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Episode 7 · 5 months ago

Laying the Foundation | Episode 7

This week's episode features a program in their second season, that has laid a solid foundation for years to come. Team Maryland turned heads instantly at the start of the season, and now as we head towards the EHL Playoffs, they are a definite sleeper to keep an eye on in the Mid-Atlantic Conference.

Josh Fusco is in his 3rd season in the EHL, and his 1st with Team Maryland. Coming over from the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Knights, Fusco has helped Team Maryland make tremendous strides in just their second season in the league.

Evan Green has been with Fusco the past few years, and came over with his coach to serve as the team captain this season. Green and Tristan Mock are the first two commits for Maryland, as the '99 leaders of their team will be joining Becker College together this fall.

Green and Mock are each helping to echo the message that Fusco is delivering to his team, with their sights set on Providence, RI, and the 2020 EHL Frozen Finals.

Episode 6 · 6 months ago

Starting a Program | Episode 6

This week's episode features a program in their inaugural season in the league. After a few years as an independent junior hockey organization, the Seacoast Spartans chose to join the EHL based off of its strong history of placing players into NCAA programs.

Brett Tryder is the Head Coach and General Manager of the Spartans, and a huge fan of the league.

Tryder formerly spent time behind the bench of the New England Wolves, and after a few years away, he jumped at the opportunity when the Spartans job became available. Over the years, Tryder believes that recruiting for the league has gotten easier, surely based off of how strong the EHL has become.

Kurt Mallett serves as the Director of Hockey Operations for the entire Spartans organization, as well as an Assistant Coach for Tryder. In working with the Spartans' ownership, they knew immediately based off of his past experience that Tryder was their guy.

Part of the reason for the confidence had to do with players like Shea Flanagan, who came to the Spartans with Tryder, looking to help lay the foundation for the new program.

Episode 5 · 6 months ago

Playing a New Role | Episode 5

This week's episode features a program that has won multiple regular season championships, but the Philadelphia Little Flyers are playing more of an under the radar role this year. Can they make it back to Providence, RI for the 2020 Frozen Finals?

Mark Catron is the Head Coach for both the EHL and EHLP teams, and also serves as the General Manager for each club.

In his second season in this role, Catron credits the success of his former players as well as the league, when discussing the challenges of recruiting. Jacob Berg is a player Catron brought in last year, and the Little Flyers' captain is the latest example of a strong pipeline that has been established from Dallas, TX to Aston, PA.

Berg is very pleased that he found the Little Flyers organization and the EHL, as ultimately these elements of his life will be the reason he plays hockey in college.

Episode 4 · 6 months ago

The Task at Hand | Episode 4

This week's episode features a program that has made a step forward with each and every year since entering the league. For the Vermont Lumberjacks, there is just one goal in mind, and that's the 2020 Frozen Finals.

Jim Mosso is the Head Coach of the EHL team, and serves as the General Manager for the entire organization, overseeing the Eastern Hockey League Premier (EHLP) team as well.

In his second full season with these responsibilities, Mosso has learned more and more with every game and every practice. On this week's episode, the two-time EHLP Coach of the Year talks about adapting from the playoff losses, and working towards earning more time together as a team.

Joining Mosso on the podcast this week, are two of the biggest contributors to this year's success, Logan DiScanio and David Reduzzi. Each player has followed their own path to this point, with this being DiScanio's third year with the Lumberjacks and Reduzzi in the middle of his rookie campaign.

While no other organization is located further north than the Lumberjacks, the team embraces the challenge and feels the extra time spent on the road only helps the group grow closer to one another.