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Episode · 2 days ago

Giving Thanks | Episode 47

On this week's episode we preview the first annual Thanksgiving Showdown (2:12) set to take place between the Seahawks Hockey Club and the Walpole Express. Also, in our weekly Around the #Eshow segment (8:15), we discuss what all 18 EHL teams are most thankful for so far this season. As always we cap things off with the #ECrew Fantasy Challenge (53:54), which is taking on a new look as we incorporate in all 68 EHL All-Stars that were announced this past Friday.

Episode · 1 week ago

Made of Steel | Episode 46

On this week's episode of the #Eshow, we announce the new partnership with BioSteel Sports Nutrition (0:39), one of the most trusted brands in both locker rooms and households alike. The #ECrew sends their best wishes to Brian Page (10:10), and discusses the incredible response from the hockey community. We also take our weekly trip around the EHL and the EHLP (8:10), and as always cap things off with our newest set of fantasy selections (42:31).

Episode · 2 weeks ago

Flying Up | Episode 45

On this week's episode of the #Eshow, we kick things off with George Lewis (1:05) the former Head Coach and General Manager of the Philadelphia Little Flyers. We break down a busy week in the EHL and the EHLP (33:58), including an update on the latest state-by-state restrictions and guidelines. Finally, we wrap things up as always, with the #ECrew Fantasy Challenge (1:18:05).

Episode · 3 weeks ago

In The Zone | Episode 44

On this week's episode we cover anything and everything, including a discussion on when things may finally return to normal (1:12:25). We also take our weekly trip around the league (33:15), followed by our next set of picks in the #ECrew Fantasy Challenge (1:19:40). However, we kick things off with Brendan Collins (1:02), the Director of Scouting and Co-Founder of Neutral Zone, and cousin of the legendary Travis Roy.