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EHL 10th Anniversary Team of the Week (Wizards) | Episode 118


On this week's episode of the #EShow we feature Kory Falite and the East Coast Wizards. The podcast begins with a conversation with Falite (1:10), as we take a look back on the 9th seasons of Wizards' hockey in the EHL. Falite reflects on a marathon playoff series with the Walpole Express, the group of non-age out Wizards that have made their NCAA Commitments, and more. Further along, the #ECrew jumps back on the podcast to continue with our 'Top 10' segment (12:32), as we select the Top 10 players in the history of the East Coast Wizards.

Welcome to the e show with Neil Rabbit. Founded in two thousand and thirteen, the EHL has become the college placement leader on the East Coast. Sit Back and learn more about the next step in your junior hockey career. Welcome to the east show, presented by the polly box foundation. The foundation's mission centers around their daily motto we take care of our own, as they help out all of those within the hockey community who've experienced a catastrophic events. Learn more at polly box foundation dot Org. What's up? My name is Neil Raven. This episode number one hundred and eighteen of the east show. On this week's episode we feature Cory Faladi and the East Coast Wizards. The podcast begins with the conversation with flady as we take a look back on the ninth season of wizards hockey in the EHL. Flad and reflect on a marathon playoff series with the Wallpole, express the group of nonage out wizards that have made their NCAA commitments and more further along. The e crew jumps back on the podcast to continue with our top ten segment as we select the top ten players in the history of the East Coast Wizards, joined now by Cory fully to the head coach Gm of the East Coast Wizards. How's it going, Corey Good Neal? All you're doing good. Thanks for coming back on the PODCASTLE's jump right into it, looking back on this past year, your second year as the head coach. Want to say it was your sixtier with the organization. What are your first thoughts when you look back on the twenty two season? We loved our teams. Easy team to coach every day. There's not one kid in the locker room that I didn't want to see or not want to coach. And now it's a that's a big, big step for us as a coaching staff to have that good base in the locker room. And we struggled to score goals this year. We were winning games two to one or losing games two to one. We had a lot, you know, not to make excuses, we had a lot of top six guys out forward wise, which hurt us. But you know, I thought we played hard and we got better throughout the year. We had a phenomenal series verse the the Express who want to lose in the finals. Like you know, we lose two, game three. We haven't too to go in the third. Some bounces don't go our way. Who knows, if we win that game what happens. But you know, I love that team and a bunch of guys moving on to college. We have ten guys moving on now, with another three or four going to club. And that's what you want. So so kind of the cliche thing. Let's see how you feel about this. You bring up the express obviously they make it at the championship game. So when you see them make it all the way that far, do you feel like you're a bounced away yourself and being in the championship game? Well, I, and I said this to our owner when they got to the finals. I said originally I didn't think we had enough scoring to make a push this year, but seeing what they did, we were two piece in a pod when we played each other. The series speaks for itself and I think coaching wise, we're pretty similar. We played at the same place and you know, the two teams were very equal. And Yeah, I think you know I said. Do I think we were close to them? Maybe we thought we were. So one thing we talked about every year on the podcast in Mars especially, of course, is how the wizards are always a tough out in the postseason. I know for yourself personally, you wish you'd made it further this past year and the year prior when you got knocked out by the railers, but you can make the case that both series were the best first round series of the ball in the league. What makes that? What makes the wizards program so tough to face in the postseason? You know, I we think pride and having guys that want to be at the rink in February, and that's that January and February stretch is tough for for a lot of players, and especially in junior hockey, it's your fit six seventh month being here. And when you have a group of guys that want to keep learning and being watching video every day, and when you have an optional practice the end of February and everybody doesn't everybody's on the ice and doesn't take the option, it's a huge piece and so the learning goes on, the passion is there and you know, we play like that. I try to get guys to whatever skill level you're at, we got to play a hundred percent, because every days would be one goal and and every game we play. I take pride and having coaches say, man, you guys are tough to play against. And you know, I tell my guys that and that's the skill will come, but you got to work and I think that has a lot to do with it. And there was a game this year that feels like it was still it's still taking place right now. To look back on game two of that series of Wallpole and see the three overtimes and go back and think about that day, what goes through your mind? It was a never ending day. We placed on the street, we had guys. Some of the scratches were just grabbing guys food or whatever else to stay rash.

But I mean that game was a hundred and eighteen minutes. I think in the first five hundred and five goal was scored. At a hundred eighteen minute it was, believe there was a powerplay goal for them, powably goal for us, and that's you know, I it just shows how close to two teams were and I've never I've been a part of a double overtime game playing. I've never been in a part of a triple overtime, let alone almost going into a fourth. But you know, it's just a bouncing and Puccini put a talk shelf and that was a really cool feeling, you know, and then that drove us to the next game. We go up to nothing right off the hop maybe it was a bad thing to the world, but now those are fun to Goull teams. I think in that series you was going to the locker room for so many different intermissions, right. How do you come up with something new to say during each intermission? You don't have to say much. I don't think of that point. Guys know it's just, you know, don't be the guy to make that turnover in the new was in the slot, whether we're he's going right down Broadway, right like. Just play hard and make the simple decisions and something will it's usually a funky bounce, you know. But the guys know the situation. You know it's it's do or die where we're about to be eliminated if you give up a goal and there's not much they need to be said at that point. This past week we put out the logo for our ten season. I will actually be the lizards night season, but the number at the top of it's one thou five hundred commitments. The wizards every year put a bunch of kids in college, but a tram this year is it's not just the age outs, even number of younger players they're committing us. Well, what's gone into that? Like? Is it just kind of the trend of this season that there's a lot of out two's and a threes that are ready to go? Well, I mean, if you look last year to I think we had twelve commitments two years ago and I think probably four of when we were under reached. Four or five were. Think it was a seven five split as age out underages. I think there's a couple things that go into it. I don't I don't think you need to be age out to go to college. I say all the time there's there's kids, these guys age playing in the NHL. So you know there's there's if you're good enough, you can play, and it's spout giving a get a shot. I'm a little bit different, though, to I some of my years I'm older. Last year I was on a on a younger side. We had five o threes playing for US consistently. Part of it is the way it worked out last year. Part of it's I got one team here. So you know, you can't build a team of all last year, of old ones, and have to replace twenty six guys every year. That gets tricky as well. Some of the teams are pushing guys up from their premiere teams that know their system. No know everything about them and they know the kids inside. Now our goal is to, you know, have have some guy's return, but at the end of the day, if I think you're good enough, your age doesn't really matter. And you know some of the coaches, we won't the specifics. The first question is, you know, he's an o two, as you ready and my response to one of them this year was a ready, he's the best, one of the best for Dan the cut and in the league. When you talking about it, of course you drink, you know, and you can probably figure out what defenseman that was as a no two. But, like you know, those are the discussions I have and if I feel like you're good enough, I'm going to go to back for you. But you know, most guys need two years, you know. But there are those rare cases that like a Jack Sham Lady and just committed a Stone Hill. He struggle this first half and was arguably our best defense been down the stretches a thousand and three and you know, it worked out for him. So I actually had a couple offers. Is the no three, which is which is surprising, but it was great for him. So and he started to kind of allude to their what you get to bring back, because that's always kind of an interesting thing to see with all of our teams. Right some teams have to bring back more. I get to bring back more than others. You get to bring back you're starting goalie from the postseason. I know in the beginning of the year I think you rotated the three every other game for the first couple of months, but then matt go over solidified himself late in the year as your guy. What did you see in him late in the year? And then how excited that you to have them back for the first age outseason? Well, all three of them. It was a rick. It was a rare case Phill like the year before we hit on more goal scoring and less goalies, and this year we hit on all three goalies. Also made huge improvements from one year to the next and was a completely different goal and you committed. You Mass Dartmouth and I couldn't be more happy for him. And then we had Jacob ends up. Boby sends his kid from the Bruins as our other kid, that he's going to go play, maybe Michigan State Club potentially, but and then this go over to and I just from the most of the year I kind of I trusted all three at any given point and we rotated and there got to a point where mid January is that he kind of took over and and he he's not a big guys, you know ten in the morning when you eeks up,...

...but you know, you know he's he's a little unorthodox. He's not your typical goal with the way you plays, but I love the way he competes in and he was great to have down the stretch and all year. Really he think he he got shut out five times, I think, meaning the other team. We didn't score and that was part of when we were missing three of our top six guys. Not to make a excuses, but you know, he was a frustrating year for him because he loose a lot of times, you know, to nothing with an open net, and so you know it. But he's a great piece to have, a huge piece to come back and you know, to start at least, he should be the backbone and we got some o the two guys coming in that should challenge him. So we're excited to having back. Yeah, as you should be in before I bring the rest of the crew on. Not sure if you saw what we did this past week, but the first team of the week feature of the summer, but we hadd the sevens on and in honor of that ten year coming up, we're breaking down the top ten players needs franchise history. So I get to put you in the spot once before I bring them on. There's been so many good players in the history of the wizards, but please give me the one name that we have to start our list with, and he can come from any year. Well, from the from the red line back to our goal line. He's not because I don't know if he knew what the defensive zone was. But when you have ninety three regular season point, six post season points in three games for ninety nine points, here probably going to be. You know, he he might have been on the ice for one of two goals, but he scoring three or four. So you know, Panzeko was it's an obvious call for I mean the points of the year that he had was just unbelievable. And you know he's he went off and I think he's playing in Europe now actually. And so yeah, I would say him for sure for a player. All right, we'll start with there. That proves your pick. Well, I was going to either go with him or a Dylan Shuet. Obviously they'll probably both be on the list, but how to put you on the spot to start the list off for us? So unds good, I would say. I would say for me lots would be my goalie. But okay, just longevity. He was here. Yeah, yeah, those would be my tow off the top lant. Well, we'll have fun putting together that list and telling some probably some good Freddie Myers stories as well. So thanks for makes, for coming, thanks for coming on the PODCAST. Over, you'll talk to you soon. Thanks again to cory fleet, he can, for coming on the podcast this week. As you heard me mentioned at the end of the interview with him, we're going into the ten season the ehl wizards, almost an original franchise. This is their ninth year and he gave me the first player for the list. So let's now bring in the e crew and guys. He didn't go really off the board or random with his. He went with a former MVP. So like Devin Pan Zeek, as a lot like us, was weller Panzeka, well like. Didn't they call Wiz well like Mr Wizard for a while or something like that? Exaids Glenn Whiz well, even though it's both the nest those see. I think he's also the all times all time games leader. Yeah, I think he's as over a hundred points that over had over other points. He's long gone from the East Coast Wizards Organization, but yeah, he's there. Organization's leader all time points. Neil, if wiswall had one less goal, you would love that stat line even fifty goals, fifty assists, symmetry in a hundred and thirty games. Perfect foot. But one thing I want to talk about Devin Panzik he second all time in scoring and he did it all in one season. Yeah, that's bonkers, that is crazy. But you look at forty three games played, ninety three points, forty three goals, fifteen sis, you have one hundred thirty career games and had a hundred of one points. So yeah, and then you have two more players in the top ten, who also played only one season, chance Gorman and Dylan shoe it. Yeah, so we got Panzeka on here so far. He was from the two thousand and seventeen eighteen season, which he was the MVP. I guess we'll just all we're here. Dylan Shoue at. We got to play him into because he was the rookie of the year that year. Right. Yeah, so it's a captain too, isn't it? Art Assistant Captain, but he may have an right like he was. I know that. I know the shoe it played in the North American Hockey League because I called Games for him when he played with the northeast generals. Yeah, whenever they face the titans, and he even in the know. He was a good player. Yeah, he was very young. I want to say he was like sixteen or seventeen years old when he was in the Eh Shell. Right, and what's funny is he's Atli you now. So that year, the two thousand and seventeen eighteen season, when you have the MVP and you have the rookie of the year, look at yes, you're right, three seasons in the NA captain. Jeff,...

...when he was in the NA that's let's see you right there. I saw him when he was on Lliu this year in northeastern. That's what was too. I remember seen sweat and I was like it was sh wet. Hello, sir. You know what I just thought of? Jeff? Yeah, Oh my God, Lauren and Anthony have not heard the LU story. Oh Gosh, so Lu of the show dolphins, but for a while Jeff thought they were the dolphins. There's shark is a little and I saw dude, you should see me to what I was an out of their start lineups this year and now with a visit a team first for the visiting Shure shelfin. I mean I got a lot of Lark, but it's a shark that does a loook. But the shark. Yes, it does, it does, but Jeff, Jeff, it's okay. When when I was the public addressing answer for the Riveters, I mashed together Rebecca Rousseau and Courtney Burke and I turned it into Rebecca Burke and that became inside joke for the for the rest of the season. They were not the players that actually get tickets under that name. If they wanted extra tickets for the players that they had already run out of slots. So I can sympathize with or I can empathize with you there, Jeff. So it was actually I guss, I think, would never mess it up on the PA microphone. It was just on the podcast and I said go along on the dolphins, and then I think it was neil the game me lo was like the dolphins aren't there, the sharks. That's right. So I du Sue is a shark. But so those two players. You have the MVP of the League in the EHL and the rookie of the year the ehl in two thousand and seventeen eighteen. You get knocked out in the playoffs by the eventual champion avalanche that year. That was the APPS first year in the EHL, right, and then the following season your head coach at the time was Freddie Meyer. I know Corey's is now in the head coach two years Freddy said to me when the season started, this year's team is better than last year's team and I said you're crazy, dude. Like that you what you had the two of the best players in the league last year and then, little did I know, two thousand and eighteen nineteen, team goes to the frozen foals, right with their only seven half come back, only frozen finals appearance. So, like I was absolutely wrong. They they mass that previous team's pointals to sixty one points and seventeen. Sixty one points an eighteen. Yeah, I mean there's definitely a few players on here that we should take from that eighteen nineteen team. But just to kind of close out that point, Panzeka and Shuett weren't on that team. Like that's what made it so crazy, is like they had both those guys the year before. They weren't on that team, though, right. So we got two so far in panzee against Huette. We already mentioned his name. I think we'd be remissed to not put Glenn Wizzwell on here, even if he had more seasons than everybody else. I mean he is Mr Wizard in a way. Wow, went on to play at Castleton. It was crazy, jeff is, all these guys are starting to come graduate from college, to which is married have babies. Makes it makes us feel so old. Oh Yeah, ancient buddy, I'm typing in two thousand and fourteen to two thousand and seventeen for wisball for two thousand and fourteen before. I right, so was. I think that was my first year. I was there one year before you. Yeah, I may have a mistake. Guys, why am I not wearing my Andrew Drew Harley? I was just gonna for sure that was gonna get a worn today. Oh Man, corey would have been so much happier with me. Another guy we gonna put on there, and we actually do. We they farmally off this list last year. I don't know. He's there, right here. We put them. Remember, we went through that weird on these stabilities. We couldn't figure out what to do with the twenty slot. There's MR rising, product extra skater into the top ten. Wait to go. Indre Harley loves Andrew Harley, yes, because he was a two year guy. He played forward and defense, whenever the whatever the coaches asked them to. He killed it at Brockport this year. Will probably kill us in the follow when you face brockport with our all start seem right, but put someone through the boards. Yeah, I remember the HL that you're a good but a hometown kid ended up in his hometown in Brockport. Like a pretty cool story there. So that's that's for guys so far and includes one guy from that eighteen nineteen serious season. We didn't have any goalies last week. Right. We have to. We have to have Jeff. You want to, you want to Corpeian Louts S CCERELLA is good. This corpidian lutes guy who were talking about Chris. Well, I'm really lots. It's a big reason why Lauren wants to have the pronunciation guides next year right for people just like Chris serels Crolla, because he is a butcher. Love you, Chris. He can butcher name. I mean, what do you see this name? I'm still type in the year as I can't type anything right and it's not an easy one, but I feel like it's still where's the it's Lutz. Lots you. Oh, there's no nose... there, like, I don't get it. I don't get to see it a lot. Do you guys see it? I always see lots. Yeah, I did too. I don't ever see it. Loots. I never say it never, but he was part of that eighteen nineteen, actually one seventeen, eighteen and eighteen nineteen team that went to the finals off at Nichols College. Now, quickly we're at five guys just like that half the way there. No loss was a good one. I'm joking about that name, but we had a kid on the men's soccer tea at my school like a couple seasons ago and he his last name is Lutz as well, and I literally all season out of here lutes out here lets. I like I don't know which one to believe and I never got a jets the interview. Some like I don't know what we're supposed to say. So I heard it both ways. So if you for Medians Concert, a name like that before from Germany. Yeah, it is actually from Younich. I believe right you. Yes, I think. Is he playing over there now? I think he's a at Nichols, Nichols College, Nichols mere, Germany. Same thing for close Dudley. Mad this where it gets stuff, though, because we had the same issue just past week with the eighty seventh. Right, you got this big last some last year at twenty names on it. You've already crossed off five guys that have to be there. Oh I got another one we have to put on there. Guy You loved big fantasy guy. Take Fantasy Guy, big guy in general. Jack Conversation Jack Joeanson. Yes, Jack Johansson put away. He's put it on. There a player who won both the EH L P and EHL defenseman of the year awards. Yeah, and now will ta the wizards now all over at Pittsburgh state. We just miss actually playing them or playing him in the college game by a year, right, but he was a huge fantasy guy, probably more for Brittany than for me or you. But remember last year or two years ago. Now she's because we just went through another whole season, but I remember when I was still in imp you with the edge. For anyone that doesn't know to Neil Ravan called every single wizards game the first four years that you were in the league. Is that it was a fifth year that you had to start calling some other games and you needed some help and I was the only other person that ever called. In the last year they called Casey was great. I know he's moved on more season with some other stuff. And Callin who got to call the longest game and in the history of the EHL. Was that his last game with the wizards to yes, there was. That was his last hl game. Damn, I mean, and he hasn't come back for another season this year, right, because I saw he's down self right now. Dud's a baseball I don't know if you stay down there. What I mean what a crazy game that was. That was a hundred and seventeen minutes. They love playing those long do they have long overtime? Game Against Lawrence railers. That was that last two years ago. That was game I was gave three where waiting to do a podcast, so like midnight for a lot of other reasons. Yes, that was game three. That the with the railers beat them in Worcester to go on and face the Rangers. That's right. Actor Hanson was part of that team. We he started off sluggish. That you're fantasy and I remember wanted to build but you was like a Jefferson. Tell meal, I'm coming, but have a big second half and then I think you scored that game out of the CIST and then he lived up, like the rest of the second half. And I remember you wait to be one time because the edge, if anyone does to know, you get this nice little perch that you stand up on and look over the ice. The Wizards Bench is right below you, so they're right there looking at you and Iver he looked up and like waked out me and it was like there is he said he's gonna do it. Is it one of is it one of those purchase where you're basically on top of the scores table? Know, it's like it's to the side of the bench. It's like a piece of Scaffol Day. They have to climb up and it has wheels. So like when you when you get sounds very unsafe. Oh Dude, yeah, it's it's fine, as I have almost been drilled by with a pock up there. But like you have to when you get up there, you gotta have to this plant your feet and like you're locked in, like and then you just pivot your head the entire time. Right, don't be go move the hips and stuff too much, for it starts doing the Yes, but you you get to hear everything right, like. So, like that year that the wizards lost to the railers in the first round, I had actually picked the railers to win that series in the bracket, right. Everybody else picked the wizards and the railers one game one, and then the series shifted back to the edge for game too and Johansson scored a goal and because the bench is right there and he dripped us the drive by the bench. You could hear him like like everyone kirk cousins did that, like you like that business? You like that, you like he kept yeah, you like that, I'll you like that. And I'm like yeah, my guy, I could have done that words. I lost words. He's like you pick Wester and he's like banging on the glass next to all. I'm calling the game. Like, Dude, can you chill, like, can you tell?...

But that is an amazing thing about the I love broadcast from there because you can do every you can do the play by play, color and ringside all from right there with you said time out. So you just take the one head, goone off, listen to what Corey say, listen what the players are saying. You can report that back to home. So it is a great spot. Edged called Games. I love it. So we keep going with the stories. Yeah, that's about right about these organized was or no, the wizards. No, coach hirped harder then Freddy already by was God. Freddy was. Freddy was ruthless and because what he would always say is like, I think it was like ruthless, but he would say the stuff that he heard in the NHL was like ten times worse. Right, like there was a game once where a player like got mad because, like Freddy, was like all over a ref one game, like like no, no, Jef surprised, but like Dymyr, former Boston University terrier, capounder and lay a thrasher. Everybody, Philip fires, Atlanteth Rasher, Philadelphia Fly tune, rusted. It's a neutral zone face off at the DOT, literally right in front of the wizard's bench, and he's just going and going and going, and one of the opposing players glasses on, her glasses off, I don't even know. Man Really imploding. One of the opposing players goes coach, but you just shut up, like like where did you? Like, where have you even been? And and Freddy was like where am I? You don't know. Yeah, he's like, I don't know who I am. I played four hundred games in the NHL. You couldn't even carry my back and I was like, Oh my God, what are you just say? I like, you know, your Mike's like right there at Jeff and you, Yep, actually got on hockey TV. You bought it down. No, I can't pot it down because you have to put the MIC at you. Oh yeah, right, and if you got if you try and like crouch down, the whole thing starts shaking back and Dorth. So I was like, well, someone the hockey TV just here that. So, yeah, I mean he was a where. He was one of our more decorated coaches when he was in the League. But he said a long time be you. terrier played for Jack Parker for years. Was a great islander, good defense when Webshot. He has very person out seventy three points in two hundred and eighty one games. I mean for the average fan you probably think these thinks, but hey, as someone who topped at it, he high school hockey, I killed for that kind of career. Let's say. Maybe we could put a I was actually thinking about Texti Rolier Dal and say like Freddie should be on the all time list. Can we get coaches on this too? Man, that's a good point right, like he was one of my favorites. So, like he told me, Hor was his assistant coach for years. Yeah, all those years. Don't know. So he was right there. Like Freddy said, at one point in the NHL he dressed in womps Ford and twenty five straight games. Didn't playing one of those games because it was just because they were trying to see guys work out during for injuries, during warmups, like crazy stories like that. Right had me. He had me get on the IIS with the team once for a wizard's practice and he would point at the goalie and say where he was going to shoot the puck and then still score, like he was like, I'm gonna put it over your glove, I'm shooting it over your glove and then just ripped it. I was like, Dude, he just holds you where it's going and he still did it like this is why he has his business now, which is a skills business, and he's does very well doing that, because man like this. This too good, too good. So yeah, so it's still six. Yeah, but off the rails. You know what? Next week acto Hanson just helped us well, and next week when we do the railers, make them really off the rails, but this week huge track on the rails. That's six so far in this for it starts to get tough right because there's a lot of names here that you could put on this list. There's even one from this past year that I didn't realize he played so many games for the wizards. Cold Scott. Yeah, he's played seventy, I think it's seventy five games for the wizards. We Love Cold Scott. Big, big Ye show fan called Scott. I think he's shows him finished. Almost is a point per game player too. Yeah, I think you're right. Lauren. Not a big Fan of being picked by Jeff and fantasy. No, every time I showcase book story Jeff, you like hang his head's IT Scotty? In the next week I had to pick on they scored three goals. Yeah, good times. Actually for six years because he was at the rebs before, I think, eh LP, and then three years with the with the ehl wizards. So definitely a name. We're going to do this one differently than last week. Anthony, it's already mad at me. I'm putting like a second list over here, like potential names sort of up into the category of in the top ten. Right, wait, wow, I be mad at you because last week you said watch the criteria. We had no key there. We just waited it. Right, so I'm sinuing to just wing it. So here's a here's a second list. will put it below my email signature to make it even mad about that. Hey, like, whatever works, it works. So He's actually he's second behind whist well for games played wizards history. A hundred eighteen games for Scotty, seventy five points, thirty four goals for me. One to this...

...was what was a hundred thirty games, real the only two to play over a hundred games for the wizards. So yeah, I think he's definitely a candidate for this list. James Nash would be mad at me if I don't think about him, because when I got my dog Nash and post the picture of Nash, he responded to me and said great name, of course, and every time I post something with the dog he usually responds and says hey, it's me. Not totally, but okay, well, James. So one of my other favorite players was matc Capucci. I know we're not comple to have everyone on this list, right, but Kapucci one game took a hit and get a full cage on. took a hit that broke his cage and it cut next to his eye like a like a full like see, and like there was a lot of blood, I think, out of the air. I said that's a lot of blood to but, like he I don't even know what trainer was there that day, but they just put a little glue in there. They like held in place till afterwards. We're exactly DIG ASS blood. Yeah, I almost said that, baby show. Who should we who's a lock in here next? Luke peppen, two man, you gotta like talk about Todd d blue peppen, Papa Pett it sir. Yes, the Furos of ptros first name alone deserves to be in there. I missed the paper points for use to have fantasy. Pretty Stares too. Gots more poper points up top, Anthony, or down below? For Now? See Gary? Yeah, we're not sure yet. HMM, I don't know. You's do in the league longer than I have. I mean, but bunny, but papa called assholes. Hey, wow, sixty sixty three points in eighty games as a defenseman. Seventy nine points for a game in two seasons. I think that's pretty impressive. It was a Considerat to one of the vols. Six pips you. Oh yeah, we'd do it all pids, ehl teeth, get the good squat up. So literally everybody you picked for fantasy. Yeah, everyone, and Anthony Pick. Anthony was the all suspension fantasy. I'M gonna call my teath the Jeffer support, was it? Or was it jeff because a lot of people the first, like the first two weeks in fantasy, because I think Ryan Brow was the first one I picked, or might have been the second one, and then Dominic Metro might have also gotten suspended. Yeah, I was. It's so were worse and got suspended week one after be the HLP for the lass love. Yeah. Also, so speed week was like, okay, awesome, sweet, but what? Jack has seven already. Yeah, so, if I if I put cold Scott and fact PUPA petrows in to follow, that the criteria that we did last weekend and he just put a man and then figure out want to change them later. That puts us at eight and we haven't put into it. We haven't put in Luke peppin yet, we haven't put in Brendan Darby yet, Trent pitch the Yelbom, like there are some great names here, like I don't know if he makes this list, but Mike Birmingham was one of my favorite players because he was just like he wasn't the most athletic and he'll a minute to write, but he got putty, got placed one right and like speaking of church, like Freddy. Freddy one time said the Birmingham to stop eating chicken nuggets and he's like, coach, I can't, they're too good. Like Hey, it's more of a popular thing these days then a few years ago. But if we had the air friar back that then you could have probably just air fronts and buggies. Well, that's that. He had something we had all. Man, I feel like that. That won't you, Jenniman? Man? Yes, it is close. We had are fly Air Friar say that ten times past. Are Friar Cauliflower todds their night. Damn M I was pretty fired up about that. Fried of this just quite a new of it, with an air frying option of real pumps about it. It's come to the mail. So to go off rails again, Anthony. How much craft did you get for last week's list, because we're about to get more crap this week. So he said he's done. Really were NAT only none? Yeah, it was only the comments and instagram then, from but the comments on instagram from both George Weiner and worth hockey. I didn't see those, yes, not place up it on. So back on track. We got eight. We have pancy guys, shoe wet wis well, Harley Lott's Johanson, Scott of a pet trips, luke peppen, friend and Darby Chance Gorman, like chance call this season. I don't know if anybody else's gotta take the cake. Good Scott takes the cake, warns, because he played so many games. A lot of those guys. Maybe there are some good guys this year. Cam Collins is good.

You just they just haven't played enough games. I feel like to make a top list like this. Cam Collins is one of the nonage outs that I refer to my interview with Corey that's going to college here. It's now. No, he's got like five guys that are going to college right now. So I just put chance Gorman on because I know Anthony brought this up earlier. Guys that put up the points that they didn't. Just one season, Gorman, just one season with the wizards, sixty eight points and the comeine, forty nine games. He was an all star that year. That was actually the year that we beat Salem state, lost the US Boston and tied Fishburg. State. So he said, looks where of the College series? Jersey, the zepp. Yes, that was the last year with that W USH, those those gray ones. Then I got the four sets that we broke out this year. But to keep going off about how we don't know what the criteria is at Almira this year he had twenty nine points and twenty six x games as a sophomore. Like we said, yeah last week, if they did a little bit college, we can consider that. So after twelve and fifteen as a freshman. So what he did in the EHL has clearly translated over to college. But also keep in mind like ehl numbers are over such a bigger scale of games that like you couldn't put up those same numbers. Like twenty nine points in twenty six is basically the similar to D and sixty six and forty five. It really is. Yeah, he's a point. He was like a point a half or game play with the wizards and his little over a point for game player at Omro so. Yes, so in that quick math. We Love Math. Well, math. So that puts us that nine guys so far. WHO'S gonna BE MR A row? They named that after the last pick in the NFL draft for he but it doesn't know at home. So so plaut against anybody being there are some great names on this list who I know can't be a part of this right like. So, if you go through so far on the if you look at the all time team, and we had we put thegether last year. We have sew at, we have liz well, CJ Gran. Now we could think about Pan Zeka staffer all we could think about. I probably L Rod. Had A great career, car l Rod, but not enough to be in the top ten. We just put chance Corman, I mean Trent Pitt. Best Mustache of all time in the League. Soon was he supposing? Can't be. Can't be given too much credit for mustaches without talking about Gustin. Yeah, we'll talk about him when we do all these. For sure, player mustache they go. It was best. Fine, yes, US, because coach is Seth Gustin, and I think the conversations over trying to call it trying to pull up trend's instagram and see if he had. Well, there we go. I mean Calm Ah, that is so good. Wow, like the rolly fingers. Like roll to it too. So for now I'm going to start by putting Trent pitzer right here, right, and now we're going to go back to the all time team and just see if there's a name that we feel like we should have put on this list and didn't. Yeah, right, so that's like a Cej Grenelle or an Andrew Staffera, Brendon Lloyd. He was a player that came over to the wizards from the New Hampshire monarchs and just lit it up for like a month and a half straight. After the roster freeze. Brendan Darby played in the same line as chance Corman and Andrew Harley. That line was lethal. That eteen, Nineteen Year James Nash I mentioned before. Unfortunately, I don't know if being named after my dog either way around does any well. But another one to meal we R and web year, because we have to suffolk players, and Cold Scott and Ryan Webb. Right, go rob us, that's Bob, so says the robs. The robams, macapuhi, Luke peppens on this list. Like, is there someone on this list that shouldn't be on this list? I think these guys are all desert I feel like Pitzer is a fitting the mustache alone, but points for game totals since we've been talking about he finished. Where is he right now? He is third all time and was these points. You know, it's gonna be funny. Seventy seven. I'll probably get more crap this week than Anthony got last week. I don't even work for the wizards right any more, but I called the guy called games for a while, right, but I'll probably get more crap than Anthony from WHO? Cory Freddy? All have a players. Players loot these, these, those fast players love this. The fall you and still talk to you and well, actually mentioned mustaches. Ryan Webb had a good one this season. We had it a few times. True, I forgot...

...about that. I interviewed him and I was like, that's quite the visial here and everyone. Anthony Ass last week if we should do honorable mention. I love awful mention because it just helps you get a few more names on. But you know, one receive the votes. Yeah, I can't ever see the boats like the power of right. If we have to start over right up to do the eighty sevens again, right, I can't. I can't conside on that. Take up backwards and everyone's offseason boo place and everyone makes I change the rules on thing causingly right. So I'm sticking to it because you do. I don't know. I respect you for that, Neal. How does someone get? I get fourth and the third place now, I think, Anthony, I agree that we combine to get third place, whatever, like we were either last yes, we combined for last place. How did I change the rules? By change the rules, I want to add myself fifty points randomly. You were gone, laurences, you just see, you didn't you change the rules, you just you just didn't use them correctly for yourself. Wow, it was next year deal. I love this soft little whisper ouch from Jeff. So there are a few names that are going to get left off this list, for sure, but they happened every week. Just have to roll with it. You know, it's funny. Is like there's names that weren't even on this all time list that will probably reach out to me about not being on the top ten list right like you want on last year's list. You probably mad at me then, and now you're gonna be mad at get here. Like blame green, Jemmery, him, Jeff Lean Green, what you say? He was a defenseman. I blanking on what year. But he he would always comment on how he would read every single one of my game day stories or like he would like listen back to every man in the every broadcast. Right, Playing Club at UTAMPA. Now, right, what have I like what one kid that just ate up everything that we did for the EH shell spent two seasons of the wizards. Shi. Keep going with the stories. Yeah, there's a great playing green story. So it also involves Freddy. This is basically the Freddie Meyer episode. So the wizards in two thousand and sixteen seventeen we're down facing the junior flyers in the playoffs. Junior fires no longer in the Ahhl, no longer playing junior hockey, extinct. Junior fires. Still have the little fires. The youths, though, still real good use programs. Yes, so that year one of the youth programs for the junior flyers had a player named Carson Brier on their team. Father Danny Pree, Danny breer. Danny's in the rank. The same day the wizards are down there. I'm down there for I think I was doing color commentary with the Joe Sindoni, who was calling against the junior fires. Go WHO's calling the Gamest of the PA huntsman this year. Join the host. My Philadelphia Hardcoob will see to we yes, so, but we're getting ready to call one of the Games and I think playing green was like scratched that day. Area was out injured. And we're all sitting in one of those little cafe sections that they have at Iceline, massive ring, on real ring, though, and Danny brier walks by and him and Freddie like hey, Freddy as a going. Ay, Danny, how's it going? And it's like blades, like you know Danny Brier and of course today play with them. If he's like yeah, me NHL Dude, like I play in the NHL with him and he and I blade starts eating it up right. He's like you played in on the in the same locker room as Danny Brire, like that guy was sick. And Freddy's like yeah, he gave me a million dollars too, and and blames like he gave you a million dollars, like for what? Like he's like Whoa? When Danny's daughter, when Danny got there, I was wearing forty eight and and blades, like what know? You were like yeah, I was wearing forty eight, and they kept sex D he's ever, you can't wear that, and it's the million dollars, bln. And they kept saying like this, young kids coming in, like you gotta give it to Danny Bri are, and and this is Freddy telling us ord to blame, right, and Freddy's like so, yeah, I went up to him when he got there and just myself and said here's number forty eight, can I have a million dollars? And Danny just wrote him a check on the spot and playing like it. And now I, and now, and now I. Blade is like fully into this story, right. He looks like, Freddy, you're a billionaire's yeah, oh my God, way, just, like, no, way, like he bought the number off you, like I can't believe this, and Freddy's like bolts on and Freddy's like go ask him. So blade just goes and ask Danny Bri are right there on the lobby and ice like and Danny Brierre loses it, laughing and it like looks all over, Freddie, Freddy, come on, man. And Freddy looks back and played dude, hit at anything. I just gave him the number and it and nod it and it came was like so like embarrassed that he went up and like like fell for the whole thing. But it was just so great,... because we're not see ned a rippus check with out there as like hey, blade, sorry, it's just stock Carson. Carson's a mercy hers. Now I think, yeah, see, it's right. Yeah, but it was just so funny because like blane was believing like every part of the story and like I'm like, Dude, is he not picking up on the starcasm? Like this is like clearly sarcastic. Likely, it says gold all this. It does they get cliss is clearly very sarcastic and not there's no truth to this. But you're falling for every single part of the story. But it made agree and that's what made Freddy Green and obviously a lot of what he learned he passed on to cory as the head coach. Now, I mentioned it when we were when I was interviewing cory. Wizards obviously been knocked down the first round each the past two years, but historically they're just such a tough out every postseason, always the second half team always started a little bit slow, but that this year would they started out like gang busters, wasn't it? And then they kind of tapered off the second half. But you they're always the second half. Was Just said Warriors, but were Steven this sleep, so we can't say that there are a second half monsters. Remember that stretch where they went to it, they went and they couldn't score a goal. It was like a three or four game stretch and and Corey was portals. Yeah, Corey was pouring out that. Many of those games were when Matt go over was in net. Right. So go over's win loss record doesn't look as good from this past year because obviously go over can return this upcoming year for his age out. Year is when lost record doesn't look that good. But the goals against in the same center numbers are high because he lost a lot of one nothing to one two nothing games and it's like, I'm sure that got had to be frustrating, but hey, maybe the two thousand and twenty two, twenty three westods will be more like the se seventeen eighteen with pansy. Mat over, by the way, had the game where he sat sixty one shots at a sixty two and that game that one hundred and seventeen minutes. You are just stirkin. Yeah, and he cut well, except go over. Actually, no, yeah, he was on the losing side. To at the comparison actually tracks. Oh No, no, no, no, they want they won that game. They Wizards won that game. Right. Yes, the wizards won that game. So the comparison does not track because she serkin did not win that game. Yet they big devil's fans, not like the wreas well. Now, I mean he kind of wanted the if go over has another good season, you know, maybe not right now, but is he going to be a player that could be considered top ten at some point? He could say lots, play the most games, fifty two a think panky for go over next season, for probably, for my job is I need to find the story behind his nickname. I'm really good. He didn't really like even give us a bunching. They were just like, oh, yeah, it's from like high school or whatever. Wan with, but wow, you thought it's so many goals and cookie do this year law remember we found out Jack Boshard secret at the frozen finals and heats cookie dough before every start. That was literally that was like the best surprise the whole week is getting a plate of cookies from kid weighs a hundred fifty five pounds. You. He's cooking every night. I wish. He's a great kid. That's actually the east of vision right with God were being able to return. Bossher could retash you good, return to wall bull. That right. Goalie careery could return to the warriors. They just signed a big goalie to hoping cot from Crop School. Hopkins can return to the SEAHAWKS. Yea, thank you, Chris. Chris Jackson can return to the Rangers. Of all returning goal is he's is just returning. Every team can bring a guy back. Interesting, HMM. They try to get some of the frozen board next year? Yes, so, or start with the ALLSTAR event? Right? So I can only bring so many goalies when we face for Black Port Nazareth this fall. So maybe it's goover like for spot. Put Your Duke's up cookie do up. So to recap the top ten, which will see what the response is like this week. The top ten Devon Pan Zeek, Dylan Shuett, Glenn Wiswell, Andrew Harley, Corbinian. What's Jack Johanson, Cole Scott Zach poppa Petro's chance Corman and Trent pit. Sir, there's your top ten. The one name I'm thinking of as Luke peppen, but we'll see if he comments, because I'm sure he will put that one post it and I'll just say five seconds later. Would peppen is out of Oh an. Hello. It probably a text message to to be honest. So yeah, but we got a team in the south so far, we got a team in the east so far. We're going to shift things over to the central next week and highlight the railers junior hockey club, who are going into their fourth year. So we'll only have three seasons to stiff through for that one. So that one, Hey, maybe that one could be a little bit easier for us. We shall see, but we'll talk to you next week. Ust thanks for listening to the e... Learn more at Eastern Hockey League Dot Org and follow us on Facebook, twitter, instagram and Youtube. Also, be sure to subscribe and get notified when next week's PODCAST is released.

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