they they said, you know, the classic, this age. Well, yeah, so you want to, you want around, you know it. Actually, what's funny about it is it, I should take that back, Spartan's alumni. It wasn't even players on the team. It was Louis VI let a, Nick Nol Alumni commented. So, drew Ed, come on out. So to recap the bracket point, which is I think it's made this fun. Jeff, we're hipe. We put up nineteen in the first round, twenty nine in the second round. Brittany went seventeen, twenty four. Kyle, I'm sorry, you did start twenty six. You were in first in the bracket, but you had seventeen in around two.

So I guess if we're looking at the bracket standings, only, not fantasy, because we have a set. We have some similar picks across the board. It will come down between Jeff and I for the bracket set, and it will come down between literally one game, Jeff, because we both we both picked the avalanche with that's a wash. We have both actually picked Walpole and three, so that's a wash. I picked the sevens and three. You pick the sevens in two. So that's when it's going to come down to. But a little way. If the little way, yeah, I don't like little players win that we're gonna tie the bracket. Huh. Now, what I will say is that maybe the way that Brittany wins the bracket because, as I mentioned, she's at twenty four points and while she has the same seven s pick as you, Jeff. Yeah, say the little flyers do win. That's all a wash. And then she gets her rangers win. If it's in the number of games that sheep predicts, she will pass three, yes, three. If it's only into we're going to end this whole bracket a complete tie. My God, it's hl fantasy will not. I know we're going to get to that. There's all we are going to get players the brackets. The brackets have been fun and I think what yeah, they're awesome. The biggest thing that it proves is I don't even think any of us are close to being perfect. No, not even, nope, nope. So with that, I don't jeff this out of the teas it. Let's get to what to watch forwards, includes the fantasy. Before we wrap things up, here's what to watch. More this week in the east show, it's time for the e group fantasy challenge, brought to you by Bertucciese Crick. I've been pizza and Pasta, your home for authentic Italian dishes, catering and group shining. Check out their party pizzas and specials. Effort, cheesecom so, it's a sad day for me in cough. Are You mad at me, Brittany, because now I'm not ruinning. I regret some of my choices. Now I'm probably been of the League the longest this year. I was there for quick hot minute and then you came storming through the standings. We vomit in the lead at one point. Oh really, Kyle was in the lead week one. Patricia put up all that's hundred, hundred and seventy five voice for him and we in week one or therever. That hey. So that's cool, though, like the end it is the standings have gotten a lot tighter. No, you're going to get to that and we've all been in the league once. It's a good, good season, just like the HL. Yeah, okay, I host this and afy segment from here on now because I'm pretty sure, like I'm just I only have anyone even playing to keep good. Can Can? I like dirt. I just like host you guys question because I like I'm beyond mystery irrelevant right now. Yes, so you have the thousand points of club Coles, of graduations, you coming, you have you have Nick Swain left. That's true. Calcul yeah, my boy, you don't have Michael Leva, Dennis Arka, Pekka, Kevin Bite or Peyton Jim. But I think this kind of shows you that it's just so hard to predict what happens because if any of those guys win their series, it just flips. Add Twenty more point, of twenty more points maybe over the next two or three, maybe even four or five games, and it's just hard to predict this stuff. I know I was going back and forth trying to help Britty pick between Jack Johansson and George Weiner. And right now, while it sounds like George Weiner would have been the better pick because he's still playing, Johan Dad did light it up, though. Handson still has a fantasy point lead over Weiner. Well, that last through the South Division finals. Maybe not now, but but at those becaust of all says at this moment she made the right pick.

So to read with you, you guys, help you with felt like if Felban wasn't injured, I would have went with Donni Felban. There out, I want with cookie instead ring. Yet could get too freaking golds the other day. What the Hell? So let's go through. Let's go through Kyle's points first, because I did mention there were still guys that played this past week. Seven points from Nick Swain. Kevin Bite put up seven points as well. He had three assists. I want to say they were all in game two. Actually our Kapanka with three points. U Well with four points. So car right now, is that one thousand and twenty six point eight points. So yes, cracked over a thousand kyle. Nothing. Nothing, I means for my inaugural easn yeah, like kind of a back yes, exactly, there you go. Exactly. Next ure do we want to go by by the weekly results? Are By the overall results for next? Overall, please, overall. So that means we gotta GO JEFF next. Okay. Yes, so Jeff. This past week, as we mentioned, we kind of were waiting to see the status of Donnie Felman, which I even said to the Wolves coaching staff after that series ended. To lose your captain like that before the series even starts, that's tough, like, like there's not that act bone. The shot that one player can make can win you the entire series. But it changes line combinations right right, like feldman a Nishim off and Joinski's they're aligne like. When you look at their points, they were aligned together. And then it pushes some of your will call it secondary scoring in the different spots that your matchups just become that much stronger. And because FELMA didn't get a chance to play, Jeff was able to of in Marcus Cook, who is still playing, to so that does that does help a lot. And, for what it's worth, I said this in our group text. Jeff was the last one of the four of us to have a perfect intact lineup until the avalanche lost, and he lost one layer in Christian hall big. But we give we give Brittany a lot of crap. Jeff's rest of his lat light up is the central division. I'M gonna MAKE US sent on a Vision Jersey for the finals. Jeff right hole in bed. Holy Bjr. Marcus Cook put up ten fantasy points for jeff this past week, Ryan Bailey Five, our Lorenzo Marcoleen Tan himself. Hall big got three before the team got knocked out. And then Jeff's MVP. I think, the best decision that Jeff made, and it's nothing against George McMichael. We obviously said, I think that he's battling something here in the postseason, but picking Mason Palmer over McMichael proved to be huge for Jeff, because Palmer's for no and he's got you over, almost over. Twenty seven fantasy points in the post. She's he's done real world. Look who I put on the BJ our graphicser. This serious? I can barely see this. It's Ryan Bailey. The Bailey Oh is, by the way, speaking Ryan Bailey shut out to Ryan Bayes grandparents met the nest after him. Mr They're from Alaska. So, MR I believe they're Bailey's. I actually forgot to ask that. But our Ryan Bailey's grandparents and they came to the rod the other day and Grandpa Bailey was where to Boston junior rangers had and I saw her and I was like he walked over to me during the amission was like, excuse me, are you Jefferson? Are You with hockey team podcast? And I was like both, and he was like, Oh, we listen to every episode. We watch a bunch of different games of the TV, not just the Rangers. So he said to say thank you to all of us for and then she came up the next period. Grandma yeah, and then I talked to her the next day. They are so kind. Oh my goodness, the parents have been great, like we you know what think, you moneys. So is I think that when we come on this podcast we think that we're talking to the players, but we'd tack our biggest audience with parent parents and probably scouts and coaches, to weave all the like. Yes, to one of the parents at the avalanche spartans game was like you're only thirty years old. I was like, Oh my God. I...

...was like what house you like and I looked at neighborhood. Yes, it's the chiefs coaching staff had a bet on how old I was. They didn't realize I was not. They better gone ay bet. I was thirty five. Someone. Duh, my God, who is? It's the way you care yourself. It's not the way you look, it's leaves. My hair is still here, right. Guys like you gotta want to let us up there. I was like, but hey, you know, like I said, I think the parents listen to this more than more than the players do at times. It's what makes us exciting, right, and this makes it exciting. And Jeff's overall total is one thousand, one hundred and thirty three point six. We go to Brittany next. I did pass Brittany. I am not doing a premature celebration dance yet because it's not over yet. It's not over yet. Once watched watch the two of US coming to dedlock tie and then we have that. We have to figure out something for the for the finals. But to look at Brittany's lineup, she has lost two players in Joe Lenski's and Johanson but, as I mentioned, Johnson put up ten fantasy points so far. I think what has kind of surprised myself, and I'm so surprised her, is that the teams of the of the players that she has left are winning, but the guys that have produced for her all yearlong have been relatively quiet in doing so. In Ka Suda, with chance Andy Moore, they didn't really have a huge impact. And in that second round. Is that a fair statement? Yeah, I was sitting there for the six zero Bjr when I was like anymore, what the actual heck are you doing? Anywhere going to be zero points. They did have some words for that child that this kid answer as chancer. No, we're talking about Andy, little baby Andy Moore. He had one assist for her in the entire second round. You see, that's like Andy Student had the one goal, even one goal. And and Miller, he had two wins in a shut out and there, but he only had nineteen staves in the shut up. So the points haven't pointed up the way that I guess you could say she would have hoped. But, as I mentioned, lely has two players out heading into the third round and with a grand total of one thousand two hundred and twenty three point eight. She's not far behind me. It's only twenty four points. Twenty four point one for being exactly so that's what makes this thing tight. And when you look at my line up, yeah, I do. You have out. Only person I have out is Rory Gresham. Wow, see, you've only lost one too. But the biggest reason why I passed Brittany was the second round and it was ecause he can. Schmidt, Egan Schmidt, seventeen points, Dante Terremanti, fifteen points, Zach Simon, fifteen points. Like sign up. That's a terremanti going to Lawrence University. My yes, I am so proud of it. Committed together with Tim debord. That's staff. It is awesome. It's just yeah, listen, listen, listen to this. Hey, queen, yes, like think, supports you are queen. She has signature. What it could be a westchester with those. Yes, she is going on I think Saturday and Sunday. Awesome, excited to meet her. She's very skilled. For the yeah, one that we talked all the time. We have a whole staff going, but those three guys all. I get a sea wagon coming baby. Most for you guys all. God don't drinks, the PL stop it, but Rory Gresham put up points for me in the first round, not any in the second round. Marylyn did fight their way pretty hard in that stais. I know it looks like a sweep and the eighty sevens control that, but I got to give that program all the credit in the world. They only played to home games in their actual home rink the entire year. Because of the different restrictions within their county. They had to drive literally an hour...

...north of their regular home rink for every single home game to play a ice world, not pine orchard. And if you've ever driven in Maryland, it's graphic hell, like it's traffic hell. It's like it's never it's not an it's not a true our right. And then, I guess the one guy I want the most credit for from you guys, as I've been very patient all year long with reducing exact Oh, I'm sor, and you keep set. You kept saying early on. You're like just wait till he clicks, just wait till he clicks. Yeah, here is clicking and or division final. It's going to be interested to see how this plays out. Obviously I think we I mentioned it in our bracket, myself versus Jeff. I'll mention it here in fantasy, myself versus Brittany. A lot of this will come down to express versus Rangers. I mean will I team? Yeah, my central the Vision Boys, a squad, you squa. What was and yes, we'll call this the at large section, just to make sure everyone understands how this at large is going to work. If the sevens win, they're automatically going. If they lose, they control the number one at large. Their automatically going, automatic going. They're going. We'll see them there. Hello, they're going see there now. Really Cute and knt wait. If they win, though, you won't set the second overall in the league. Stand these are the Rangers, so they have the next highest level of protection per se. If the sevens were to win their series, the Rangers then are protected, knowing winter lose. At that point they're still going. Obviously, the avalanche of the ones that are sitting at home and has crazy as this sounds, they are huge eighty sevens and rangers fans, because if the express or little flyers win their series, it's all over for the avalanche, and this is a little bit of that college hockey feel because you can get knocked out of your conference tournament and have to keep practicing and it could all be for nothing or could be for something, but you don't know there. They may not know until Friday. So for two of the series, who are Chris Serell, root for rich DiCaprio, our pigs floding. That's something. Yeah, but to two of the series, the north and the central, are each Tuesday, Wednesday Friday this upcoming week and the South is Tuesday, Thursday Friday. So again, on the possibilities, we could have two series done by Thursday and that little flyers eighty seven series could keep everybody on their toes until Friday. It could stay tuned. We don't know, it could, it could. It could keep everyone having a restless not of sleep on Wednesday and Thursday wondering we need the eighty sevens to win on Friday or our seasons over. That's what makes this I think the at large that when I first, when we first came out with it, I think it was a little bit kind of like is this quirky? But I think it's just makes it more fun because it's a second life for somebody and not to put too much pressure on your new is it's something that we're going to look at for the future or no, just a onetime thing? You think conversations will come in the olders meetings in the offseason? Or I think it depends on what the at large team does the finals. Okay, there enough. If the at large team goes and wins the finals, either everyone's really pissed off or everyone loves the idea. Sure enough, just like college football expanded, we're just you know, there's always expansion questions. You want to make something good but you don't want to water down and you go see what kind of formula we come out with. And as for the ask for the EH L P, we already have the North Division finals, lumberjacks versus avalanche. As I mentioned, we're recording this Sunday, dropping it on Sunday. So tonight want to talk about game three. The EH LP is passing the EHL in... number of game threes. In one night it's railers versus express. That is a second round game three. Winner moves on to face the Rangers. And then last night I'm watching on my phone at eleven something at night, as the renegades beat the little flyers in overtime. Let's get up club holy with graziers to free game three tonight between those two teams little flies, when against winner moves on to face the eighty seven. So we could have express rangers of Bill P in DHL because we could have eighty seven little flyers in both. We could. We could have had a lumber Jackson avalanche in both. But I think the the variety of teams, variety of organizations that still present shows just how much parody bring that word back. Folks know how much parody there is across both divisions and it makes it fun this time of year and I hope that we can record again next Saturday, I think, is my plan right now. That'll be our frozen finals preview. We're all obviously heading down there on Monday the twenty two, like it's like all the memories. They showed up on my time off on Friday the twelve and Saturday the thirteen of last reason being canceled now like it. I don't want to call it closure here yet because we're not done. Like a would everybody, for you know this is good. Pretty jet. Make Fun of me, you know, like when you play monopoly and it kicks you back to the beginning. Like we got kicked all the way back to the beginning and now we just passed that same spot that we were at last year and we're actually still moving forward and it feels like a little bit of okay, we got past that point. Now we can keep moving and we're this close and we're all excited about it and we're going to have, outside of this zoom call that we're going to have to record the PODCAST, we're gonna have another zoom call because the number of people that have reached out with the interests of helping the work the finals. We have people that are coming in actually volunteering their time to work the finals with us, and we're going to have a whole crew down there because there's this that many people that want to be a part of this. I did. I think that well, thank you when you are. The four of us were so crushed by the way last season ended we couldn't even see how it affected everybody else also right and and everyone wants to see this thing get finished and we're going to have a zoom call with the entire staff. We'll probably will do one of those, one day next weekend and one on the end the podcast, the other days the player because we're going to have a pregame show, we're going to have press conferences down down in Westchester. We have an equipment guy coming, we have obviously our whole staff. I Have Joe Brittania, can hodge, we have goal judges for every game like this is as bass of a friend finals as we're ever going to have. This a video guy coming also, obviously the hicklings are coming. That the best photography duo in the business. Like this is a whole team coming down. We're we may have our own protective roster by the other I'll send done so, but that's that's our third round preview. As I mentioned, there are still two EHLP second round games that are happening tonight, so make sure you watch those to see who wins those respective game. Threes, as I say every week, can follow every box score at eastern hockey Ley DOT ORG and watch every game live on hockey TV and by this time next week guys will know what three are what for ehl teams and what three Eh LP teams are going for the frozen finals. Let's go see you later crew. Thanks for listening to the e show. Learn more at Eastern Hockey League Dot Org and follow us on Facebook, twitter, instagram and Youtube. Also, be sure to subscribe and get notified when next week's PODCAST is released.

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