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Second Round Preview | Episode 62


On this week's episode of the #EShow we preview the Second Round of the 2021 Playoffs in the EHL and the EHLP. The First Round was filled with high-speed action and 75% of the games were decided by two goals or less, additionally, four of those contests required overtime to determine a winner. We provide a full breakdown of the First Round and preview all of the matchups set to take place in the upcoming Second Round. We also review the ups and downs of each of our brackets, including an update on all the fantasy points that were earned by the #ECrew.

Welcome to the show with Neil Raven. With over onezero NCAA commitments, the ehl is the proven path to college. Turn it up and learn more about the college placement leader at the divisiontwo and three levels. Welcome to the east show presented by the penalty boxfoundation. The foundation's mission centers around their daily motto, we take care ofour own as they help out all of those within the hockey community who experiencea catastrophic event. Learn more at penalty box foundation dot Org. What's up, my name is Neil Raven. This episode number sixty two of the eshow and let's jump right into it. This is the second round playoff previewthat were recording on Sunday night and guys, we had to take a long timebefore we got this one started because, of course, the one game thatwe had left in the first round, of course it went to overtime,and of course, wizards railers, that series was wild field, wildwith a capital W, capital I, capital l, capital d. Whatan ending and I just I'm like at a loss for words at the atwatching the end of that series and how fast that game was. And Dude, that game was crazy. I was there and I would say, Yo, what you going on is back and forth. It was like one teamscores one, he's scores to it. The team boosters up to nothing.That was like no, absolute now was he say? And then, youknow, he keeps going. Hen's go on, whats your eventually wins.It's like, all right, I'm course Neale, the only person who thinksfor they're got away like naturally, actually, actually not, Kyle Dumber gimmer picking. The railers won the series. Also. Oh did you kate?I do, and, quite frankly, I know we're you know, we'rehere on a Sunday night and I wouldn't have this any other way. Thisis what we live for, this is what we do for work, thisis what we make up. Now we're we're contests. Fantastic finish. Youknow, whoever one that would be happy for either. But I believe Iwas a believer in the railers, says. I took center Raven's advice and we'regonna get heart. You were wrong. We will. All right, Britlet's go kick some rocks together, kid, and we're going to getinto the brackets. We're going to get into the brackets right, but beforewe do, let's make one point right now, before we really get thisthing started. When we pick the brackets offline, myself, Jeff and Brittany. Kyle made his pics and we made a few faces. Right, it'skind of perfect right now. No, he's not perfect. But who hasthe most bracket point? Who has the most bracket points so far? Kyle, Kyle. It's Kyle. I'll have twenty six points in his bracket.Jeff and I each have nineteen and written as mad none, you have seventeen. Mad done all right. But with that, oh Dun Kyle. Withthat, let's start making your way around the east. Shawn, breakdown thefirst round and preview the second round. It's time for this week segment ofaround the e show. Around these shows brought to you by the junior hockeypodcast. You're old for Judia, Hockey News, knowledge and nonsense. Checkthem out. A tjh podcastcom and this is the first time that we've everrecorded the podcast where one of us is on their phone driving home. Tome, it's me on the phone, ladies, because I'm on the wayhome from the wick. She's our ringside reporter. She had in person andexperiences for all of us. So good job, Britt was actually crazy.It was crazy and was star came out on top, and I think theywould know. Did did Mike Adapted Junior churt me? How yes, hedid, and you know, that's why it's fine, all good, sogood publicity. As my saying. What's what's so great about hockey is obviouslythe first round was ault with mainly ehl. Right, you could probably say thatthe first round was ninety eight percent of Hl and then the one percentwas the one playing game in the central Busi playing game ended the way thatI said. That's so that's where that's where I'm going right now, becauseboth of those games took place to the past two nights. Saturday night wasthe way. I'm also what can confuse why it took place and whatster,but what he didn't play because, you know, because of different state regulationsand whatnot. And Worcester's a pretty nice drink and I guess like the wickget the get up wick. I was just there for two wow. Soobviously I love it. I always get churched and I get it for myaccident put on my hear the word wicked. You just don't hear that here.In the style. Will Get it and I'm find you married. KeepGod guy, like I'm half mass you see me with my red sox stuffon. You are, but we're going to get into your accent a littlemore later too, because time I said anyway, I get it, Iget it exit here, and it was... I was saying every time Isay their name. Now, though, I feel like I say it withlike Paul, like Paul, like Wal Paul Seu were version. So I'mtelling you, it was like in my head calling you those two games thisweek, all I had was this Kyle Kydo. But for the wooster's rank, it's obviously a Massachusetts we can use locker rooms right now, but it'sone of the most spaced out ranks. It's just a lot of space.So you could actually looks beautiful when I'm sit in the corners or whatever.There's plenty of space for you to be, which is partially what the chiefs pickedthat. But the point that I was getting at with the backtoback nightsin wooster. So I don't know about Kyle and Jeff, but I'm sureI could speak for you guys. I'm jealous of Matt O'Brian because on aheck of a call to on set. On Saturday night he has the doubleovertime premier game that ended two to one. And then, because as every hockeygame is different, he has the next night, which didn't last atall, like that long at all, into overtime and it's seven twenty sixand he gets both overtime games over the weekend. It's like, okay,good for your hockey. For a play by Playvio, that's ours. Soit's so long, right, it's so lucky to draw. But the eight, you know what, you got to be in the right place, righttime right. I know, I know Jim McCabe had an overtime winner.What was the line? Life is meaningless enjoying our Bey's. Is that whathe's we say I've never had our bees and I never will. I don'tknow. The early fries aren't think that early fries legit. I used tolike those little kids. Everything else rosby sandwiches was a little kid. Well, horse action. It's been years. I've had our best. But solet's start working our way down. Obviously there was nothing that took place inthe EH on North Division. Those teams are going to start playing this upcomingweek. So I guess we're going to go. We'll start with that secondround kind of preview there, because both series are very interesting, very compelling, and part of the reason why we're recording right now, because we're recordingthis Sunday night, because the wolves and lumberjacks play tomorrow, they play Monday. They're the first game of the second round and of course we allow thatto happen because we give the specific dates for one each round should be takingplace and we said that the second round can start on Monday the eighth.But what makes it really interesting is when you compare it to the Avalanche Spartanschedule. The lumberjacks are going and wolves are going Monday, Tuesday, Friday, while the avalanche and Spartans go Wednesday, Friday Saturday. If you're the Lumbergactual wolves, you almost want the series to go three games because ifyou don't and one team went into you're done before the other North Division serieseven starts. On Wednesday, you get like a bye week, almost likewhen is like weird to here. Are Planning on that? No, you'renot planning on that. And and K actually did ask each other what theywere doing. But at the same time you're also trying to balance the timebefore this right, and they were all off this past week. So they'retrying to make sure they space things out. If the avalanche win the SPARTANS andthe Spartan series with them, they control game one. So so ifif the avalanche of Spartans go to game three on Saturday, while the wolvesand lumberjacks only make it the game to Tuesday, one is game one nextWednesday, say Sundays. Have to beat about the all the teams have tobeat League officials and in the in the dates for the third round, whichI should bring up while we're talking about this, because obviously the first roundis over. The second round, we said, can start on March eighth, must be completed by March thirteen. The third round can start on Marchfourteen, so that's next Sunday. I must be completed by the twenty,right. So if the afflanence placed Saturday, the thirteen, they're not playing someof the fourteen or fifteen, or choose the sixteen, probably, butat the same time you want to make sure that you're finished by the twentyor nineteen, because you have to then take a few days to get yourself, one ready for the frozen finals and two down to the frozen finals.So right, you want to make sure you have a leak, enough timeto not take the week off and then just go straight they're like. You'regoing to want to mix in a practice. I'd like to Sing Yep and theone. My first prediction, and it will get to your predictions.My first prediction of the series in the north is that game that we arewe talked about already, at seven to six, overtime game. That willbe the wolves lumberjack series times three. Probably real that fears, is goingto be sick. I mean this. Firstly, pick the wolves because getup, will fight. I make their graphs. I get up Turmole,I word, but I don't know. That's just a personal prefence. Canjust like tonight. Tonight was unreal,...

...dude, like it was like thatthe lasting you called me at the edges, back and forwards, back and forth. Who the hell knows what's going to happen. And then it's overtime. All of a sudden, six, six or ster berries in your like, all right, we're bird get up. What's their like? Timeto face D J are like buckle your seatballs, like I don't know,and the wizards were of four. I thought it was Oh. I waslike that that's a far because what's star took the leads and the wizards cameback and then it just like that's what I mean, like this we inthis round is insane because you don't know what's going to happen, who's goingto score. It's like, Dude, you can put your backline forward,like look at FUSCO. Was All for D for the wizards. He didn'tplay last game. That doesn't mean just because you have a d one today, you're going to win game three. Like no, friends and they giveit and it's like you have no idea what's gonna happen on every any givendate. To flight US in the line, it's marge madness baby. And andto that point from Brittany, it wasn't the case in Game One,but the team that was wead the can't, the team that was leading that wizardsand railers series in game two and three heading into the third period ineach game lost the gas. Wow, okay, game to a three ringexactly like like mediacals. So, but what makes the great is between thefour of us, we were split two and two was skyle and I versusJeff and Brittany, between the wizards and the railers. When you go tothat, when you go to the wolves in lumberjacks, were split again Jeffand I. It's just it's Jeff and I this time that are pulling forthe lumberjackson or pile. Let's go buckle up boys. Fuck Kyle and Brittanyhave the walls. I think GV and legends. I think down as agroup, just like last week we thought that the wizards railers series was goingto be the best, I think that we all think that this one willbe the best also. And while I mentioned this series could end in twodays and it's over on Tuesday, I would, I would, I putit in almost pain, almost permanent marker. Friday night at seven hundred and fifteen, I would almost parted in permanent market the what game is? I'msorry, that's game three of that series. Does it? What? Oh,do we like? Who knows? Honestly, round two, which Iknow was round one for some people, like you said, north in thein the shout, like for a little choirs, is round two, buttodays around one for them, like it's weird. Like it's weird because it'stwo or some one for others just like kind of crazy. But round toa gay one for some is going to be wild. Yeah, and andand and the other series we taught. We talked about that series on thispodcast for a month right as the avalanche kind of back pedaled their way intothe postseason. We said it's actually helping them because they're going to face thespart into they have the seven and one record against. But we're as hasbeen ass as has been texted to Brittany and I numerous times this week byBrett trailer, the spark, this Spartan. What is this look for any partyof NY party? That's what he kept saying. Already. Party isnot over. And and hey, we're gonna get to the south. Right, we're going to get to the south. Oh, by playoffs, kyle isused this terminology before. Playoffs are a different animal, right. Well, you're just the animal. Yeah, let's go, boy. So thoseare you and call you both can contest this. Have you noticed? We'veall done play by play for a playoff series this speed. All Right,I'll kick rock is fine, like not know pretty you notice it will nosor, I'm sorry, pretty will. You were there tonight to like lookat the speed and end. It's just you can see every guy all suddenhas like unlimited energy come playoff time. Yeah, he's like Joey was notwas bought vague all caps or Joey, look out. I've never in thatkids bat. I've seen him skate, I'll bajillion five times. They I'veseen them play so many times. He's I've ever seen in my wife tonightlike that kid was boss. They it was incredible. They're all playing fortheir playoff lives. That some of them, you know, playing what could havebeen their last hockey games of their careers so bad. You look atthe wind because the jacket lands and they had the best conversation, which inparents. Tonight. His parents are the bat when I love vis mom andit's dad, like they're both incredible people and you look at them you're likeShit, like you're Latin, like you don't know going into it. Itcould been Doin Thet game because we jack lands and you have no idea.End You like damn like God, stuck like their parents are incredible and obviouslyhe's an incredible kid, like he deserves a world, like I don't know, I cannot say enough good things about Jack Johanson, but you see theway to the ends and you're like, damn, that sucks. It's likeI feel so bad for him right now and like him pop up. Yeah, like damn for like it sucks.

Good does. And I feel sobad for them because they work their tails all year. Like it happens tothe best of the kids. And do you see the frink it? Theysee awesome faints, like there's teams just got to cut short and you're like, damn, that sucks and like you haven't team obviously deserved it, likeit's no, I you know they don't deserve what they earned. Obviously theydo, but it's just like you feel for the kids are there, butit ended for I think that transitions us into the central because it's the greatestsudden death in any sport. Hockey sudden death is the greatest sudden death ofall sports. You know, when you have over time, football, youhave extra innings, baseball or basketball, you can you can see the cloth, you can the play. There's a build up to it. Hockey endslike that and if you miss it, if you miss it like you can'tgo back and and and and watch it again. Really it's over just likethat. And for that wizards railers series before we move on to two morewith it is like talking about a roller coaster over a week. For thewizards, right, they lose game one, but then they find out that theirforward, Keith Davenport, who's been battling bone cans for all year,is now tumor free. So it's like, all right, we lost, butour teammate is now like he's beat cancer. Like that's an a Messigold coaster for sure. That's emergency room, right, was literally in the emergencyroom this week. Davin work gets turn and cancer free perches in emergencyroom. was like a staff infection. Like the on wasn't have been allover the place this week, like it's actually insane. Yeah, and thenthey fight back to window too, and then obviously the roller coach. Thatwas game three. And now, if your worcester as tough as this is, fuck, a lot of people bj are right to go. So we'rerecording this. You know, thirty on a Sunday night, right when youwake up tomorrow morning. Obviously you have to move on and then when youwake up Tuesday morning, game one against the Rangers. That's it. DidI see cot of bed, Fela, everybody, Tet you melotone and goto bed. Good night. Order. Also start interrupted you here, Jeff, but I know Nell, I kind of brought this up with you lasttime, for goaltending with the railers. You know, I see you startthis guy in game one. If you win, do you stick with them? I think, why are the Copstick Guy? Who? I thought theywould woods. So do you ride woods? I think now you have to write. Have to write you. I see SEC I don't know. Thisis this is why I'm going to stop here. You guys can all answer. See, I don't know so, because it was a seven sixth final. You're a big KALOP. I know that. I'm going to go back, like while we're on this railers topic, we're talking about the railers now facingthe Rangers, right, yeah, becase I'm going to. I'M gonnago back to the two thousand and sixteen seventeen finals here for a second,because it was little fires there. No, no, it was it was theyear before you came on board. It was. It was the littlefires, Mus junior fires, the last year we ever did a five gameseries because it was the year before the first ever addition of the frozen finals, and that season the little fires were it was one of the wagon teams. They won the regular season championship and it was Sam Caney and in JoeGiacobo, and they went every other game the entire year, the entire yearuntil they got to the playoffs, right, and in that and at that timewe were still doing eight teams in east conference. is how we didit. So a one, eighty, two, seven, three, six, four five, the standard hockey breakdown. So they're the one seat. Theyface the eight seed and some goalie stands on this has name is BrockThompson, have like sixty five saves. They lose. They lose game onewith Sam Caney, the goalie of the year. So they go to Giacobogame to. He Wins Game Two. They go back to Giacobo game three, they win game three. Move on the next two rounds. They goback to the alternating back and forth and it's like all right, like what, what kind of what are you looking for this point? Then they goto the finals and they start the number one. I guess you could sayone a versus one, if you will, and and Cani starts game one,wins, go starts game two, loses. Annie starts game three,wins in a shutout. Cannie starts game four, loses and double overtime onthe on. The biggest freak go ever. I know Al is going to textme when you get to this part of the episode because it was thebiggest freak go ever. But even I said to myself he has to goback to Kanny again in game five. He has to go back to him, but he goes to Joe Giacobo instead, and and they end up losing itovertime. But I bring that up because of Kyle's point. When yougo back to the railers versus wizards, you win game one with woods,you lose game two with Kohanik, you win game three and a a thrillerand overtime with woods. You have to go back to woods on Tuesday.And I bring this up because it's a matchup thing, like Stefan might bebetter off against the Rangers. Then Woods.

Hear me out for a second right, like it's possible. It's almost like pitching in baseball, like doyou want Jacob degrom on the mound or you do you want your other likestud on the mount against the Red Sox in the world series? It's whatdo you see with Kolonic that you like better than I feel like he canget hot and at the right time. As you'll just mentioned before, thetiming is everything and I just feel like this kid cool on it. Justwould witness his team win the first round. He wasn't the guy, but ifyou would eat him, I just I see something there and I justhave a gut feeling, like I predicted today. It's in the group chat. They expect you to overtime matchup between the wizards and the railers. Youdid say, he was the first to say, that their kids do betterthan top teams that perform against the lower steams. That's just how it goes. Yeah, all right, interesting and and you know I brought up beforethe success that the avalanche have had against the sparans this season. The Rangershave had some pretty good success against the railers this season. Yeah, Ithink what five on one, but if you throw it all out the windowof the time to playoffs come for although it would just so you can lookat all these matchups. But who knows? What's our heat ups feat? Thatgame over for the out came over for the PJ BJ Jarcally, you'resaying that. I can't believe you're the one saying that. I'm for quitesake for one to my life and being a real escur. But but eleven, seven matchups in the regular season, seven wins for the Rangers. Notthe same thing with the there are I mean, I mean, I'm sorry, I didn't which means the woosters do for a wid what's your win againstthe Rangers? So to recap, the score is like get ready for this, Kyle. Yeah, eight hundred two one, five hundred and twenty three. Yeah, five the nothing, nine to two, four hundred and twentytwo, five to one, three, two one. So obviously we guyare pumped. Wars there. Okay, hold on, hold, right,a few. A few of those games are early on in the season whenWorcester didn't have a few of the new guys that they brought in like bankbe the pumps and my bed at every day our game at willster. Okay, okay, but the point being, the point being, like Jeff said, and like I was saying before when the nighthawks beat the little fires inthat first game of the series. These are three game series. Yeah,and and and and it Jo. They can turn on a dime. Theycan turn in an absolute dime, right and right. Look what I justsaid, like you're the five minutes or I'll don't matter. Right, likebefore this, for those that are looking at my bracket and they see Bjrand three. Yes, I did pick BGR to be the SEAHAWKS and three. So now I'm right, but not the actors gone. Now doesn't matterwho they are. But but the point I'm getting out with the bracket isnow I have to hope that begre on the railers go to three. So, Jeff, to your point, I am hoping that the railers are tofor one and maybe, you know, maybe one, maybe one win sparksa little fear they're not winning one. Sorry, don't sorry, be sleeptoo well. Get ready for some more chirps from you. Get death oftheir Britt no, terse is ab to what. They're going to hate meright now. So you like their pass me and I'm all right. Yoube the winners. Props you, ladies and judge, but the bason bea round to sorry, I'm loyal to be there. shocker. Oh myGod, no, but they're all struck. Thanks. No, roll city before. Sorry, whatever hate on men. Look at all these looks. I'mnot doubting bjr and that they can't defeat wooster. But again it comesdown to golden like. Perhaps the goaltender or worcester steals game from Miller.I've had more experience and it's gotten more winds against more difficult teams in thethan the goaltender on wooster. And I don't mean to take away from theachievements of said whoever they play had had us far, because obviously, likeyou, don't suck like you know not breaking news. So you don't thinkyou can put up some goals on Miller forrit you get confidence. Spose goingto keep the door closed and right and I can confident. I know perfectthat Naked Miller is a confident human being like you. Don't have so we'rewhat again? Kyle and I both have that series going three games. Jeffand Brittany both have that series going to that the split continue. The splitcontinues to the other series and, like you said, though, Neal,I had this against Seahawks, but the...

...other series were it's the same exactthing but flipped, because Kyle and I have walpole winning in two games overthe chiefs, while you and Brittany each have Walpole Winn again three games overthe chiefs. And correct. We didn't even think I'm gonna be the chief. We didn't think it was gonna be the cheese, but now it is, and if I could, I may want to change it to three gamesbecause I think that she's are a team that you can't sleep on. Now. I didn't see that she shouldn't walk as heck. I mean they are. Who are the chiefs, right? Is that what we've been saying?He see one stood free run. I hate that, mean Neal, you, but I meant late. We had talked last week about JP Melat goingback to Trinity. Marshall mccalub said, I'm still here, guys, Dude, Martina mccallub, where play? Last year, Ladies and gentlemen, freakingwooster, Margina mccalib was on worshore last freak here that look, where isthe cheeseus a s grew you freaking will sir. I'm it was gonna beRichards, so it was mccalup instead. Mccalub played well. I mean eveneven Peyton Duran for the seahawks in that series. I know he gave upfive goals in the series. He can work ninety thieves, ninety six andtwo games. Was it ninety? Because I was trying. It's around thereds that's played bad like that. Work he could for the team that wasin front of them and just couldn't get any goals on. Michel gonna giveyou offense. That's not his fault, of course not. You can onlystop the pucks that cover your way. You can't go shoot pucks. Youfreaking from the freaking cream. Yeah, you're not shooting. He's on myfantasy team. So it was suppo simply pulling for him. And well,like you don't see the first the first time that the phone is starting tokick out of it. He has some great cell service going there for asecond, Brittany, what the PAS out? Your Cell Service went out for asecond there. But the point that is trying to make he he dideverything that he could in that series for the see, he did everything exactly. Pay Graham, the go off you like. You did a great job, like bill. I like Payton Duran like, obviously, in case anybodydoes not know, I love the head coach at tops kids. The dudesan absolute beauty. I Love Pat Mor and like hell, yes, andand he's going to play her pat right now. That's my dude. Ilove nor and I think he got a great player Durant. Personally. Nordygoody emailed me this past week. Rights didn't do that. Beauty. Ilove them so. The last last time we were trying to have the banquet, he was supposed to be the guest speaker and he had the speech allready to go at. He is email to me. Who was gonna bethe swear you, the banker. Last year was a gong show. Allwe didn't get to have it. That's why. Yeah, but but quitethe fact that it was canceled. Still gone show full of so so,norty. norty emails me as like my speech is still ready to go.If you wanted to be virtual right before the photos, as we could,we could. And obviously him and I of the seventy five rounds they playedof golf this past summer. He was involved in a few of them withalways a good time, but those are the central matchup. So we coveredthe north, which is lumberjacks hichus wolves, avalanche versus Spartans, central Rangers,Mrs Railers Cheese Versus Express. Now we get to the cell, theDivision that had the most BIS rubbing his hands. I have to say this. The Bart, the best one about these brackets, guys, is likeI actually like when people get mad about them and and take shots on twitterand take shots at me, like, listen, we have tough kid.Look I hit. I've picked Marilyn to lose because they had lost six straightgoing into the playoffs and they have to mean. While Marion goes and sweet, here you're like her. God, hold on, let me finish this. Let me finish this. They had lost six straight going to the playoffsand they had lost all four games they had in the regular thing. It'sthe rough riders, so I felt pretty good. And they all, threeof you had Maryland. So I said, you know what, we're going togo with the rough riders and of all the first round series, Iprobably couldn't have been more wrong, and I apologize. Hey, I alwayssay this. This is why we put a racers on pencils. Neil,yeah, humans the stakes. You know it's now even. You did tomake up a mistake. You predicted hey, so, but if you look atthat, but, like you just said, Marilyn, fluttered into theplayoffs right, they came in probably going in reverse, and then they comein and they look like they were knocked they looked like they were going inat seventy five miles an hour. They were playing unbelievable. So to thatpoint, like we're saying, with all these other predictions we made, doesn'tmatter that they won, that they lost...

...all four games against the hosses inthe regular season. They come out and and blew doors. So with allthese other matchups, same thing could happen. Like playoffs are different animals, Kylesaid. I gotta say Anthony to Polo can back me up on this, the broadcaster for the sevens. It was early on. They hosted me. Any game it's the sevens against team Maryland and on the broadcast it's soundvideo. You can still watching on hockey TV. I said team Maryland isjust like a playoff caliber team. They're big, physical or gratty, this, that and the other thing. They might finish the season five hundred.It doesn't matter where they finish. But they're just like a playoff caliber team. And I sit it on the broadcast. If there's one team, then sevensdon't want to play around one. I know, Brittany, you willprobably agree with me team Maryland, but they're kind of like fuss goes wilkesburyscript and night correct. Here we go, there's and and Adam. Not wantto play Marilyn Hell, but Adam. Yeah, he said to me.If we're if we're going to go to the finals for the first time, we have to avenge what took place two years ago. We have toget that mean look at what happened last time. Then play a game lastyear. That your first a last time. Oh that's what? Yeah, thelot last time makes sense. Okay, yeah, so it's bult a lotlike that wilkesbury screen. Nice team. Hey, maybe maybe it was fusgoes plan all on to get butter, to get the eighty seven. But, like you know, obviously I took he from the owner of teamMaryland. The owner tweeted at me right, which is fine. I'm cool withif oh, yeah, what's those at? A lot of chirping,going Hurdy, very gutsy. That's it is very gunsy. Yet and youknow what? Or a big paragraph he wrote. Rough riders score first inGame One, right, and they get out scored eleven, two, onethe next rest of the rest of the game in drest of the series.Thanks for coming. I'm sorry, I just didn't see it coming. Sonow Marilyn moves on to face the eighty sevens, who they did get acouple times in the regular season. Only team that be the eighty seven choice. Never, never in regulation, shoot over and regulation there was one andshoot out one of them over time. But that's right. That is likeokay, like buckling, here we go, and then we go over to theother series. I don't I don't condone players going at each other ontwitter, but, but, but, like that back and forth between theducks and in the apple core. and honestly, like, yes, Igave a huge congratstarry when he won the series because in your first year yougo win a playoff series, that's awesome. But they were two one goal games, like they will. That wasn't like like a sweet you know,I hate the word sweep. Like like it wasn't a sweet those are twoone goal games. That was a heck of a cit excited though I gotout. I talked to both teams. Obviously you know I represent the leagueand I represent protect, but I touch base with apple core prior to thestart of the series and they were amped up beyond belief. Guys like Itouch base of one of their players and like hey, list and kind likewe had such a heck of a practice today, like we're all amped up, we're in the zone and we really think we can do this. Andthat came from multiple guys in the apple core locker room. And when Icalled that game on Tuesday or, sorry, Thursday and boosing track of the days, but game one, it was like wow, apple core came outon the road. It was signs of bus legs. I how played Protech, in my opinion, in the first period and Jackson Bernard stood on hishead, did what he could and it was just a matter of who iskind of game that Puck luck. I want to say, and I meanbefore good about that. Sales to that's sales coming over. The other storiesincredible. You know. One goal was a sixty seven staves, sixty onesince joining pro tech. Yeah, that was I was looking at that today, Kyle. That's the him and Patrick's. Marks and Kebach are like tied fordead by acquisitions. I think it's Mars and Kevin. Chad is elevengoals. Five is through take eight is some winning stupid sales over some winningstreak. Yeah, he game. What a game winning streak which ties forthe second best behind then s for the south. Say what you want,it's a fact. A go toes it go right now, right time?Yes, at the right is a go, as a wise man wants to mewhen you write I go to is a go, a fact. Isa fact. Street game winning streak. Second Round, a battle between twoteams. It was just a matter of it was like a converence final series. Honestly, it was a matter who's going to score the OT winner andwho's going to make less mistakes, I guess. But I know we alreadyfinished with the central but like just to keep all this winding street conversation.Do you guys are parab all the express were odd five to start this.Yeeah. I was looking back at things...

...when I was doing prepate. Crazyhow that was. I gone like that was oh in five and we're allwe all said we are all like don't worry about it, I think they'regonna figure things out. And boy did they. And now look where they'vegone to figuring things out. It's like all right, it's it's yeah,and and you know what, like I mentioned earlier, I think wolves lumberjacksis the best series. What about PROTECH, little flyers? That's like it's gonnago through. That's going to be it's gonna go three. Yeah,protech one to the final of the UN season against the little flyers. ButI'm thinking a little flyers come out strong. I don't know. How about youguys feel you think the little flyers with no, I'm going for atech. Okay, I was gonna say. I mean I probably. Do youthink they come out protect? Don't be silly. Well, yeah,is, he's Brett. Is Brand Mean Jeff? Yeah, cording my bracket. I protect winning. So okay, Gotcha. Now what that sters like? I don't recall the game. Do I think I love is going towin? Yes, am I buy it there, but like, I thinkit's going to be good, like Matt huge toaste like and they didn't havethat. Guys like don't think they would have. Hosperson is out. Badto say, I don't know, maybe, but whatever, it is one ofthe yeah, I think he made a huge deal. He he gaveI don't know, he not to know, I think against fat a dad andsome of the other guys that they rolled out there this year. Butyeah, just say else. Just gave them some kind of extra. It'sa not a veteran presence, right. The two thousand goal good. Well, just somebody from the other goaltender her, you know, not carrying their weightor whatever. It is very young the dust Scott the opportunity to takethus and they did just that and it's obviously worked out for them as itshould. So the beautiful thing about the hl and we can compare this tothe NHL and the higher levels. And Jeff, we've talked about this forOh we not sure should we compare this to them? Show it, butyou can is you can go from one team to another, have an opportunityand just blossom and it's just like it's the right fit, you know inthat it's like that in all aspects of life. Maybe it's at like theworkplace, wherever it might be. Matt sales comes over whatever it comes toPROTEC. We Still Google New Jersey, but right now and protech again,it was time. Was Everything right? Fit. He's in. I don'tmotivated, you know. You know I'm going this, like, for sure, Green Gabrick from Jonathan, Jonathan Quick, right, like it's Jathan quick reallythat good of a goalie? I don't know. Maybe, but he'sgotten really hot twice. Right, he's gotten really hot twice enough to bringhis team to a cup final. And when people said that about Tim Thomas, to write like what you know is trated. You know what I mean? Yeah, yeah, I know for sure. I think that sales hadsomething to prove. I think he was, you know, rightfully, there wasa lot, a lot of guys between him and Kopack and the withthe eighty sevens. Actually, who's the an O'connor right was a counter honorright click last year. There's a lot of goaltenders there and he was probablylike he's another Georgia goaltender, like Mason Palmer, those Milton Georgia. Wehave this like bill to or just coming. I think it's coming. Georgia,I mean Georgia that's fit to go from there cow Mel, who's nowon Jay. Get up, you little girls, and and CT Johnson onthe wizards from Georgia. We have a interesting way. WHO. Yeah,Georgia pipeline, Georgia. Yes, so interesting Er, Georgia pipeline. That'skind of formed here. So, you know, I think that's it.Kyle sales came over. He had something proved. He said, Hey,let me be your man, let me be the veteran, let me helpthese experience guys. I mean it's a bit opportunity is a beautiful thing.Yeah, you me and the first round. In the first round he had fivetotal series. Only one of them went to game three. Absolutely.In the second round we're going to have six total series and if we recordthis, whenever we record the next the next preview, the third round preview, if you tell me that all six went to game three, I wouldn'tbe surprised. Yeah, the word love that for you, like absolutely.I'm trying to sing, like what a vote? Now I likeney would goto three. How many? Least one bolt prediction. I'll let you guysgo first. Know, you go, Kyle. That set the table.I'm sorry, I was getting into my vehicle. O He's he's saying thathe has one bold prediction. He's got us all teat up ready to gohere, Kyle. So lumberjacks is either going to be, technically, onpaper, the longest or the shortest series.

And second round the fires. Andthat's the wait. So how can you play both sides of the fieldon that, though? Longer. So I'm thinking this is going to gothree games plust over time. We're going to see a lot of time.He's saying that the length of the game, a goaltender go and okay, winsin two. I'm working to come to you know. He's talking aboutthe overall length of the Games. Yes, got so he's saying that it couldbe a two games sweep with both games ending in and sixty minutes,or or three games and one game goes to double overtime, and who knows? That's where I'm saying. It's like it's round to like. Clearly,help could freeze over and you'd like not. Yes, we don't need anything.Who knows? We have no idea. Wizards, like I thought it wasgoing to be with your sick good for me. So did whoever,Kyle, I don't know who was. I couldn't care about at us waybecause I lost. Oh my God, it was baby bunny. Was MeKid. Yeah, but I'm sorry, like words idea. You can't callthese things like we can go. I'm just don you're free to disagree withme. That's okay. So the ehl piece the EHLP series. Just likeat the ehl level, the lumberjackson wolves are also facing off. At theEHLP level, winner gets the avalanche. In the North Division finals. Oneteam for that division will go on to the frozen finals. In the centraldivision it's Rangers versus Warriors, as we mentioned earlier. The warriors beat thechiefs and the longest game of the playoffs so far kyle and it with fiveminutes up to go, and then with five minutes left to go and DoubleOt Brian Foster with the goal. And then railers versus express. So thewinners of those two series based each other. In the Central Division, one teamgoes to the frozen finals. And then down south little flyers, andI have to say it. I said it in an in past stories.I kind of took subtle shots at them. Don't sleep on the renegades. They'vesplit their last six games with the little fires so that they didn't.They won the last two. Right, they could won the last two.They have a win over the seven s and the winner of that little flyersrenegade series. Guess, the sevens with the closest trip to the frozen finalsout of the winner of that's that seuth division final. So there there's well, we're only through one round and it's been exhilarating. Right, like thenext two rounds are are potentially even crazier. It was more teams. Obviously along ways to go. We gotta complete that board. How much isundecided? How much still needs to be done before the next part? Yeah, that's all our series for hl deal. That starts Tuesday. What's their format? They're going Tuesday, Wednesday? Are they go Tuesday? Yeah,either Wednesday or third, either Wednesday or Thursday, and then the side Friday. Well, they haven't decided it because the team that they're facing host thatgame and they just found out about an hour ago. Right, they lookwere like, Oh, they actually just shot the bucket and realize we're goingto the next round. So they still based off the facebook's Day or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday? Yeah, nobody knows. Dude. Everyone just figuredit out like smoky. Wait. So what's your way? Dj Are Young, have hope ter win. I retrict my statement. Sorry, is notallowed. Even from that hope they went to. I don't dropping out whyChester PA. I will be jumping off the roofs of my party. Greatright of us, the three of us will be there. But with that, obviously we've come all the bracket the latest updates. From there, wegotta now give you an update on the e crew fantasy challenge in our whatto watch for section. Before we wrap things up, here's what to watchfor this week in the east show. It's time for the e group andyou challenge brought you bier Jugi brick coming pizza, Antastaf for home, forauthentic at talent. This is catering and group dining struggle their party pizzas andspecials, Apple Jugscom even on she only has one player playing, she's stillin first place. Dude, like I'm sorry, I almost my car atthat doing it avery like word word. I was just really crash my car. As I'm doing it a red like thank you to the Mercedes and almostt bone me like that is devotion pretty.

Yes, yes, I'm saying likea mom of phone and even on my computer, like you should beon my bean bag. I'm chilling. Hell, no, I'm in myChevy. I mean, I don't drive that anymore. I'm on my ToyotaCorolla. Okay, I'm you guys can continue. Jackson was the Jack Johnsonwas the only one that played for Brittany this past week, but still gother ten fantasy points, pray, but she also got seventeen points from herbracket. So overall, her grand total right now is that one thousand,one hundred and seventy five point six. I aligned, though, then Iam behind her at one thousand one hundred fifty one point four. I learnedthe can you please repeat what you just said? You're behind me. WasTwenty four pints carry out. Twenty four behind me or in front of me? Your Wife? Yeah, so I had three guys play this past weekand Zach Simon, Rory Gresham and Todd Philibert eight, six and five pointsrespectively. If I had picked Britain Patricia over Zack Simon, I probably wouldhave got myself more points, but that's a personal problem. It's a personalproblem. Exactly bread. Might a said hello deal when I was in thewhole who right now? WHO GIVES THE CHRIST? It's too late now,we don't care. It's all. He said it. He said it verytongue in cheek. He said now the Olays, we're gonna WE'RE gonna seethis. With Kyle's one as well, I got the same exact total formy fantasy points and my bracket points. I got nineteen fantasy points and nineteenbracket points. Crazy. So I am at one thousand, one hundred andfifty one point four. Obviously for both Brittany and I, so are ourgoaltender has not played. Jeff's goaltender did play this past week. I thinkyou made big mass. I think you did make the right to saision.No, it was tough for you to go between Nick, Michael and Palmer, but having Palmer play that potential extra series, I think, was themost important part. You also had two other express players, and Marcoleen andterrain got you a combined nine points. And obviously Jeff's total numbers don't matchup like I do. His fantasy point total was twenty two point two fromthis past week. His bracket total, also, like my, was nineteenfor a grand total of one thousand and sixty two point two for Jeff.And then, as I mentioned earlier, with Kyle, the bracket was thebest of any bracket right, and he got twenty six fantasy points and twentysix bracket points with the twenty six fantasy points were from two guys. Theywere from two guys. Doesn't say Peyton Duran got him thirteen points and hedidn't win a game in ninety s and ninety s S. gave up thefive goals. So obviously Kyle has lost his goalie, which will see howthat impacts. I mean Britty lost one of her defenseman to in overtime.Right, could have flipped right. She'll out chill out. And then DennisArkapanko, who I think I've we've kind of slept on a little bit attimes like this until there's a free sit and that's just my personal in andthere's a fire there with with Denis, I'm telling you right now, likea Eho vetter and like he wants it. And and speaking about fire, speakingof that fire and FAM competiveness are open. So Josh Fusco, Itaught to him after the tweet came out from Murray, the owner, obviously, and Josh has not on twitter, but all of it's everyone showed himand I was like, well, I know that there was a couple subtlepost but it didn't seem like any of your players were totally pissed about mypics. He goes, Oh, oh, no, no, there was oneguy that was pissed. I was like who oh, and he's likeArchepelko, I go, I go what he goes, because he's been inthe League so long and what our history here. He just said that NeilGuy and FOSCO tried to do like his accent right, because he's not fromhere. Try to do is actually it's like a little guy that you knowguy. We're gonna show him and Dennis and and the's and if you know, he's I didn't even notice this until at the end of every season theyhave to go in and have to update the ehl record books, right justto see what's chains and what hasn't. Quietly he's now ranked ten all timein league history for assists, with eighty seven. So okay, keep aneye on him because he has a chance. But who ahead of him? Butbig pig I mean nine, nine guys. I am I've been gettingtripped all season, but push come to show. I'm like that third linecenter that shows up in fantasy and just gets a hatrick when it matters most. You're creeping up on a thousand points, Bo Naster. You're creeping up ona thousand points. Your not get up Bunny Kyle's grand total. Kyle'sgrand total is hundred and eighty eight point...

...eight. Obviously none of us willend up having a perfect bracket, so none of us will get that fifty, fifty bonus points or the what I say a hundred bonus points. Youdo if you if you got every every series winner correct in every length,every series threat. I mean, I think, I think, just steppingback and looking at round one, it's like having a perfect march madness collegebasketball bracket. Like you're never it's gotta be Kate's not happening like is.You're never going to be a prefect. You cannot produce what's going to takeplace because every game is different. I think that's what makes this sport sogreat is every game truly is different. And while we can come on thispodcast and we can say these are each of our picks for the second round. I'd ventured to guess that not a single one of us is perfect inthe second round and we'll find out. We'll find out over the net overthe next set of days and I don't know what day we're going to recordnext. It kind of has to play itself out, just like this onedid for us guys and just like the end of the regular season did forus. Remember, we couldn't we couldn't record and we wanted to, becausewe had to wait and see onto final playoff seats. We couldn't record thesecond on preview until the first round ended and we're not going to record thethird round preview until the second round ends, and it could be Friday, couldbe Saturday, could be Sunday. So there's obviously two series in eastdivision in the EHL. Overall we have another four series in the EH LPand by this time, five or six days from now, is the prediction. I guess you could say there's going to be a lot of teams whoseseasons have come to an end. So I hope that you all have thechance to get to some games this week. Britney. I hope there are oneor two weekend games for you, but for those that but for thosethat can. Obviously, we have every box score live at eastern Hockey LeagueDot Org and you can watch every game live at hockey TV and enjoy thesecond round. Guys and joint people, shore crew, you at the rink. Thanks for listening to the show. Learn more at Eastern Hockey League DotOrg and follow us on Facebook, twitter, instagram and Youtube. Also, besure to subscribe and get notified when next week's PODCAST is released.

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