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Episode 26 · 3 days ago

Team of the Week (Little Flyers) | Episode 26

Mark Catron is heading into his 3rd year serving as the Head Coach and General Manager for both Philadelphia Little Flyers teams in the EHL and EHLP. Prior to taking on the lead role, Catron was just the bench boss for the EHLP team, and has been with the organization for six total seasons. Every year brings a different and unique challenge, with this year being by far the most interesting offseason to date, in terms of recruiting.

Episode 25 · 1 week ago

Team of the Week (Railers) | Episode 25

James Mello is the Head Coach of the EHL team, working underneath Mike Addesa I (General Manager), and alongside fellow coaches Brian Addesa, Sean Bertoni, and Mike Addesa III. On this week's episode of the podcast, Mello talks about the continuity of the staff, and how much everyone learned throughout their first season in the league.

Episode 24 · 2 weeks ago

Drew Laine | Episode 24

This week's episode of the #Eshow features Drew Laine, the Founder and CEO of the Penalty Box Foundation. Drew discusses all of the different components that make up the foundation, including the fundraisers they've put together during these unprecedented times. Drew also discusses this week's challenge that he is taking on in full force, as he sets out to walk 75 miles in 24 hours.

Episode 23 · 3 weeks ago

Team of the Week (Rangers) | Episode 23

Finding a positive out of the way things ended was hard at first for Rich DeCaprio, the Head Coach and General Manager of the Rangers, but he eventually found the silver lining. The EHL wasn't the only league that had to pull the plug, and simply put, the Rangers organization won the only two trophies that were up for grabs last year. Each team won as much as they possibly could.

Now, turning the page, DeCaprio is hitting the reset button with a handful of returners as well as a group of players climbing the ladder from the EHLP to the EHL. While the Rangers success speaks for itself, DeCaprio also gives a lot of credit to the league his teams play in.