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Best Of The First Half | Episode 103


On this week's episode of the #EShow we take a look back at all of the great moments so far in the 2021-22 season (0:57). The #ECrew has both laughed and debated throughout the year, setting the table for what will be a great final three months of the season. Kick back and enjoy some of the best highlights from the podcast!

Welcome to the east show with Neil Rabbit. Founded in two thousand and thirteen, the EHL has become the college placement leader on the East Coast. Sit Back and learn more about the next step in your junior hockey career. Welcome to the e show, presented by the Polay box foundation. The foundation's mission centers around their daily motto, we take care of our own as they help out all of those within the hockey community who've experienced a catastrophic event. Learn more at play box foundation dot Org. What's up? My name is Neil Raven and this episode number one hundred and three of the east show. On this week's episode, but take a look back at all the great moments so far and the two thousand and twenty one twenty two season. The ECREW has both laughed and debated throughout the year, setting the table for what will be a great final three months of the season. Kick back and enjoy some of the best highlights from the podcast. I mean my favorite question on the road is where is the Eastern Hockey League located? And I have to be polite right I can't just say question, where's the head or my house? Where is it located? I was like, it's up north, it's in the northeast, but like because the new catcher, because it's in the name Eastern. It's the first name in there. Right, like wing what patriots? But people I when I say, are right the fuck. I noticed it last year with the eighty seven eh LP team. Every time they went to a showcase I had to move them further down the power. I thinks afterwards you may have noticed that to Anthony because they struggled in showcase. Well, yeah, you want to know why? Because you schedule them to play a game right after. They have to make a four hour bus drive of Boston to hear they you, you, you, Neil. No, no episode. There's one I remember. We went to Chelmsford, right and the seven S P team had two games that day. The the first one right off. The boss had to go play against the Boston junior rangers. Eight one loss. Then that's later than the open. I can hear Maddie cared now, Oh my God, wait, later later that night they played against the New Hampshire. I have Valanche, the other best P team, and its in to one. Geld eight seven took him into overtime. You hate to make excuses by their legs were like Spaghetti. But I think it's about we're not just the SNS but team Maryland Philadelphia, where you have to make these drives all the way up to these New England states and if you're playing right off the bat, you're kind of had a disadvantage against teams like the Boston Junior Rangers for the New Hampshire Avalanche, or it's a twenty five minute drive right to the arena and you're ready to go. The the challenge of scheduling, to defend myself, is finding the balanced for when you have to play two games in one day, obviously because you have to have enough time in between, finding a balance for a teams like Maryland to get there right. But College hockey still, whether it's Division One, two or three, is predominantly a northeast sports still and we're fortunate that crazy stat. Seventy percent of college hockey programs combine. Do you one, D two, D three? Most of our kids go d two, d three. Everyone knows that. But seventy percent of Division One, two and three hockey schools fall in our footprint, right inside the maps. Seventy percent, but but the but the higher majority of those are in the state of Massachusetts. Look at just mass on it and its own masses loaded with hockey and it is and you can't put much more into the state right. But that's why the showcases have stayed up here, because you hit you see the most colleges like that. It's why in a four days span in October we play three college teams. This is this is something that I do want to bring up. I was watching the I think it's the East Coast Wizards, first the Connecticut chiefs. The Wizards had a one goal lead with under two minutes left in the third period.

The Connecticut chiefs scored on a dumping from Centeris Alto was in goal for that and you would think that most goaltenders would fold after giving up something like that. Right. Wrong. Alto made some ridiculous sieves in overtime, like absolutely incredible, and then he stopped I think two out of the two shots he basing the shootout. He was terrific and I think that just showed resiliency. That shows that you know he can rebound after giving up a tough goal and I hope that we get to see him in the showcase because I think he is a good goaltender. He won't define himself by giving up a Centeri school and I think that he worked his way into my fantasy team. I want to see what he's got. Okay, Tyler Penry, another player who's been racking up the points. Three goals, six assists for nine points in just five games and he's a he's another player that I think and it really help out the Lumberjackson the showcase. He pulled the Michigan, which I have been told by multiple people that it's actually the Mike leg. I was like, nobody knows, like like Mike leg was. It happened in Michigan. That's why people call it the Michigan, but if you ask the NHL, they call it the Specchika. Well, there's good hang on, hang on, hang on thereas this is a hill I will die on. There's a death between. Know there's a difference between the Michigan and the special a call the Michigan is where the players actually pressed down on the puck with their stick, kind of like how Mikel did it. The spetchnikof is where you just kind of shove your blade underneath the Puck, where I think it's a little harder to do, but if you can do it right, you can pull it off quicker. When Anthony Tavaris pulled off the Michigan for the eighty sevens, I think a lot of people forget that Pete and Jones nearly pulled off the Stetchen the coll where he was behind the net. No really, he just put this the the punk, right under or the sick blade right under underneath the park and nearly scored in one quick motion where it's like Taveri's. You can kind of see it on folding, but I think with the Specchi the coll it's a quicker move, though harder to pull off. Okay, he's given your boy Andres props. Well, see, I told you, neal, he it's catching on people. Do We eleven't it? Do we light the goal? Do we like that style of a goal? I think it's cool. I think it takes a lot of good pull that off, especially like whatever. One's around the net like that and they're just everywhere. It's it's you wouldn't think you'd be able to toss it in like that. Say It's a bold move because, like you said, you gotta pull it off quick or you're gonna get decked. You're going to that's the thing. Right then, if I was the Defestiman, I would just run through that guy. I like to that would be like I would put you through the glass. You guys call me old I'm old school. I love what a guy goes down on a breakaway and just shoots it. It's not a game to watch here necessarily, but a Jersey to watch for are those hot LUMBERJACK's black jerseys. Those are pretty fresh, I thought. I thought the plot was pretty cool in the white ones, but when you see it on the black jerseys, that's something else. I say. They had that at the game. I went to this last weekend and it was amazing. Can I point out one thing? This is a shot. I guess this is shot you too. I'm curious to see if the Rangers bust out the black jerseys themselves, because for the practice jerseys, the lumberjacks, the lumberjacks black jerseys, are better than the Rangers, who. Oh, and and the Rangers are all in one in the black jerseys, right. So like so keep putting in the black jerseys. Everybody else will appreciate it. What is this rights? What is the line. I'm not superstitious, but I'm kind of stitious or whatever that line is like. Yeah, see, avalanche, the avalanche one both of their championships in the navy the Dark Blue Jerseys, and then they only brought the golds last year. So I do believe in some of that Jersey stuff. So we'll have to if we notice any trends with...

Jersey. Saying that the lumberjacks aren't going to do well since they lost in their black days. Just wanted I just want to see you make it a hot take, right. Just want to see what happens. Just want to see what happens. That's all of the cliff knows that he can be a pain, but he likes to be a pain, right. So, cliff, set me a stat change for team Maryland. Cliff, you coach the renegades. You can't send me a stat change for team Maryland. Well, it's from my son. I I understand that. And he goes. As you can clearly see in the video, cliff, the video that you took of your phone on your computer screen, that I can't see anything pixelated. But like, like, I've always said that all of you would ever what he else in this league you have to be able to addish and take it back or take it back in this league. So I said, I go cliff. Yeah, it's so clear in the video, the blurry video, it's so clear. But I did get confirmation from Josh that it was the past, from Graciano. It did. It actually helps that the broadcaster said Graciano to dawnily like. But it was this funny that like cliffs like. Well, if Josh hasn't set it and I got Josh is gonna send it, just give it time. Yea, but will bean to now. It's a great will be there in person. Only a bunch of stad changes in person this weekend, I'm sure. Way To you guys. See the hat I have for the first day of the showcase. It says first place on the front of it, because I'm in first place. Lauren called you up this week. Yeah, he was like that Horn, a little from the top, up by less than two points. Still at the top was up. I was up by way more first week, so that's not super exciting for me. Sorry. Well, fair you three or Anthony. Anthony, I ad to point out I feel bad for you for this. Your for and defense been the first Games they played for you this week. Each got suspended. That's Club Buddy Lee class. I only what guy spend it. You still got eighteen points for Jackson Bernard. I looked and I was like how did Anthony gets zero, zero, eighteen's. That's what's crazy. Right up until the final game of the week, Anthony was in first place for the week from Bernard. So you have to kind of think like if my guys don't take suspensions, then I'm blowing this thing away and Nell can stop pounding his chest and he's in first place pretty much overall standings to Lawrence Point. I am not running away with it. That's what you said, though. You're like, ohh, it's nice to see you guys from the top. Ye, I'm gonna go two points, yes, but I'm waving to you because I'm not going to look back. That's that's the issue. Okay, so I'm at forty three, you're at forty point six. Anthony's at thirty nine point eight. Jeff, I know you feel like you're far behind, but you're not. You're at twenty eight and you know how quickly this thing can change. Yep, I'm and there's everyone's got multiple games this week and this is the big week. This is really the big weeks that we start to hit the ground running with their boots and catch him in that heaven that he's in the standing soon the high high horse, a whole two and a half points ahead of Horn so. And in that team Marland game, Nathan Muller had to make thirty five staps and that shut out Miller Melos reserved turned that this week. He is one of three millers on BHR and they're all spelled differently. One of them is spelt the way that you think the Miller should be spelt. Yes, Tomasso ueler actually said that it was like Nathan Millard, it's a boss wheeler up to Tommy Miller, like it's okay, it's confirmed now, but what I was saying is I don't know if there was a game when Miller in goal, the one that's in goal, had to make thirty plus saves like that last year, but Ronan Mobley winning...

...two of the three starts he made, including that shut out victory against the wizards. That made a huge difference. I just skipped Lauren there for a second. We kicked over to my team Lawrence picking next. WHOA? I wanted to. I wanted I wanted to start pounting my chest in for a second. Well, no, he brought up he's really it's okay, he brought up a valley. I Apologize. Okay, I your you go or my players. You talked about every elsers. Well, okay. Well, you had bonus points as leave. I will gladly leave because clearly don't want I'm eating my words right now. I'm eating my words right now. You had the bonus points first because aiden Hodge Kiss scored the game winning goal. Go hotchie against the wizards. Seeing seeing bills a Leboni is always like one of my favorite moments. Right. So he comes in for clarification with Microshard, who's their peak coach, about how the playoffs work, and I mentioned guys, like it's on the website. Everyone makes the playoffs and bill without a taste, its like you made the playoffs and this high boss, Mike, it was like a and he's like your first year, you're going in and it's like it was like it's you made the playoffs a month ago, like like it's a bonus for everybody. told it was awesome, but the funniest moment that I don't know if enough people have picked up on this yet, but I'm sure you all saw the team picture that we took, which everyone was in there a way jersey, and then when you kept swiping on instagram and turned into the All Star Jersey, came out awesome. For those that are on this podcast, I'm going to show you and for those are at home, you got to go to instagram. Egan Schmidt makes the same exact face and both pictures it's almost like his head is on a tea. It's beyond impressive. So I'M gonna hold it up so you guys can see. First, look at the way his head is tilted and the eyebrows and everything. Watch and then I'm going to swipe over. It's literally the same exact face. Oh my God, it's two different pass for Jersey and like we I pointed that with the hicklings because they saw it too and we were like, how did they do that? What's the next you sit next to you to write. Well, please. We go to sit down for the picture and I'm sitting in a chair and he's the first captain that shows up in and Margaret hike he's like you could pick any of these chairs and he goes right next to meal. I was like, okay, Tyler and Anthony were on together with Justin turning the camera on Friday nights. So all right, the whole the whole hockey TV crew that we put together was excellent for that one. When I turn the camera for a couple periods on Saturday, it didn't go well. I almost missed it out. It did not. So, Oh yes, I know why. We help jedular. Oh Yeah, you I really when you have to put the top place together and one of them for one of the goals and you're washing it back and you're like, are you gonna get the goal? It's like somebody just like fell asleep midway and I'm like they're gonna turn the camera because the police are going left and the camera was still fishing towards the right and I'm like, are you gonna get this goal? We barely squeaked it in there the motion activated camera that took over for as a little bit. They're hey, the most important thing is that Neil got the goal. That's that's the most just barely. Well, this is why I duties. This is why duties. This is why, this is why I don't turn the camera ever, that I'll keep playing my tiny little violin that keeps getting smaller small every freaking week. Oh, Nash, come on, Daddy, I know. Thank you, Buddy. Through made in appearance. He's made in the pair, as you could see. Will Go. So episode ninety five. I think this is the most, the highest number of Appairan says Nash has ever made in the podcast.

I'm currently holding his prey on toy and he just keeps putting it back in my hand. He really is in an episode ninety five. I'm not sure. What are this about? Ninety five. He wants to be a part of it. For some reason. These are logo. We love you match. He keeps putting it back in my head. I can't get rid of this thing. For the past two years. What have I complained about forever? Did you know that Nell got a hat trick trick points, and who gets the first hat trick of the year? Yeah, you did. Yes, he had the best week going until my hat trick got a ramp the hatchery game. Sorry, it's gotta keep plugging that one. I also have some really great fantasy news. I got a Hatschrick last week with the one for one file time. I got a Hatschrick last week and then Justin twelve as I mentioned, got me four goals, including the hatchery against sea coast. I got a Hatchrick last week, my hat trick. Can you take your ego outside please? Hey, like I can. And then Damon Du Lac, a funny story I have to share about him. I have the head shots folder from the railers because at times we've been using head shots for some stars of the week stuff and when you put the photo on sports engine sometimes it compresses. So I can go in and I can grab the original high quality head shot and I find Damon Dulas and then I find a second Damon Dulac. I don't know if I want to show it and share my screen right now, because the second Damon Dulac has taken off the shirt and the jacket that was underneath his tie for that picture and it's just the tie bear chested and I was like con right there, wow, like I was like that's a look like that had to be hiking their actual Fridays to a new level, right. So I found the picture and I honestly laughed to myself in my Empty House here, my office right they're a good ten minutes and the HL headquarters. I clearly nobody else finds this funny right now because I'm laughing a by myself, but I thought it was just tericle. So called the the PEA game between the railers in the sevens, and they're just sacked from top to bottom, where you can put in Law Pierre, you can put in wikings, you can put in any goaltender in there. You can probably put me in there. I still find way to get a shut out. Are we gonna do that at the NEWINGTON showcase? Anthony, bring the game. You know, I used to when I work for the the titans in the Nahl and also with the eighty seven's. I actually sometimes have my skates and would wheel around. I was more of a Fuword, but like, have you ever played goalie before in street hockey? You have never pace. One of my friends growing up made a rank in his backyard every year and we would all tonight who got to be goalie, and just one shot off my face and I was like, I am never doing this again. This is not like always, not fun at all. I caught for ten years of baseball, which is very different than goaltending. So I feel like similar because you got something fast come flying at you. But yeah, street hockey goaltending is enough to Yep, you take one pucker, one ball off of weird area and you're like yeah, those guys, I'm going with this. So they lost in overtime to the SEAHAWKS and they lost in a fire alarm shootout to the SPARTANS. That was fun listen or Justin harshaws in the middle of his shot and also, well, no, wasn't hardshy, it was the spartans. It's where it was. Whitman, you're right, alarm. Yeah, that's right. It was like going down there was like okay. So the firelarm went off on backtoback dates the first day. The puck hit it like, I can't make this out. I heard. I heard the pock hit the roof behind me and then hit the wall and then hit something else and a second later, like starts blaring and I looked down in the handle is pointed down. Like how the puck could hit in that exact spot and knock they handled down is just beyond me. And it did an awesome job of being Lawrence Smith, the ringside reporter. You texted all of us because I was on the air and I'm like what is going...

...on, and it goes I just saw it. A player hit the fire alarm, sources confirmed, and then horse sitting roof here. The second day it was not me ordering popcorn, even though I had plenty of Popula. After the after the Sunday night we I take us, Ryan brought a ball up for me to have. All it was over. That was like it must have been for gallons, like it was. My head is huge and it was like three times the size of my head. My mouth on money. She was like I need water, but those like that Spongebob episode. Yes, I did mean that boyle still baby, hydrate, hydrate, but someone bread the popcorn and it was right when Whitman actually clutch to the puck. And Jeff, I I have to politely, in a fun way, call you out, and please do. Did you almost miss the shootout? Yep, because it was a little confusing deal. I mean if we go back to the elementary school days, right, firearm ets eggs of the building, like half the people were out of the building still and it was legitimately smokey because I walked out I was like, Oh my God, stinks in here, like I'm gonna go yes, your breath of press air for a second and then I saw the fire department come in and they looked like they were doing it and they came in quick and then I was like, oh, Whoa, okay, and then did you hear what they did you hear what they were saying in the lobby? They were trying to find like which detector like went off and they couldn't find it and then all of a sudden this guy y'alls, I don't even know where he was, he's like found it and then they go and turn it off and obviously we go back on the shootout. God, I don't want to hear any more fire alarm. So many times, so I'm done. I had one that was one of my favorite interview quotes. I interviewed tie Franchi after that game because like this kid was standing on his head during that game and I was like, oh, it's like what's going through a head during that shootout and he started and he hits new with well, the fire alarm was the first five minutes. I was like right, you know, they always talk about freezing the kicker and football will I guess fire alarms and hockey is the way to freeze goaltenders and players and like yeah, I want to Bentley arena last week too. That was the reasons. That was a half our alarm. Take a shot. It's that simple. Jeff, no bonus, I think many hours ago. Who collectively have to now pause and give Jeff Round of applause. The game. This is the first time you've picked last all year. Correction, sir, the seconds. Okay, that's heather. I had that fifty one point bet. This is true. He had the megawee. Actually, I think it's have to take that actually the highest point total of this of any one. And one week Scott Bird enter my fantasy team. I had good luck with fantasy goalies in the past that had bird relations, one being to bias Falk instead, many moons ago with theal and Brittany was that two years ago in the Falcon was a big goalie for Wallpole. So, Mr Bird, let's go, let's fly into action and let's fly some more w's into my use. Looking forwards weekend he was, and I mean pretty to him. Credit to him right. I mean Jack Washer has been excellent. He's part of our allstar series coming up and bird is making him sweat a little bad. Mean I know a lot of goalies there their competitors, but they're usually friends too, and I'm sure that's the case. Is a bird coming over from the Charlotte Russian he's look good to for one goals against a nine hundred and thirty three, say percentage, and three games for coach homes from. So let's hope that's got bird. I think they're playing three games this week's from hoping maybe he can get the two washer gets one. We'll see what happens there. That was part of the same railers rangers thread. It was on twitter. There's OH sorry, we're trying to continue on our personal devices. Before we get to the weekly run down, I got to give a shout out to Jim McCabe because the other night he was supposed to call the Rangers game and they were having a little bit of some issues with the Internet. Could have possibly been a broken and coder from hockey TV. So without hesitation he just left breakaway went over to the Harrow Valley form of the...

...warriors played got their equipment there, went back to break away. Every effort that he made to try and get this game on the broadcast. Ultimately didn't work out and he tweeted that video out afterwards, but man a for effort, because he did everything he possibly could get it on the air. That is the Jim McCabe that we all know and love. We love you, Jimbo, and wow, that's, you know, trouble. You know, they had little flyers themselves. had kind of a wild game with the eighty seven's, if I do say so. There's a little bit of a pie from Anthony's because it just goes back to like, I know the street that the sevens are on and Anthony, you can attest. They're all one goal games. No, it's hard to look at that same I'm not a person to overreact, but I don't think eighty sevens are going to win a game this season. Again, on a more serious was a joke for everyone. That was a joke. You could see if the space you're just listening to this. That was a joke. Did you hear the Boor Division? Did you see the game winner? The Gate, the game winner? No, this the number one play. I mean, we don't have time this year for that kid. Third was the count reward. That's right. Oh yeah, I did see that. That's right. We don't have an award for this, but I don't think we've ever had someone get the top play more than once before and he's got it three times. We might have to create that he ward. That this one banquould award. He decided, you know, mid overtime, to just Michigan the game winner. Big Like Great. So so I guess, honestly, we're going to pause this for a second, of the three number one plays that he's had, which one is the best? Because they've been really good. I mean a game winner and overtime Michigan move. It is three on three, so I guess it's a little more space out there, but at the same time that's amazing, like to pull that off. It's just so good, like it is if you can pull that off so good. And I heard from the other day two. I was like, because I was asking about I was like, what game was that acause I had to look it up, and then and then he's like, oh, yeah, it's like I've been trying to practice that for a while. So it felt really good to finally get it done and I was like the fact that you've said that you've been practicing that is just ridiculous in itself and just set even see you pull it off. Wow, if he's free watching you watch it. Yeah, it was nasty. I remember that. That was this. This is the argument I made in the first week, where if a team doesn't play, then I don't think that should be an excuse to keep them where they are, because if if the avalanche are good enough, then they start winning the games when they started playing again and they have to earn their way back up into the power rankings. So I know, on one hand it seems like you're punishing them for not doing anything, but on the other hand you have to reward the teams that are playing in winning games, right. But after the gas you don't want to get them out. We just want to move the bagree because so far this entire season we have been leaving teams in their spot if they haven't played games. So we can really change that now. It does. I think it's allows you precedents. Then well, that's that's just what we have. Now we kind of have to stick to it at this point. Otherwise, no, no, you don't stick to that because it's a better ances. Well, after this and they're gonna be like, I don't care what they say, there're gonna we're you gonna hear the end of it. They're all just going to sit there. No, you know what, Morden, you know Lauren a. The coaches went to you. Direct them to me. I did this. You can tell them that I did this. We just we hold on an episode ninety nine. We just came up with the new motto of the East Show. I don't care what they say, that's it. That are going to love you order, Jeff Well, I want to move the Rangers to three. I understand Lauren is saying. I understand. I...

...understand it all sides. I know what ampony saying to and I was kind of leading towards what Anthony was saying as far as yes, well, we've set a president where if teams don't play, they can't move. But if you have something like you have this week, where a ranger's team takes over a dominating Worcester railer's team, yeah, but we've had this issue in the past and we still leave it as is that we've gone with and now, if we change it now with goes against everything we've talked about on the power ranking so far this season. Jeff voting for MS Jeffy voting on Lauren side. What a stay in the what you six just told the don't hold the door, I'm going to leave. I I don't want to pose playing sort of stayed. Yeah, play, Switzerland. Don't have stayed, but you're pring your one thousand nine hundred and seventy six where New York, I says courteous Lee. There's not enough vote to abstain. Job This jet hit. You know, honestly, just stay, yes, because you do right. And I know Anthony and I are willing to concede in the fact that seahawks can be one. Worried are railers could be two. We're going to make a push that rangers have to be three to the avalanche for right Anthony, and then and then Justin's going to have to come in and say he's either going with Jeff and Lauren or neil and Anthony. Yeah, even I'm torn on this one, but oh my God, that's this is tough. Like this. I think you, I think you have to. I'm going with the president here. I think you have, I think, definite rangers. Fourth, so when I post these I'm on to write a few changes in the EHLP power anything's based off of president, thank you for listening to some of the best moments we've had on the podcast this season. Remember the next episode with the full e crew will be dropped on Wednesday morning before the ehl returns to action with a New Jersey sevens facing off against the Philadelphia little fires in Aston Pennsylvania. Happy New Year. Thanks for listening to the e show. Learn more at Eastern Hockey League Dot Org and follow us on Facebook, twitter, instagram and Youtube. Also, be sure to subscribe and get notified when next week's PODCAST is released.

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