Team of the Week (Lumberjacks) | Episode 31


Jim Mosso is heading into his 3rd full season as the Head Coach and General Manager of the EHL team for the Vermont Lumberjacks, however, this will be his 6th year overall with the organization. After being named the EHLP Coach of the Year following the 2015-16 and 2016-17 seasons, Mosso took over the EHL reins halfway through the 2017-18 campaign. With every season the Lumberjacks have raised the bar from the previous year, and Mosso gives a lot of credit to the players that have trusted the process, as well as the league that has developed a strong identity.

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Episode 38 · 6 days ago

Overcoming the Hurdles | Episode 38

The #Ecrew recaps the first week in the EHL and the EHLP, as teams kick-off their respective 2020-21 campaigns. With each passing week the challenges will continue to arise, as the #Eshow works its way through a season like no other. Since this past week's episode was released, the state-by-state restrictions continue to fluctuate. Every day brings a new hurdle, but the #Eshow is set and ready to overcome each and every one of them.

Episode 37 · 1 week ago

2020-21 Season Preview | Episode 37

The #Ecrew is back with our Season Preview for the 2020-21 campaign. The 8th season of the EHL is set to kick-off this Friday, and while we will be faced with many challenges this upcoming year, the EHL is determined to complete a full regular season and postseason schedule. Episode #37 breaks down the different state-by-state restrictions in the #Eshow, and includes our first set of picks for the 2020-21 #Ecrew Fantasy Challenge.

Episode 36 · 2 weeks ago

Team of the Week (Apple Core) | Episode 36

Mike LaZazzera took over the reins for the New York Apple Core, a total of four games into the 2019-20 season. As the year progressed, his team got better, finishing the year off with a record of 6-5-2 after the January Showcase. Unfortunately the late surge was too little too late to get New York into the playoffs, but served as some nice momentum for the coach to bring with him into the offseason.

Episode 35 · 3 weeks ago

Team of the Week (Ducks) | Episode 35

Terry Watt and the Protec Jr. Ducks will be kicking off their inaugural season on Monday, September 21st against the New York Apple Core. A former junior hockey player, Watt was the captain of the Walpole Express back when they had Chris Cerrella, the current Head Coach of the New Hampshire Avalanche, behind the bench. After juniors, Watt followed through with his NCAA Commitment to Buffalo State and then enjoyed a nine-year pro career. Shortly after calling it a career as a player, Watt jumped right into coaching, and it has now all come full circle for him to end up back in the spot that he benefited from the most during his playing days.