Episode · 3 months ago

Milestone Marker + All-Star Selections | Episode 140


On this week's jam-packed episode of the #EShow, Jake Basile kicks things off by interviewing Joe Bertagna (1:24), who is currently in his 40th season of serving as a commissioner of a hockey league. Next up in the Weekly Rundown (32:27), we officially announce the roster that will be heading to New York next weekend for matchups against Nazareth College and SUNY Brockport in the 2022 EHL All-Star College Series. Further along in the #ECrew Fantasy Challenge (1:13:26), a new set of picks are made as Team HNIB promises to close the gap on Team OG. Finally, as we do every week, we wrap up the episode by previewing some games to watch in our What to Watch for segment (1:21:08).

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